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  1. skrells are axolotls change my mind

    1. Zundy


      oh yeah? what's your source?

  2. As HoS main, pending that people are easily identifiable as an officer I don't have too much of an issue. Huge jackets that cover the main uniform I do usually request they take off during patrol, however. Being Command, we can choose our own outfits. My character usually keeps it professional by wearing a button up, khakis, tie and blazer. Here recently I've been adding the badge to my blazer as well. As always, accompanied by a secure briefcase. Armor, belts, and any type of backpack while being a HoS seems off to me. Think- would your director at work come in wearing a backpack or carry around a satchel all day? Very odd.
  3. Carver asked me to stop shitposting on my own wall, which broadcasts it to the "Recent Status Updates".

  4. Ban anyone with a picrew avatar.

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    2. Carver


      Ban anyone who posts more than three status updates in the week.

    3. Zelmana


      "Post a public status update to your own wall...."

      w0w its almost like this is my own wall and its broadcasting to the sidebar for some reason

    4. Carver


      Social media culture was a mistake.

  5. if you say you'll file an IR in character on extended and dont I lose all respect for your character

  6. Disruptors unable to go lethal on blue, is this intended? The application to manage firearms still bricks consoles on open.

    We utilize code yellow instead. Please revert or fix.

  7. Disclaimer: I have a rant about rootbeer. Please don't take it too seriously. Please do not get your feelings hurt about my rootbeer rant.

    >add rootbeer to have spice of life, some variety. clarify that i want it to be available only in vending machines as it is a terran soda
    >call it R&D Root Beer based off of A&W rootbeer, make my own sprite etc. based off the drink. Even add new flavor, anise etc.
    >eventually want to make rootbeer floats and soda floats, but icecream code is completely different not even using units really
    >a year or so passes
    >wheezy updates sprites, kinda simplifies on the logo which copied A&W's logo design. makes it more of a simple circle instead of a whirlwind kinda shape
    >people add rootbeer to chem dispenser and bartender dispenser, available like every other drink

    : (

    >be yesterday
    >Hey, rootbeer isnt properly able to dispense from chem dispensers for some reason
    >it's the ampersand, let's remove it and make it RnD Rootbeer. PR passes no problem from people who dont get the reference

    >design reference soda, with specific sprite, to be unique to vending machines as it is a regional terran drink imported by Get'More

    >today, be generic soda available everywhere, generic sprite not matching reference, reference name is completely lost and no longer resembles original idea

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    2. Zelmana
    3. KingOfThePing


      Comment under this comment when rootbeer PR is reverted to remind me to come back?

    4. Zelmana
  8. That's fine. However, you made it seem as though you watched someone put a gun or something in a locker and then security was searching for said gun, and then failed to assist because they did not directly ask you, "AI, can you search for this gun?" All good, and I agree AI should not auto-rat on antags and use some tact for the sake of RP. But suggesting that the AI is not an all seeing eye goes completely against the design of the role, as well as the entire robot lore.
  9. To me, from the way you play AI as a complete non-assistance beyond anything that is direct orders, going as far as to give a blind eye to things that security is actively trying to discover, you should just stick to the limited capabilities of borg and IPCs.......
  10. I think these conflict each other. An intelligence with many petaflops of processing power is able to make reasonable abstract thoughts regarding weapons + security searching for weapons. If you knew security was searching for a weapon, and had your previous observations as notably suspicious, you are intentionally going against your lawset to assist the crew. There could be an argument for "i was perhaps being balanced with crew and antag play" but I don't think in this obvious of a situation.
  11. Agreed with everything above Cnaym and Carver posted. We keep trying to solve player responsibility and proper roleplay expectations with rulesets or code changes. There are some acceptable use of this but we need to be cognizant that we do not go too far.
  12. I main HoS (Chad moment), so I interact with Valk's Research Director often. They are very well developed. I'd like to see them be a bit more 'skrell' if that makes sense. Skrell often act too human. I digress, however. Your research director is well developed besides the one personal preference above. You roleplay them well and I am sure that you will iron out any issues that are a part of the command learning curve. +1
  13. "Welcome to NSS aurora how tough are ya?" "How tough am I? How tough am I?! I main HoS and don't wear any of the protective armor, headgear." *Chuckles "yeah, so?" "Without webbing, belts, or backpack either." "RiGht ThIS wAy SiR, SoRrY fOr KePPinG yOU WaITiNg."
  14. Re: My statement above, I was thinking it over today. I realized that you retracted the part of the PR changing cartridges before I said that above. In my mind it didn't make sense to switch some things to bakelite, the oldest synthetic polymer material, and then change ammo types to be futuristic.
  15. As a proud Makarov owner, some bakelite grips would be neat on certain pistols and grips. However, from a roleplay standpoint, I would imagine that the TCFL have some sort of uniformity, be it all poly-blue or all wood stocks. My personal preference is that they get the poly-blue furniture. As for changing cartridge size, I disagree. I think that we've come pretty far in terms of cartridge development. Really, the only thing that has changed recently is some polymer casings like the new gov't contract for the 6.8, caseless bullets (priming agent/charge are completely consumed on discharge), as well as some other oddballs. One must also note that some current ammo, 9mm Luger as well as 7.62x54r are both in regular service use and each are around a hundred years old. Realistically, yes, there will be some more advancements, but there is a point where a technology can reach its peak potential before becoming something completely different. For example, we could assume that bullets advanced enough to eventually become energy that is being propelled and then that eventually turn into the laser rifles and other phaser-like weapons we see in game. For sake of simplicity, I would say do not "obfuscate" cartridges. The numbers on them mean something-- and some of these ammo types you suggested already exist or are close enough to other ammo types. Simply changing them for means of changing them to other ammo "that is used in the future" seems a bit off to me. So, besides the ammo cartridge changes, I will be one to stand out from the wood-crowd and say that I like the poly-blue changes. Adding some bakelite stuff would be neat for some rare guns. Specifically, some of the "antique" guns should come with more than just a wooden grips. A pearl or bake grip would add way more flair.
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