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  1. @VVipEdout Made major changes regarding this. I was not aware of the restrictions. I agree with your critique regarding the lack of academic accomplishments from the previous character backstory. I have made changes to better reflect a more realistic career progression. Re: the gender thing, it was purely typing accidents. I realize they are hermaphroditic aliens. Again, I double checked any issues with this and made corrections via rewriting a majority of the backstory.
  2. BYOND Key: zelmana Actively Played Character Names: Sean Brianne, The Bureaucratic Commander Lucy Makarova, Aspiring Warden to Be (Officer) Arnar Glint, Slobbish Janitor Cerebel, Analytical Psychologist Fridge Zalack, Trinary Priest Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A darker, muter color. Perhaps a purplish color. My character's muted splotches and darker color is a result of their Axiori heritage. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specifi
  3. How can we remove such an integral and balancing role from the server without a poll?

    1. KingOfThePing


      Fat rat



      Fat rat

    2. MattAtlas


      because we want to

    3. Kryostro


      return to rat

  4. It's a canon round and the Captain says [CPE-1704-TKS], what do you do?

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    2. KingOfThePing


      Execute crew for not following orders, what else

    3. Cylean


      Make sure the missiles hit Earth


    4. Flpfs


      Meet me at the location, wear the casio watch I gave you and knock three times on the door, your initiation will then begin.

  5. I think the shading needs reworked as it is too harsh.
  6. So I pitched this idea many moons ago, but what if we actually improved Mouse / Rat RP instead of remove it? The idea is that there is an additional maintenance area only accessible by pipework, where rats spawn. Inside there are some different things to interact with. A rat bar, if you will. A king rat? But of course. Also, enable a rat-language, that shows as squeaking to those who do not know it. That way rats and mice can communicate with each other. If one were so inclined they could even make a rat vs mice sort of play style. Just think- it's a thing to do after you die
  7. I said what I said. If the shotgun does not look like a very simple tube with a racking function, then you are changing too much of the design. Auto-shotties perhaps, but a pump action is an extremely simple gun and making it plastic and have adjustable stock that is modeled for a buffer tube where none exists, and having a picatinny rail does not sit right with me being a "pump shotgun". It doesn't look right.
  8. Please do not change the shotgun sprite from anything but a classic wood stock winchester-esque model. Doing so will be aesthetic suicide.
  9. image.thumb.png.b40b08f9eecb6754e775aec5140229dc.png

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    2. Zelmana



    3. Zelmana
    4. Chada1


      Would you just lose the election, man.

  10. Head of Securities on Vampire/Cult readying the boys in blue before a raid on science sublevel:
  11. I think this makes sense. However, we must also address that much of Command fails to be aware of the documented lack of knowledge surrounding even the disk. Many times, as HoS, I have people asking me if the disk is secure only for me to have to try to explain it away. Even members of Command. I realize it may be possible they have learned of it via an extended round or through events, but it seems a bit too common for that. "The Captain is the only one aside from the stationbound AI who knows about the nuke and the Delta Protocol. The Head of Security is aware that there is a myste
  12. debunked

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    2. Zelmana


      Fact checked!

    3. KingOfThePing
    4. Mofo1995


      I'm really glad we had this discussion. I feel like we broke new barriers and really tore down some unnecessary walls. We really got to the meat of the matter and learned a little bit more about each other, and a lot more about ourselves. 

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