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  1. oh, i remember being that skrell ninja.
  2. I was the RD. 1. Xrim has knowledge of telescience, and they've saved the lives of miners and other individuals across the station when medical was unable to access them or find them in time. Mainly someone falls down a hole, they look into suit sensors, then save their lives by teleporting them directly to medical or having paramedics rush into science. It's actually a pretty useful thing. 2. It is NOT and OOC calculator. It is an actual IC calculator using NTSL2+ that has been controlled and distributed by IC means across characters. There isn't even anything against the rules in creating or using an OOC calculator regardless. 3. People got hurt because they didn't listen. 4. I wasn't inside science during your encounter with Xrim, I was too busy regardless dealing with security to care. 5. Sadly, Xrim had real life stuff, and I, nor you had control of that. I don't believe they rage quitted when in fact RPing themselves being a thrall because I saw them as a threat and dealt with them accordingly. Regardless, my interactions with them at least has been valid. I wasn't around during your interactions. I don't see powergaming from them and they never actively go out to hunt antags.
  3. -1 Every species should have its own unique language. I know tajaran wise, it is impossible for them to speak sol regardless due to their mouths, It doesn't matter if they have a whitelist or not, it should just be a standard thing between everyone.
  4. what happens if I'm on the list and I didn't, or will not say goodnight. fuck, I just said it
  5. I am against this idea. I do not think borgs should have the ability to unlock their own covers for multiple reasons. Only authorized people are allowed to even touch them according to their laws. Only authorized people have the ability to unlock their covers and do whatever with them. This provides too much flexibility and I don't think we should allow this. If the cover needs to be desperately unlocked, there are multiple ways someone can work to gain access to. Science borgs can already unlock covers, open themselves up, etc. If there is no robotics, note it, and become a science borg for general robotics maintenance.
  6. I will have to agree with Azande, it is a common mistake to create super doctors, super directors, etc. Only Skrell and Diona really have these but even then you have to be careful not to fall under the rule of powergaming. Regardless, Soul has mentioned they are willing to create a new CMO character with a limited knowledge set.
  7. To be honest, this is a feedback thread based upon Soul. There is no reason to derail it into an argument between station directives because there are other platforms that this can be moved to. In regards to the screenshot, I don't see much of an issue with it. He is practically saying that if you need help, call him over. I think that's perfectly reasonable for heads of staff to do hands off until needed. Regardless, he still has my support.
  8. I do have experience with both Philips and recently Sterben within my playtime on the server when I've played a biochemist and when I am playing Research Director and I'll be posting my feedback on this closing day that their trial is operating. Regarding Philips, they did indeed seem a bit power-gamy when situations arise, but I enjoy the thought behind the character and the personality that they provide. My only gripes was of course this power-gamy aspect with chemistry equipment but I think it was kept generally towards defense and not a full hunt. Of course, this was a while ago and Soul as a player has been improving greatly and seeking improvement massivley which is something I respect for someone wishing to gain heads of staff positions. I've certainly seen worse play from other whitelisted players who at certain times shows no improvement at all. Should this lower our standards? No, but those individuals are dealt with at a case-by-case bases and I am sure Soul would improve to become an excellent whitelisted player given the time and effort. On the bases of Sterben, My interactions with them are limited as the Research Director but I've seen them handle some great and confusing situations well in regards to a command player. Of course, Soul isn't perfect, but no one is perfect and the lungs on the table for example seems very minor and just a simple mistake in judgement that every head of staff player will commit. If this whitelist goes into a decision leaning towards a denial, I strongly urge to give Soul an extension on their trial because I feel like they have potential, and I really think they would work well as a command player. +1
  9. After reading the application, it still seems a bit vague in regards to Tau Ceti character background. There is a lot more in regards to what is happening/has happened like the previous Sol occupation, politics, synthetic movement, etc. I wouldn't see heads of staff as the 'main players' within a round. This view may be sometimes damaging. There is nothing wrong with stepping behind the lines and being the regular average Joe who has a stagnate life. Heads of Staff are not expected to be the 'main players' of a round, they are expected to lead others and the rest of the crew through situations based upon information relayed to them. The difference between being the main player and a leader comes with involvement. Leaders gain information and motivate people to listen to them, main players are present at every interaction between a situation facing the crew. It at the end of the day depends on the persons decisions. Do they want to step back and just give security the ability to lead itself, or do they want to be around for every interaction? It isn't strictly required. If I'm making any sense Regardless, I haven't really seen you around much to provide further feedback. I never interacted with your characters, and your byond key seems new to me. That's a big factor on why people haven't been providing feedback despite advertising it.
