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  1. I do not support this. We had boot knives for a while in the loadout. It had the same damage as a fork but with the extra ability to slit throats. This opened many doors for power gaming, valid hunting, and the likes such as that.
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: SonicGotNuked Position Being Applied For: Diona Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: While ss13 taught me how to actually spell things correctly through time, I've been able to expand my creative expression more and more throughout my time here. My Diona whitelist is an example. I've also have a robust foundation with species lore and moderation experience on the server where sometimes you need to take a few lore things into account when the rules are involved. I also have every other whitelist except for Vaurca, if that matters, to which my Tajaran whitelist is very poor. Examples of Past Work: I've shared some of my spare thoughts with Yonnimer about Diona lore since I got my whitelist. My whitelist could be read as some past work I suppose. Diona: My opinions:
  3. Hello! sircatnip since this time has retired from the staff team. I will be taking the decision of your unban. There are no issues with unbanning you that I can tell. Just make sure to read and follow the rules and we'll be good. 👍 Ban Lifted
  4. I mean, if someone takes a hostage, it's clear they're hostile. All hostage situations means that the antag is being hostile, and in my perspective, I was hostile. That shouldn't excuse suddenly shutting down the situation because magic. It's incredibly poor regardless even if you'd think I'd get away or not. I took the hostage so I can further interact with security and not make this a running match between us. I can run with security 4 steps behind me, personally, and I could've just as easily decapped the head of security and dragged his body into the brig since security was already shoot on sight with me. Anyway, the round is over, and I'm done posting my perspective.
  5. Alright, I am the ninja involved, and I will approach this as a players perspective in the round. Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying the round, up to this point. Security at that point of time was shooting me with lethals and escalating. I was interacting with crew and them. I took the tranq rifle and shot a couple officers with it to try and take the ion rifle. Now I get EMPed, shot up, and escape to buy me enough time to repair my suit and heal my wounds. I went up, to continue the round, and took the Head of Security hostage since he was the one with the ion rifle at the time. Now see this as my perspective, I take the HoS hostage so I can stop security, and say some demands with the HoS at sword point. I only had about enough in the moment to get the HoS to stop resisting and security to calm down and lay off the weapons. Then I suddenly have a IPC walk up behind, tell me that I'm an evil doer, and magic missile me to the floor. This practically shut down the entire hostage situation, instantly, at which point the wizard turned me into a corgi, making me naked, surrounded by security who was promptly on top of me. I at that point asked if I could ghost so I could leave the round and calm myself down while security was running "Just roll with it" in LOOC. I personally found this entire situation extremely poor. There is a difference between security using flashbangs to stop someone from killing a hostage versus using flashbangs before the hostage taker could even have enough time to make demands. I made it clear I was starting a hostage situation. It was clear that this was a hostage situation. This is much like the rulings where security was rushing hostages because they can be cloned. Yes, a flashbang and magic missile will shut down the hostage situation, but that is extremely poor security play before I could even do anything else. In my own personal and player perspective, it looked like someone was given wizard powers just so they could run around and hunt ninjas. I would like to note that the wizard immediately understood in AOOC and was very apologetic but it started with a purposeful magic missle just to shut down the hostage situation before any role play value could be taken out of it.
  6. The drafting will kind of put players in the spotlight, cultivate their skills, and place them in uncomfortable situations. Generate a story, seeing it success or fail, then trying again when they role antag again. This will cultivate our dwindling antag players and hopefully getting new players improved. Balancing antagging is a game between story, winning, roleplay, and security. It is a fairly hard game and sometimes it collapses and you turn all interaction into a chasing match between you and security. We have multiple antags and sometimes rounds will progress with all parties being shot by security. That is ok, people will learn, and grow. The rules should be clearly reflective of this matter, which they are, as you shouldn't gank while at least making an attempt to have other people enjoy the story you are creating. This is a very important function in this delicate balance we make.
  7. Yeah, I agree, medical is really really tough on the eyes. I was only able to stand in it for five minutes before being forced to cryo and look at something more pleasing. The white tiles create a blur effect that looks as if I'm floating 5 feet in the air. I also think the engineering colors are too bright for the dark floor around.
  8. I myself have been guilty of opting out when I voted and it picked me as renegade, but I agree with this change. I will try my best tho. If you never want to play antag, then you can just not vote or vote extended. but the round progressed where being a renegade would of added to it. So yeah, give it a chance I suppose.
