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  1. Alright, I finished looking at the logs and I've come to a decision after reading the context with that specific OOC conversation. There is a discussion between multiple players about CMOs and their activities. Like usual, people are all shitposting in a non malicious manner about the topic. People somewhat criticize the character 'Albert' a little. Resi states that your character showed up 6 months ago, from their own personal perspective, and that means they're a baby CMO. Much like how we sometimes refer new players and their characters as 'baby engineers' or something of that sort. This isn't malicious nor does she seem to be specifically targeting. Nor was she the one that brought your character into the conversation. Unless there is evidence that Resi uses their in game privileges (Specific Round IDs, more examples) to meta, I'm going to be locking this complaint in 24 hours. The server does log every instance of AOOC chatter, fax, and check-antagonist that these claims could be reviewed against. Otherwise, I don't really see evidence of malicious attacking or hostilities in question.
  2. Alright, I'm unable to gather evidence on this unless you provide a specific round ID that I can look into. Otherwise, during the specific round that this OOC conversation occurred, they never accessed the check-antagonist verb until about two hours into the round. From what I can gather, Resi seems to hold restraint in this regard. I've personally never witnessed it or suspected it either. I'm almost done sifting through the logs.
  3. Alright, I'll look into this. Let me sift through some logs. I'd like to remind everyone to only post if you're involved or apart of the deciding factor of this complaint. I have one question on this rather serious accusation. Do you have any specific examples?
  4. I went ahead and dug out some ancient notes. This is for reference.
  5. The player originally held a whitelist for heads of staff. This ban was the reason why you lost your whitelist due to it being standard to strip a player's command whitelist when they receive a full ban from the server. The ban reason itself makes me skeptical as well due to the specific instance that it occurred. I can't share the exact details in the punishment unless @DeadLantern agrees. How have you improved since a month ago? Will something like this happen ever again? Don't let my questions deter any feedback or swindle opinions. It is a matter of curiosity on my part.
  6. I watched him engage in some good RP, especially with a ling that he had borged then made it do an autopsy on itself when security caught it. It made me chuckle when he claimed that two unproductive citizens became good members of society. I also had the joy of playing with them during the cat PRA ship when they were commisar a while back ago. Some good RP out of it. + 1 all around.
  7. The lower chance for certain jobs to become antag was reverted specifically due to the reasons stated above. The game would be forced to choose between a few game modes with the others being a lot rarer.
  8. I'll let someone delve into the logs.
  9. The round ID is b4B-abP9 I was able to piece together this series of events during my investigation when I was contacting people. The station goes into code delta for 2 seconds due to round progression that the away team was not apart of. There is a disagreement among the group. People want to stay. The RD wants to stay. I'm told there was a vote. During this vote, before VUX's character made their thoughts known, they straight force feed the RD the parapen toxin. There was no further argument. It appeared the RD was trying to explain and VUX decided to result to potential murder. This is poor escalation. VUX made it clear to me that they understood what the toxin was due to me questioning why an engineer would know what it is, and poison people with it. They told me prior that they didn't know that a random engineer does not know what every chemical does before piecing together that it was a scary name so it naturally has to be force fed to the RD over a disagreement that just started. ICly, parapen toxin is logically not as common as cyanide for example. But this wasn't the main reason why I placed the ban. Everything that happened after that. I deemed this as a result of poor escalation. This occurred while I was wrapping up and preparing to allow the round to end due to it stretching out to 20ish minutes at this point. Disarm spam against the RD. There's a scuffle. Phoenix's character gets shot by the laser rifle.
  10. Yeah, perhaps some AI time would be cool. Maybe like 5-10 hours or something
  11. Player made a separate thread found here. This is a duplicate thread. Locking and archiving.
  12. Player has been recently banned from the server due to a separate issue by another staff member. No discord unbans will be considered until this other matter is resolved. Unban Request Denied. Locking and archiving.
  13. Alright, so I did put the ban into place. The reason why I banned you from antag is because you have tons of notes regarding that specific thing and the specific round that I banned you had you at round start going inactive/SSD. I noticed a pattern and I acted on it. The antag ban is not just related to your antag play and that's not for me to decide if valid or not. I simply acted on previous note. I also don't really care if you play visitor and cryo round start, that's not why I banned you. Nor do I really care if you ready up as antag with your pshyc. This is your cargo ban: I'll be willing to lift both these bans based on the following conditions. You will not ready up if you don't intend to play the round as any job other then assistant/visitor You will not ghost out of your body or afk in a corner for long periods of time without using cryo when not an assistant/visitor You will not round start cryo on any job other then assistant/visitor You will ahelp if life is just life to avoid breaking these points and getting yourself banned. Failure to follow these two points will result in a permanent server ban being placed due to your extensive history with this issue. Do you understand?