  10. You got +1 from me Lin is actually a really good security character and I have such good interactions with them when I am antag.
  11. I actually have experience with some of their characters. You get my +1 today Soul, you get mine. I think they are pretty good and deserve a good whitelist.
  12. I was probably aiming for around the early 2450's she moved to human space and sought to improve a carrier, learn the culture, etc. Yes, of course there would be face-to-face with intelligence and to keep herself, and her position within human space, she more or less doesn't actively seek the help of an AI if something is needed. If something is surely needed, she keeps distant almost like a weeping era Skrell due to only experiencing Glorsh for 7ish years. Not enough to settle a completely firm antagonistic attitude but enough to hate intelligence to its core for what it has done to society. If absolutely pressured, back into a corner by one, then she may lash out at it and verbally set down its very exsistance. This is a research director after all, and she understands at the end of the day, if she is vivid about her views, people may find her non-suitable.
  13. BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Purple Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I found Skrell fascinating as a non-restricted xeno in human space after they found each other. Skrells have been in space longer after all, and they are the ones that accidentally introduced artificial intelligence that we all know continuously pulls political tension and a blurred line. Should synthetics get free ownership of themselves and the same universal rights? I like this aspect of Skrell with a natural skepticism, or hatred of synthetics where even cyborgification can be seen as monstrous from when they learnt of the technology that was used to colonize mars. This is what captivates me: this almost PTSD like attitude within their fame based society after the events of Glorsh sterilized a majority of the aging species. They may look harmless, but their drive to win and resolve unavoidable conflict makes them one of the best fighting forces in the galaxy. Mechanics wise, I also enjoy the idea of their dream based communication, telepathy, and how it is even considered assault to use on another species against their will. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: @VTCobaltblood While humans can at times be unpredictable, The Skrell as a race have an entire set of emotional displays that are considerably different than the rest of the species. Skrell emotions are more complex, and deeply tied into and rooted into their own language and telepathic abilities among each each other. While humans enjoy a good joke, Skrell through age may become increasingly distant from Humor as an entire form through practice after disliking the feeling it provides that their younger selves may have enjoyed more. While also human jokes may have a punchline, Skrell look towards the more visual aspects then actual verbal communication. It is physically impossible for other species to speak and fully understand their language as well and the language helps establish a barrier for observing emotions. Character Name: Azqu Uqu-Uilk Please provide a short backstory for this character THE COLLAPSE The Supernova Era The Contact Era What do you like about this character? I enjoy the background, the multiple century history briefly described. She has things she hates, loves, traits she gained from childhood, and even what was past traits turned flaws from a late birth within an uncertain era. She looked up when her mother looked up, and she will always have what her mother printed onto her. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 Notes: Looking at the lore for error checking, I'm actually NOT sure when the geneophage was inacted. Maybe in 2185, maybe in 2100. I don't know. This backstory kind of assumed a much later genophage.
  14. I have an idea for the authentification the captain would have to keep safe. Perhaps instead of a disk with sequence codes, perhaps its a core of the special substance/energy source kept at top secret levels. You install the core to activate it, then the code is used for authentication. This will also give mercs more sounding motif. They captured a device, but they still need the energy. (Omega Core)
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