  9. I don't believe you. I don't see how someone can forget the messages they've sent about 3 minutes before. Infact, I think this is another excuse of "I don't remember" or just telling the half truth which is another form of lying. You also never asked me if it was my decision alone. You asked me if it was because of the LOOC messages. I'm not going to argue this any longer. I'll let @Pratepresidenten decide on this matter.
  10. I really don't know how to better phrase this. SPCR lied to me. I hold zero tolerance to liars, LOOC stuff aside, was the reason I escalated the punishment and removed SPCR. They were already on very thin ice too with the amount of notes they have received in the 18 days played. Here is the ticket in question: Here is the note alb placed. Here is the breakdown of the server history. It's about 16 notes, 2 day synth ban, 3 day ban, a warning, and the perm ban.
  11. If you disagree with the ban, a staff complaint will get it reviewed. The unbans are for when the mistake is understood. While I admit, the LOOC stuff may not warrant a full perm ban, it's the fact you lied to me. It's too early to accept an appeal. I will look at any chance to redeem the unban in a month from now. I will deny the appeal. Locking and Archiving.
  12. I will explain the two reasons why I have banned AmoryBlaine permanently from the server. To start off with, I will be splitting apart this block of notes to basic numbers. I really am not going to post every single one. It is easy checked by staff via discord. I counted the ones required for a general perspective. Server History, Tickets, and Issues with staff I will open this up with every note, warning, and his eventual removal from the server. Amory was given plenty of chances to follow rule 1. This is a clear attitude issue as a whole. He has 9 notes and 2 previous bans (3 day and week ban) from his entire history on Aurora. Validhunting, Lying, and History on the server Amory has an extensive history of poor behavior when it comes to interacting with antags and the other crew; including 20 notes, 4 warnings, his head whitelist stripped, and two security job bans. Amory through his interactions with the staff and notes has lost all benefit of the doubt to support his case and it only worked to give me the necessary information that he was also valid hunting again before trying to call it off as 'he forgot' I simply escalated the punishments, noticing the ludicrous amount of chances that this individual was given. I'd like to note that during my ahelp with him, instead of answering my questions, he was fishing in discord PMs towards other admins to step in. He was told multiple times through all my interactions with him to make a staff complaint.
  13. I really can not explain further the rule you broke, which follows under poor escalation, and gank. Now I will follow hypothetical situations in my futile effort at explaining how ludicrous escalation it is for blowing up a random locker suddenly allowing the escalation to kill everyone. Yes, that is what the intent was. To kill them. Joe Bro is your average traitor crashing the deeds and slapping the needs. Security of course is the problem, snooping into his bag, or with a dastardly fascination to the gun in his hand. Why does he have a gun you may ask? Well of course it's a shoot people! Those questioning officers are rather snoopy for prying into his personal business. Business that involves loading several bullets into the skulls of everyone nearby just because everyone needs to be a bit more open minded to gun control! The ticking clock of the shuttle bell rings in. Pressed against time. The bullet slotted. With that evil glint in his eyes. He thinks about how security caught him with his unloaded gun. He thinks about the suspicions he managed to gain! Those minds floating towards the shuttle, minding their own business, as innocent co-workers become target practice to fill those empty skulls. Why, he didn't kill them when one brave soul bashed their skull in. Hence, it is not gank despite them bleeding out all across the hard metal floor. But it's fine because they were not killed! They're only dying. I can repeat myself over and over. There was poor escalation. That's what went wrong. It falls under gank. I'm done explaining my side. I'm letting other staff look over this now.
  14. I'm going to summarize what I already said and why there was a warning. The shuttle was boarded. Everyone was going back to the station after successful trade with the Unathi. Naia threw a viscerator onto the floor and went to the back room. While I can speculate the situation and if they stacked a few behind the door, I know for certain that they kept throwing viscerators until about 5 grenades were in battle. Then the player left the backroom and opened fire on the team. I really don't know how to explain other then this being gank. There was not enough escalation to warrant this kind of behavior and suddenly go "Oh you're all going to die now" before spawning in a critical mass of viscerators against 4-6 people inside a closed space. Escalation has steps which were skipped in this situation. It is impossible for me to know exactly what happened or handhold exactly each moment on what to say can be better or how they could of handled the situation better. I've been very clear that they worked to gank the entire research team with a radio jammer inside their pocket so they couldn't call for help and I stepped in to inform the player that this was gank and applied this warning: Murder at this scale needs more buildup before hand. I can't word it more differently then that.
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