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[Accepted] DarthvonPalpatine's Dionae Character Application

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BYOND Key: DarthvonPalpatine

Character Names: FERB, Charles Sweeney.

Species you are applying to play: Dionae.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum)

I have always enjoyed playing as a Diona on other servers and have always been fascinated by them because of their many quirks as well as the huge differences in physiology between humans and the other alien races in Aurora. After joining Aurora, my interest and want to play them has only increased after reading the server’s expansive lore on them as well as spectating one roleplay. Also from what I was told on chat the other day this is the least played species and so I would love to help bolster their number.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum)

Everything. This is arguably the furthest species you can play from a human not only because of their physiology but also because of their behavioural differences as well. For instance, whilst humans generally are concerned for their own wellbeing, a Diona is not like this, instead focused on the ‘greater good’ for the collective, after all, there are six nymphs in unison and it is so much easier to not do anything stupid when you have five other voices telling you it is a bad idea! Additionally Diona place a huge emphasis on knowledge, fearing the loss of it more than death itself, this I think is another trait which separates them from being human as death is seen in a ‘lighter’ manner than in most human’s eyes.

Character Name: 'Garden's Comfort'

Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs)

Six nymphs were born on a small Nanotrasen installation, all bursting out of their pods within the same week of each other. Upon birth, each of them were greeted by an elderly woman, her caverns of wrinkles scrunching up into a smile as one by one they emerged, In truth, this woman was the hydroponics expert onboard and maintained a beautiful and fruitful garden - truly a master of her craft. Despite this, she always felt that something was missing, she had no family of her own and was unfortunately unable to have kids and so - from her love of gardening and a few decades of saving, she was able to acquire eight diona pods, six of which survived whilst two had not.


Now, her garden which was once mostly empty and quiet besides from the occasional beep from analysers or machines became filled with life, the six nymphs rushing around to play games with each other and the woman, intently observing everything that she possibly did and absorbing all of it that they possibly could. Right before bed they would hustle around and listen intently to her cough-ridden stories, some fantasy and some true, she would amaze the little nymphs by telling them tales about magical lands far away or about when she was a little girl and growing her first plant as well as everything in between.


As time passed the nymphs became more and more interested in learning everything they could about the world. The old woman would  return from the station’s library with her arms filled with books which she would read aloud to the ever curious nymphs. In particular they enjoyed listening to the woman read about other species and the sciences, but were always entranced by the woman’s talk of gardening and plants and how that old, dreary face lit up like a million stars when she talked about her passion.


Unfortunately, innocence can only be maintained for so long in this world before the cold hard truth of reality sets in. Awakening, the nymphs were not greeted with that usual old smile, but instead with the sight of the woman clasping her heart, her once happy wrinkles morphing into streaks of agony as the nymphs could do nothing but watch. Quickly, the nymphs acted, fusing together to form a cyclops and become one whole being in an attempt to scrap together their knowledge in an effort to save the woman, however, by the time the process was complete her breathing had stopped and she had simply passed on.


The newly awakened cyclops refused to let go so easily and so, without knowledge of the consequence, consumed her body in an attempt to gather all the knowledge that she possessed, to have those stories which would forever remain untold - an attempt to make her being live on. Unfortunately, the ship security force did not see it that way, arresting the now humanoid shaped Diona and throwing them in the brig. There they were left to toil and ponder about everything that had happened, unsure of why they had been confined to a dimly lit, cold room. It was here that they chose their name, reminiscing on the woman’s love and warmth as well as her fascination of plants. ‘Garden’s Comfort’ was ‘born’.


It was not long after that the footage from the incident was looked over and reviewed, an official coming to the conclusion that the woman’s death was not at fault of the six nymphs and that the Diona, for all intents and purposes was now the responsibility of Nanotrasen. They would be free unpaid labour, or as the Diona was told, they would be getting ‘work experience’. The cyclops after being given citizenship and having a quick skills review to determine their worth, was sent to another hydroponics centre far away from where they was brought up (his home ship having grown to resent him after hearing what had happened with her body), the NSS Aurora. Now, here the Diona was in a foreign place with foreign people, with only the garden to keep them comfort.


What do you like about this character?

I like how this ‘Garden’s Comfort’ has been thrust into the new role with no real life experience or social skills and has really just learnt the ability to interact with people. I believe it will be fun roleplay opportunity discovering and interacting with the world which has just truly opened up to them and I imagine they will try to attach themselves to someone or something to once again guide him through the world, his last ‘mentor’ being taken from him so suddenly. Also because he is a Diona and Diona are awesome.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 

Average. I know my recent hiccup with the *ahem* disposal unit probably says otherwise but once again I promise that was a lapse of judgement stewed with tiredness. I don’t consider myself to be the most amazing RPer on Aurora but I think that I am not entirely garbage either. I have been roleplaying for about 7 years now and SS13 is largely a new avenue of roleplay for me and one that I hope to improve upon over time. I am happy to be placed on trial and my roleplaying observed in the event that the admins are unsure of my roleplaying ability (assuming I am accepted of course).


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Anyways, hello @DarthvonPalpatine !


I've looked over your application and I'm happy to say I am very pleased by what I see. You describe the species differently with a fresh eye and point out a few of their more unique but (to them) most important aspects. You have also taken Dionae in a direction very few people dare to tread. I found myself very drawn into your character's background, and it was honestly everything I was ever hoping for. A doting old lady who wanted something of her own to love and raise, creating a parent-child inter-species relationship between them and nurturing that bond, only to have it end in tragedy. Yes, there are a few who have attempted this, however you have put more detail into it telling me that the cyclops would have stories to tell from their nymphood. You have also done something- as far as I am aware of- that has never been done before by an applicant and created a controversial and bittersweet ending. Rarely are the reincarnation burials of the Dionae explored, and from how you have worded it in their their eye (sorry guys, it's not plural in this case), you truly do understand how the species view their world. I hope to see more applicants be as willing to explore their more alien aspects and experiment with them in the future.


My only question here is that you call your Dionae cyclops a "he". Do you have an elaboration to as of why?

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On 31/03/2019 at 19:30, DarthvonPalpatine said:

Hey Neinbox I'm really glad that you liked the backstory, to be honest I was getting a bit worried because I hadn't had any replies!

The 'he' was a human mistake on my part when writing it up, they don't actually have a gender :)

It's all good! And sorry for the lack of replies, been busy with life and sometimes I forget to check here. Always feel free to @mention someone if you're trying to catch their attention as it'll notify them.

As for the disposals incident, who hasn't messed around with them once or twice? Hell, I sent my character down them in a locker full of twinkies to the kitchen once an the bridge another time while he was drunk. Good times!


Anyways, you're in the clear, Darth. Enjoy your new whitelist- I can't wait to see you in action.


Application Accepted.

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