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Another dead end ling suggestion that will probably never happen

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Heard it once before, once again, ling is shit, yady yada yada blah blah blah here is a suggestion to make ling less-garbage and me the motivation to finally tick ling on inside my preferences. 


Total DNA: Like total blood, but with DNA points. (Plus the option to either kill or not)


You can kill someone for 4-5 DNA points, and not kill them for like 3 DNA points added to your total amount. 


Killing someone: It husks them like a normal boring ling

Not killing: It leaves a massive gaping hole in someones chest and genetic damage, perhaps some scanner fluff text saying that there is a large hole. Like vampire, it wipes the memory of the encounter and it will give enough time for someone to get up and seek help before they turn dead. Let them have about 30 seconds of unconscious so the ling has the ability to get the fuck out of dodge before they wake. Bonus points if bold red text is added when you examine them. THEY HAVE A MASSIVE HOLE IN THEIR CHEST

Perhaps the mind wipe, the person is given the text "You remember nothing of your encounter with [ling] except the feeling of great pain and horrific sights"

This will leave someone, while not exactly knowing what happened to them, with the chance to flip shit and maybe go insane with fear.


Make bodies give only 2-3 DNA points so medical can't gouge on the morgue freely and get massive reward. 


Like vampire, the more you eat, the more powers you will unlock until you reach your 'full power' AKA horror form. 


You start with a choice that will help you start your journey. 

  • Silence Sting
  • Blind Sting
  • Deaf Sting
  • Digital Camouflage   

3 DNA points total:

  • Transformation Sting
  • Unfat Sting
  • Lesser Form

5 DNA points total:

  • Arm Blade - Shield
  • The three previous choices you did not pick.
  • Boost Range

8 DNA points total:

  • Rapid Chemical Synthesis
  • Engorged Chemical Glands
  • Hallucination Sting
  • Epinephrine Sacs

10 DNA points total:

  • Paralysis sting
  • Rapid Regeneration

15 DNA Points

  • Death Sting

18 DNA Points

  • Horror Form


Please, ling needs to be shifted away from being required to kill MASS amounts of people just to unlock a few abilities. While vampire is a 'pleasant' encounter and the mind side of things, this is the body horror where all someone remembers is the pain they experienced and gives the chance for medical and security to piece together a 'monster' inside the shafts once multiple people turn up with holes in their chest. 

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I think this will be a good change and I really like it. It's like a better version of Vamp because we'll actually have a reason to be terrified due to people with horrifying wounds raving, instead of quiet husk absorptions deleting people from rounds, or the snoozefest of a stealthvamp succing and medical having to deliberately play dumb.

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