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  1. Unless there is a good reason, the only place a captain SHOULD place the spare is either on themselves or in their safe. Someplace dumb like the toilet would be rather bwoinkable unless its for good reason. It would not be fun to be forced to interact with every single door. It sometimes takes three seconds for security to shoot you up regardless. Plus people generally don't even give you their ID if you simply ask it. "Why should I give you my ID? It is working fine" Hacking doors takes time and will be pretty noticeable when you're standing by the vault for a minute with a multi-tool in hand for example. Plus... hacking the AI with no access and not science just sounds like a bad time in general. Unless your ninja because cloak is a powerful meme. Anyway, I support not removing it. People need it for legit reasons when there is no command or there is only one command person. I do support moving it to an emergency location such as the bunker. Maybe make it a separate room with turrets and motion sensors that have general command access. High danger high reward. Command is dead? You better be making a plan to get that spare.
  2. While I can see some moments as an acceptation. These could be ahelped Otherwise, I agree.
  3. I do not agree with limiting merc to 2 or 1 people. RNG just picks sec people sometimes. If RNG wants to pick 4/5 security, then that is something. It doesn't happen every round. It happens because the player base likes to ready up as security.
  4. It always really starts with one person forcing the antag into doing an action that in turn starts a spiral. For example "Security! There's a dude threatening to kill me if I speak in comms!" Of course, you kill them. Security in turn has their valids to kill you. So you kill them. Other crew search for valids to attack you. You kill them. There has been rounds I've played where normal everyday crewmembers decide they're the best loyal NT people and YOU HAVE to be stopped. Other times, it's the AI.
  5. I before hand asked Cnyam about it. This is something that you did do despite us telling you to make a staff complaint if you feel like the situation needs to be evaluated. Regardless, someone will take a look and a discussion will probably be made to determine if the ruling between me and Cnyam was correct. One of your dominates being ignored was handled by me previously. I contacted the player. While turning people into vampires can be rewarding, you are trading off the ability to control them from what I see. I'm sure the embrace power does come with information warning that they don't have to listen to you. While making them another dangerous force, you trade off part of your control. There is nothing stopping them from turning around and attacking you due to their hunger. Summer went through the appropriate channels and asked us. I'm open to being wrong about this, but I do agree with Cnyam. I rest my opinion as well on the matter.
  6. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7350 Basically on the Do not interact law, it adds an exception to hive bots. Hive bots I guess are considered 'Synthetic beings' It would make sense to allow drones to fight hive bots.
  7. Keep in mind that I did put a thing into the traitor code for borgos to gain their overclock. I feel like this somewhat made them better. But yeah, antag station bound is weak. It wouldn't be that hard to have code red + overclock allow combat. The procs are already around.
  8. 24 hours


    My day of judgement. OwO

  9. While it is possible for malf to give its borg the combat module. It requires it to set the code to delta via the elite encryption hack. Yeah, let's still give this an option to the malf, but it would have a combat specific module it can give. I would also like to see traitor borgs have this ability too if possible because the removal of the sec borg made traitor borgs weak as hell. (Which I somewhat fixed a little by allowing them overclock)
  10. I never really saw this either. The most that this may come down is, like other people have said, if the player is trying to argue after the ruling is placed down. Plus generally I put along the lines "I am going to close this ticket now" and that's the end of it.
  11. Alright, that's understandable. Thanks for clarifying. I banned due to your notes previously listing issues. I'll get someone to unban you.
  12. Nobody:


    Devs: Ah! Today I will make hivebots actually rip apart entire departments and feast off the metal of your station walls. Plus some will literally explode. 

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    2. Cnaym



      Security: Hivebots are easy peasy.

      Everybody: Nani?!

    3. BoryaTheSlayer


      bless hivebots

    4. JamOfBoy



  13. Wow a topic I actually agree with. Memes aside, yeah, this really does put a good standpoint. I myself am guilty of not giving enough 'choices' Perhaps the most recent example was a raider team I was apart of. We bamboozled security, welded them in an elevator, and stole the armory. Later on, I found out my other raider buddies locked down the cargo account and all of security died due to another raider RCDing a turf away. To be fair, my enjoyment of the round was going down as well. It's not fun to not have opposition. I really do like this point of view. At the end of the day, the 'choices' are limited by mechanics. My frustration with cult (my most hated gamemode) is that there is literally zero other options. It practically mechanically forces you to spread by converting. While Ling, I feel have some good options, is a bit guilty with this as well. This is why I enjoy malfunction so much to be honest because CC announcements are a rather powerful tool and you get endless supplies of them.
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