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  2. I still do not like these and do not believe they fit in.
  3. As a HoS main, and antag player, I might have a bit of insight into this. It's something I reflect on a lot when we are discussing gimmicks, and too when I try to respond to antags on station. Disclaimer, due to this I will mainly be talking about the security-antag dynamic, as in my opinion- this dynamic is the driver for a majority of roleplay actions on the server. Explosions requiring repair, Surgeons fixing ribcages all flow back through the sec-antag dynamic. Firstly, I think it is a lack of creativity. Creative gimmicks are shot down in favor of gimmicks that require less lore knowledg
  4. I like the shapes on these, but I fear the dull brown hardsuit for the hazard is off. If it is a hazard (on an asteroid)- wouldn't we want something high vis? Not mute colors that blend in with hematite. Boost the red?
  5. I like the new lawset. I am currently doing a read through of Asimov, and think that this lawset will result in some interesting roleplay.
  6. It's Nerf or Nuthin'. Bring back cold blued firearms. Plastic-esque ballistics do not look good.
  7. Good point. I roleplay as a regulation enforcer. That's the role.
  8. image.thumb.png.47a974cc17edfa4537994a7d64dbc032.png
    In latest twist of horrible irony, community sprites guns to be literal nerf guns.
    Developer states, "No, we do not have a fetish for nerfing security".

    Nerf or nothin.

  9. If we remove security, what will the devs do? They're insistent on removal of security via death by a thousand papercuts. half /sarcsm
  10. Why is the forward sight on the .45 moved up to the middle of the gun? I also don't like the plastic-ization of ballistics. There's a reason why guns are not shiny white silver, and instead are blued. These things would be filthy if regularly used.
  11. I'd prefer to think that our firearms are not all purchased from the same vendor-- so perhaps having different color schemes / materials is a good thing? I hardly imagine every company using the same white polymer for a majority of the gun.
  12. zel4-2.thumb.jpg.949d8459e5515c6ce1634743fc2ab9ab.jpg
    Props to Moist-kun for this awesome ref.

  13. All a part of the learning curve. I actually am against this as it allows for new players to experience some medical surgeries etc. that they otherwise wouldn't have an opportunity to in hazardous engineering/sec type jobs.
  14. Anything to avoid dragging bodybags through the halls.
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