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Vampire Shapeshifting

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Alright, so my idea is to give maxed out Vampires access to different forms, with various benefits for each. The power is activated from the menu and yadda, the forms themselves don't have huge disadvantages instead, the power as a WHOLE will suffer from a single set.




Bat: (Low Health)

Vampire turns into a bat(s) that has evasive abilities.



- Quick Transform time compared to others

- Hella fast

- Gain a Small amount of usable blood gained from attacks

- Weak Attacks

- Low chance to hit with ballistics/lasers



Wolf: (High Health)

Vampire turns into a large wolf that has offensive abilities.



- Fast as the average Tajara

- Above Average Bite

- Ability: Lunge

       - You tackle a target and bite them, pinning them to the ground with a grab.

- Thick Coat: Brute Resist set to 5% more than normal. (Should not stack with Unathi/Vaurca buffs I guess)



Fog: (? Health)

Vampire turns to a fog that has mind-altering abilities.



- The vampire takes up a large area of space, maybe something like 6x6 tiles or something like that.

- Slow as the average Diona

- No attack

- Can't technically be hit

- Anyone caught in the Fog is hit with a blast of mind-altering magic that breaks them in a certain way, according to the Vampire's intent. All effects last indefinitely inside the fog, but fade in about 2 minutes outside the Fog, with the exception of the Harm intent one.

     - Help Intent: "You are a child, alone and helpless, you just want to embrace someone, anyone, but you are alone. And always will."

     - Disarm Intent: "Why do you fight? Why? You are getting hurt, you are hurting, lay down your weapons and go. It is pointless."

     - Grab Intent: "Where are you? Who are you? The answer is close but unavailable. The Fog provides safety from the outside, it is a comfort. Remain inside the Fog." 

     - Harm Intent: "You're surrounded by the enemy! Your allies are gone, and your hope is dust. Fight! Draw blood from those that seek to harm you!" 

(^This one overlays a slightly enlarged Faithless Icon over anyone the victim sees while they are in the fog, and for 30 seconds out of the fog. )

- Getting hit with holy water or the null rod in this form causes you to start reverting, you have 10 seconds to skedaddle before you are vomited up. Once reformed your vampire powers are nulled for a short time.



Shapeshifting Disadvantages:



- Eats about 500 blood on Transformation

- Changing takes time, depending on the form.

- All Items on your person are dropped when you transfer, except the items in your pockets. (To Allow you to keep two items at max)

       - For pockets to work you need a jumpsuit, so when you use this power and come out of it, lets just have the jumpsuit change into some black or spoopy looking.

- The amount of light in the area can impede the speed you transform at, meaning a bright room makes you go about 10% slower.

- After taking enough damage you are forced to revert to your human form and stunned for 3 seconds.

- Half of the Damage you take in shapeshifting hits you when you change back.


very open to suggestions and amendments.


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12 minutes ago, Carver said:

The fog one in particular sounds very interesting but I'm unsure how exactly maintaining such a form would work mechanically, especially without large potential for bugs. Some unusual, extended variant of the wizard's shift?

That was the idea, and multi-tile mobs are definitely possible, we'll just have to see what a coder says.

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