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Nazret's Cape

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BYOND Key: Conspiir
Character name: Nazret Naxxir
Item name: Caladius Cape

Why is your character carrying said item to work?
Nazret and Laurens Caladius have been friends for five years. They moved to Tau Ceti together along with two other friends, Mananor and Baron. On the day of Nazret’s first shift, Caladius gifted one of his capes to Nazret. The capes were originally a gift from his own father, and he doesn’t wear them.



I readied my suit the next morning at promptly 5am. My shift did not start until noon, but I wanted to be prepared. I brushed it down repeatedly, praying under my breath for strength. There would be more positronics there than I have ever seen. I would need strength. I continued my litany as I made my way to get toast for breakfast.


No one else should’ve been awake, so of course Caladius was.


He was spreading butter on a definitively-burned piece of toast. How he enjoys the flavor of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, I never understood.


I start my own toast at a much more reasonable setting and ask him outright, “Why are you awake?”


He chuckles, “Nervous, I guess.”


“… Nervous,” I mumble, taking the new jar of strawberry jelly from the cabinet. The word has gone around often lately.


“First day of work, and my stomach is in knots,” he cheerfully admits, taking another resounding crunch of charred bread.


“Me, t-too,” I tell him. We’re quiet for a moment. But it isn’t silence. And I enjoy it.


PING! My barely-browned bread. Caladius looks at me while I jelly my much-more-reasonably toasted toast. In particular, he’s looking at my clothes.


“What is it?” I ask him before taking a soft munch of the toast. It falls apart in my gums with little prompting.


“Nothing. I know it’s the same type of clothes you’ve worn for forever, but it just—” he pauses. “Hold on.”


He scurries back into his room quietly. He really need not bother, Baron sleeps like the dead.


He comes back out when I’m halfway through my second slice. Around me he drapes a Dominian cape. Specifically, a handcrafted one trimmed in the colors of Caladius.


I look down at myself a long moment.


“I cannot wear this.”


“Of course you can! I gave it to you,” he grins as he quickly rinses his plate and sets it in the sink. “Now you look terrifying. No one will dare bother you.”


I roll the cape slightly around the collar so it does not drag. I quickly strike a majestic pose that sends Caladius into quiet snickers.


“We’ll get it tailored,” he promises.


Item function(s): It’s just clothing. It’s based off of the dominia cape.
Item description: A fine Dominian cape tailored for a very short person. It is decorated in the purple colors of the Caladius House.
Item appearance: A slightly-too-large Dominian cape with purple. I have dmis I'm still adjusting slightly. EDIT: Dmi is finished 





How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?
Why does a Skrell have Dominian clothes? More importantly, why is it Caladius House clothing? Nazret’s history with Laurens Caladius is tightly entwined. Questions will surely be raised and, when they are, Nazret can point to the cape and explain.
Additional comments: Finally made that Dominian Skrell I’d been joking about for how long.

nazretscapemob.dmi nazretscapeobj.dmi

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