  14. It already has a month of restriction via the var required_age = 31
  15. Hello, this is a friendly reminder to everyone reading this. Only post if you're involved. Do not ad hominem. The topic will stay constructive. Thank You
  16. Also, by doing this, you'll get an issue with players readying up as AI just for the chance to become malf, then saturating the slot with people who wipe core at round start and get bwoinked. Let's not cause this issue.
  17. Also, about the job restriction.. I don't support that. As someone who enjoys designing malf gimmicks, it's honestly the only time I play AI is when I'm malf. We shouldn't open up that rout just because I want to play an antag and go into the roll for it.
  18. People shouldn't be ticking on the thing in the first place if they have zero idea how AI works. While the new player restriction coded in is rather nice and reduced in a drop, it would be much better to just give a pop up when they toggle the gamemode saying THIS IS A HIGHLY DIFFICULT ANTAG TYPE AND NEEDS SOME GOOD UNDERSTANDING ON HOW SYNTHETIC WORK.
  19. Sorry, I've been busy these last couple of days and I haven't looked into the server much. Anyway, I am willing to agree with garn on this. We had a separate discussion about the acceptability and what is considered power gaming and acceptable to sabotage telecomms and some other general antag stuff. Got some clarification with more of the Why side of things. Does the player have a good reason? Anyway, I'm willing to allow garn (or myself) to remove the warning from your history so it will not appear if other staff members are making a decision in the future.
  20. Right, we'll post this picture for reference. It was somewhat repaired at this point in the picture with some wires added back to the machines. You also took the a couple of vital boards. Keep in mind, telecomms is a rather vital thing for the general flow of the round. I don't see how you're driving a story by teleporting into telecomms and sabotaging multiple machines with practically little interaction. Now since my points are reinforced, I'll go through yours point by point for why I made my decision then allow another staff member to look over it. I really don't see how cutting telecomms like this really adds anything to the round. I'm not talking about a ganking standpoint. It really just seems like to me that once the engineers came up, stealth, they turn it back on. Then just removed the boards and destroyed the machines. This wasn't something minor that any brain dead engineer could do. I fail to see this as an excuse. You could accomplish even the same thing by bringing a multi tool up to the sec bus and just turning it off instead of ripping apart the vital machines and spacing the boards. This drives into why I exactly warned you. You're story failed to attempt at encompass anyone except for a couple engineers who went up to check why comms suddenly died. It actually reduces and soils the round for the rest of everyone else when comms wordlessly shuts off due to multiple machines being ripped apart. It's because these things retract from the experience. It's not fun for phoron to suddenly flood everywhere. It's not fun for the engine to turn engineering into a hole and power to die. It's not fun fun for telecomms to just be ripped apart when no one, except for maybe a couple engineers after the fact, knew there was even ninjas onboard. I will quote one of our rules. "Note that these rules cannot cover the myriad of situations that will arise during gameplay. As such, the word of Moderators and Administrators ingame is final, and not up for debate past a certain point. If you take issue with an ingame ruling, you are expected to submit a staff complaint about it, or to contact a Head Administrator about it after the round has concluded" From what I personally witnessed, I think it was restored perhaps 10 minutes before CT. I'm sure there will be logs when comm chatter actually started that can double check this. I could be wrong. It doesn't matter much though. I can go into maint and cut a long hall of wires that would be fixed in twenty minutes, but that is still not something that should be done without prior escalation with the crew that is more then just drain APC, cloak away, then watch engineers fix it. The wiki isn't an excuse in my opinion The teleport isn't really a good excuse. It's more there because traditionally, there has always been a beacon at telecomms since the Exodus had a separate satellite you have to teleport too. It's more there for people to try vanishing behind a wall of turrets when being chased or into maintenance by teleporter use. Hell, even as a sneaky way for ninjas to board the station. This is why I don't agree on your reasoning. It's all a matter of perspective and how the rules are interpreted. May I be in the wrong? I very much could be so. It happens. We all make mistakes sometimes. But that's why we're here because it gives us both a reflection after-the-fact on things. That's why we have staff complaints as an option for players.
  21. Ok, future refrence, just make every new point a new line and we'll be golden. For the unban, I'll go ahead and unban. Don't kill yourself then not respond next time. The game does tell you that you click on my name to respond. Please go over the rules. Do you understand?
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