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[Denied] Parry God

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Parry God 

4320 Minutes 



Reason: "For hitting someone on the ground with a crowbar. When asked why, didn't respond to admin messages" 

Reason for Appeal: I was unable to respond to the Admins message due to in-game difficulties for I did not see the messages, my screen was black. For why I hit him on the ground? It was for RP in which the persons character was insane and my character was trying to end him (didn't work)

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I have deleted your double-post. Please follow the format given. You can check other appeals in this section to see how to write them.

The ban was given after you were contacted a few times via admin-message, while you kept hitting the person on the floor. You were then frozen and contacted again, which is probably when your screen went black, due to the freezing. You were kicked off the game, with the written reason being something along the lines of "Reply to admin messages", and given about four minutes to come back and reply. You never came back, and the ban was made.

Why, after all of these attempts to contact you, you still did not notice my messages, but kept hitting the person before being winded?

On another note, your "RP" did not extend much more from hitting the person on the ground, from what I could gather from an involved player. What happened prior to this situation?

Please answer the questions, and fix the format to continue with the appeal process.

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The person being beaten was a Ling that had been captured and had blinded Carmichael with their ling tongue, and whose ling comrade had killed another Officer- who SSD'd- with a bone dart. Parry's character was witness to this, and the fight I had with the other ling, which included it showing it's blade arm. So he would have seen the ling's freakishly large tongue, and the other ling try to cut Carmichael in two with it's bladearm. Given that the ling being beaten to death by Parry was chanting and didn't seem to be doing much other than blinding and muting anyone near it, I would say it was alright for Parry's response to be "I'm just gonna crush it's head." I mean, he should be able to correlate the bladearm ling as being connected and similar to the long tongue acid ling. BUT he probably should have tried to get someone to handle it, and boarded the shuttle rather than stay behind to crush it's head. I mean, the other ling killed two officers by round end. So he should have taken that into account, even if the ling was someone incapable of reacting to the attempt at killing it.

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