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AIMMO´s Synthetic Lore Deputy Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: AIMMO

Position Being Applied For: Synthetic Deputy Lore developer

Past Experiences/Knowledge:
I am part of a three-man admin team for a small sci-fi RP Project with 2 discord servers. Its a project with some of my friends but I already have some experience in discussing Lore, especially in connection with fair-play/balance. Other than that I would say I have a solid experience in Roleplaying as or with synthetic characters, also outside of Aurora or SS13 lore-sets.
I also have thrown in my two cents into talks/debates about synthetics on the "Integrated Positronic Discord" Discord server, if that counts.

Examples of Past Work:

Don't have anything really worth showing other than Chars and concepts, but nothing that I would deem fit for this section.

Additional Comments:

I guess this is where I should put my thoughts on synthetic Lore.

From Tincan to a real boy:
A common point of discussion is what IPC´s, objectively, are. Not what characters might think of them or how certain groups see them, but often the question comes up: Should synthetics be like Organics in this Lore.
I think that question has barely any value for roleplay purposes, as your roleplay should be dictated by what your char thinks, not what is the galactic truth. Your Unathi might think they don't have souls, or your human might not even care about the idea of a soul but still see robots as servants, etc., etc.
The only relevance this piece of Lore would have is if it A: Is backed up by IC science that is generally accepted, or B: Is relevant for Mechanics ((For example cults, Bluespace echoes and alike.))
In my opinion, it is best if, in OOC knowledge, IPC´s are also not clearly designated as capable to be as much a person as an organic is. 
It should definitively stay unsure in general IC science. The value of a Synthetic mind is an ethical question for those concerned with it, it offers many different ways of IC discussion or conflict ((later one good for antags of course)) and offers leeway for different types of IPC characters. 

Bluespace Echoes
This might be my most one-sided comment in this application, I personally don't like Bluespace Echoes, especially not how quickly science published their existence. It makes the relative open discussion for the capability of a Synthetic mind and boils it down even more on "Do they have souls or not"? 
The real issue, I find, is how easy the mind of, let´s say a human, can take control of a Mechanic body, or an IPC of an organic body. Same could be applied to all interspecies swaps, but probably most to those with Dionaea, Vaurcae and Synthetics involved, as their ways of thinking are clearly different. Of course, how one acts after waking up in a metal husk without any of one's prior senses is decided by the player, but I would like to see some flavor text for every major species swap, showcasing the difference in experience to the player. For us, OOC our sprite and our player's mechanics change, but for our character, their entire perception of the world might be upside down. Maybe give the more extreme swap possibilities minor retardations to reflect the incapability of the Mind and Matter working together.

Chassis-Specialisation_vs_ Generalisation
I think an automated workforce should have diversity .. kind of at least. It makes sense that different chassis are developed to tackle different areas of work. Sturdiness and speed are already taken and varied in the different chassis.
But even before the Aut`Akh came along I was disappointed to see that for example the G2 and G1, described as Units mostly used for Industrial purposes, had no real advantage than their resistances and suit cooler ability. While the later might make sense as to lower costs (No space suit in need to be bought), Making a machine more sturdy but halving its speed and power efficiency isn't really what I expect when talking about a workforce more expendable than Humans (at least PR wise, probably not Money wise). And while work-specific Synthetic minds where pointed out by the low (starting) ammount of jobs, signaling a specilised mind, the body as such is not fit for its task in most ways imaginable. 
Of course, this is a case to case scenario. But I would imagine it might be easier to fit Asteroid mining teams of IPC´s with internal GPS signals. And have them build in a way that they can work their equipment easier (attached drills, arms modified to pump KA´s more efficiently, direct uplink to RIPLEY´s, etc, etc). An Officer might prefer an not very efficient Power-connector to charge his taser up with his own cell, instead of running back to the nearest charger (probably loosing more power by doing that). 

While those might be compelling and exciting ideas, which also empower players to make more physically memorable characters, Balance and Implementation are obvious roadblocks.
I know basics in coding, but I haven't ever worked on personal projects or really touched SS13 spaghetti, so i will take an educated guess and say its probably resource intensive to change IPC´s buildup, add different interchangeable modules, possibly link them to job restrictions for very specialized pieces (Why should a Bot totally specialized for medical procedures also work in mining, just imagine all the fine manipulators that would break quickly) and maybe even had things that are more complex (like say the gun-recharger).

Balance is also an issue in that situation, even within the examples I gave there is already a problem. The Gun recharger could, coupled with IPC´s capable to charge at APC´s very annoying, so either there would be a long delay on the weapon rechargeability, or maybe picking that part forbids charge at APC´s (It cant be built with so many different voltages in mind ?) or the module adds a long cooldown/cast-time for  charging at APC´s.
My suggestion here would first to see how both balance and code turns out in Aut`Akh and use the time to survey how much the player base would like such changes, in order to decide if the resources on it would even be worth it.

Though I also have to point out that playing a not modified robot should still be a valid way of playing, certain models wouldn't get many MacGuffins depending on their producer and usage. Even in the same job, there are more experienced and less experienced organics, why not also differently specialized synthetics, and some that are normal, but don't have downsides because of it (and are relatively cheap for the employer). 

Immortal/One-shot, the EMP problem.
I must admit my experiences in antaging as IPC are not high in amount, but I also gathered opinions and observed multiple occurrences which make me lay out following statements for this topic.

IPC´s, especially G1´s and G2´s are more capable of holding out small arms fire then meatbag-organics.
IPC´s don't have the pain-crit disadvantage.
IPC´s are pretty much wrecked by Ion riffles and EMP´s in general.

The issue seems clear, with an Ion riffle the enemy has a strong advantage, without the IPC, given other factors are relatively equal.
The Ion overall also has an AOE. 

I think the lethality and long term damage of EMP´s should be somewhat exchanged for more short term incapacitation, a sort of system instability. 
System instability can be inflicted by EMP´s as well as tasers, though tasers only at a low rate.
System instability is slowly reduced by an synthetics maintenance routines.
System instability stacks on top of each other, the more inflicted the more likely a synthetic is to pass out, move in wrong directions or similar.  
EMP´s still damage the IPC´s chassis, but in a less extreme way. 

This would result in Ions not being the one and all weapon for fighting synthetics, but a good opener for a battle, but a barrage of tasers can eventually reach the same (so sec can still fight a synthetic even if they got rid of the Ion). 

These would be a handful of ideas and comments on different topics regarding synthetics.

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