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  1. I didn't mean to, as an assistant, break all cameras in the vicnity and senselessly beat the tajaran doctor's head in until their skull gibbed. Really, my hand slipped, accidents happen. Anyway, when I get back to the server I plan on following all the rules guys, I promise, thanks for giving me another change.

    1. goolie


      It happens to the best of us...

  2. Interacting with Oliver, they're often one of the leading officers for response. They consistently are able to focus on not only the task at hand, but the bigger picture. Instead of simply running to and fro from call to call, they will often think outside the box. For example, guarding the Captain or personally checking in on matters that are relevant to ongoing cases. This is something that I feel makes a good HoS. In addition, Bunky is good at roleplay. From my interactions with them, I have noticed that they are able to keep pace with fast conversations, multiple overlapping subjects, etc. Conversely, and this is not a negating comment but rather my personal preference, I'd like to see more flavor added via more descriptive emoting. The development and evolution of Oliver as a character may be slightly quick, but in my opinion they are well suited for the position of HoS. As others have stated above, I would suggest creating additional characters. This will help fill out any gaps in your knowledge that may be expected of a HoS or other command position.
  3. Zelmana

    The 3/4thening

    The issue with true 3/4 is not showing side walls. Say goodbye to posters, terminals, and anything on half of the wall surfaces. It'd require whole remaps.
  4. A notice range of 1-2 tiles would be fine, and otherwise noticeable if you examine the player. This would require processing sec to stand very close to get a message, or otherwise be vigilant in actually doing something (i.e. right click examine) to notice if something is up. Quite literally every single escape from cuffs attempt is almost always avoided by constant rebuckling or shameless dragging of the inmate in a circle forever. (If you do the circle thing, I hope your milk spoils)
  5. Zelmana

    The 3/4thening

    Your sprites align way more with the current machine sprites. In my opinion yours look superior as well. Animations are a bonus.
  6. The portable hole is begging to be used in a few gimmicks. Ever since they armored up the AI's roof I miss busting in on malf....... Scientist, prepare the hole.
  7. Skill systems like these, you can mess a whole lot of stuff up. Consider the amount of knowledge an average individual has. Do I know how to use syringes? Yeah. Do I know how to flush my engine and change tires? Yeah. Do I know how to field strip an AK? You bet'cha. Skills vary and restricting them in code is for me, something that should be done extremely carefully. Time-based adjustments may be fine, yes. Full restrictions I would be careful on.
  8. Remember kids, contractors are cringe and NT-only characters are superior in every way.

    1. BoryaTheSlayer


      stop talking

    2. Lmwevil


      borya is just mad they can't change clothes from contractor uniforms 

  9. I very much do enjoy posting to this status section, in a manner that some might say is- mocking a certain key individual appealing their banishment via the forums. Some might say this form of speech is archaic and jovial, but I do not mean to jest.

    1. KingOfThePing


      Stop posting about among us


      I am, tired of seeing it

      My friends in tiktok send me memes, on discord it's fucking memes


      I was in, a server, right? And aaaAAAAaaaAAAaaaAaaall the channels were just among us stuff 

    2. Alberyk
  10. Yes.
  11. .


    1. Kryostro


      a wee bit o goofin

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