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  1. Why not remove that useless space Z level miners keep drifting aimlessly through?
  2. Alright, this boils down to misconceptions, and a lot of it. My first course of action is to address the staff complaints you listed above: 1. There was a mutual understanding at the end of it. 2. Arrow explained some backend dev stuff and the complaint eventually dropped. 3. There was some changes that occured. 4. Misconception. It was clarified and dropped. 5. The drama was investigated. Investigations tend to happen behind the scenes out of the server's eye. 6. Skull apologized after discussion in the post. 7. Matt was apprehended by Garn about this. Now onto individual topics I will refrain from posting on a perspective of how the development team handles administrator maintainers outside of what I was told. These were mostly instances that were never reported. But there was some back end investigations that occurred. Inter staff discussion are not typically seen until said person is literally removed. Nanako was stripped of dev perms after abusing them. To be all honest, I do not know what personally exactly happened to Fowl and Pacman, but they either got removed or pressed out by the dev team. From what I've personally seen with access to the inter-staff discord, this is incorrect, because they do keep tabs into the moderation chat and we do have discussions. Alb is a maintainer. They have access to the server. Garn also has access but generally uses it when the server dies and he's around to hit the big restart button. I've seen Skull make mistakes, but he hasn't ever tried to cease the server. I've never faced disrespect from him and when I've seen it, it generally ended in an apology (I.E, that staff complaint 6) This is a contradiction of your point above. To be a maintainer, you have some server access. You want administration to have control. You don't want administration to have any control. That's what the maintainer position is from what I see: To have some control in the server operations and code base. There are clear guidelines staff follow. This is why I'm posting this, because it peeves me when people have a misconception that staff are immune. Staff, generally to get their position, show that they uphold the general server rules. That's why you don't see them getting banned because Aurora gets as a whole gets staff from people who show they understand the rules, can learn from their mistakes, and be all around decent people to work with. In fact, I've personally talked to skull about one of his frustrations being vented into OOC and moderated it like I would do any other player by asking one of the admins to disable OOC. Then I spoke with him a little. This is why staff complaints exist for staff members, not involved, to take an unbiased approach on the situation and come to final decision if said staff member was in the right or wrong. While I can't post some examples onto other people, I can post my own mistakes and issues that were investigated and resolved like any other person. I will be blurring the names of the people who issued my notes since it's pretty standard when sharing them. https://gyazo.com/7fff7c23abe926a72a40a497e6e98a14 | During my first mod trail During my time as a moderator. https://gyazo.com/2924970c5e195b0cfd1ef5f46896d791 https://gyazo.com/6fca285817418f69bb09bd61de0d3f82 In Conclusion The staff team does moderate itself. I've spoken with people. I've started conversations. I've been personally spoken to before when I screw up. I understand the misconception that staff are immune from an outsiders perspective, but most of the issues, are handled in the back end. 90 percent of them get resolved internally and it never comes to the light of day since there is honestly no place for it. It functions. It exists. The mere exsistance of the entire staff team being 53 people and functional is evidence enough of this fact. Because if there was not moderation, there would not be a team that exists since it keeps the team functioning and working together despite the MANY differences among everyone. Look at the two recent lore arcs for example involving Tajaran and Skrell. You have lore developing a concept. Developers actually adding the concept into the game. CCIA pushing the IC company side of things. Administration enforcing the rules so it doesn't fall into a mess. All of this is not possible when a team is dysfunctional. Inner staff moderation is a key corner stone in a functional team.
  3. No, sorry, that's not how it works. This was some pretty clear evasion from 2016 - 2019 instead appealing an easy perma that could of got lifted. It logged every attempt to change your IP or ckey via proxy or VPN and your explanation makes zero sense regardless. To perfectly honest, I would of most likely lifted the ban since your last attempt was a year ago. But lying just leads me to one conclusion: Appeal Denied. Locking and Archiving.
  4. Alright, I see a little issue. Your ban was mirrored 28 different times with your last being 2019-07-25 on the ckey you provided. Can you explain that? This is some pretty solid ban evasion.
  5. Alright, I'll be willing to unban you. What ckey do you plan on using? Pick one and we'll be set.
  6. It would have to be a -1 from me. While I do enjoy some of the interactions I've had with your character. You do show ability to learn from your mistakes and improve. My main issue is that you seem way too new to the environment with your head somewhat within the MRP mindset. Especially when it comes to being a non-antag and hacking into maintenance. While I did notice that your behavior in these regards did improve, it's a bit too early really in my opinion to make a final judgement on this.
  7. It'll have to be a -1 from me. While I trust the intentions are good. You are willing to understand situations and understand your mistakes. I have not really noticed bad roleplay on your end. My only main issue is a low tolerance of patience during spark of the moment situations where emotions can get the better of someone as shown by the Hypospray PR and the other thing I spoke to you about. Especially the manner in which someone would personally manage this. This is more of a worry because moderation does include many spark of the moment situations that can cause issues. I think this ability to handle these situations personally is one of the most important things someone in staff has to be skilled at due to the damage an outburst could cause to the community as a whole.
  8. The warning is on the gank behavior of medical. But if you disagree, I will just remove it entirely.
  9. Ok, so I guess I'm pinged. I basically asked if it was 100 percent conclusion, instantly, with no other suspicions going, or if it was suspicions. Tbear asked for an opinion. That was my response. Otherwise, I'm not really involved in the warning since at the end of the day, it was the decision of who ever gave the warning at the time.
  10. Thinking about it, I'll be willing to reduce the ban to a warning. Since Dil does have a point regarding being an antag and Arrow has clarified a few things. The changes to Dionaea shall suffice as a result of this.
  11. He was intentionally targeting doctors as well. One person I knew of tried to intervene and promptly got gassed. This is something I looked at in the decision. The other doctors were trying to flee from the killer tree throwing plants at everyone.
  12. I agree that it should be doable on some lower tier hardsuits like the EVA suit. Perhaps make it a storage module. But it shouldn't be done on heavy hardsuits that have the ability to hold weapons.
  13. Alright, I'll reduce your ban to a warning after you explained to me. Don't try to abuse the cargo tug, build baseball bats without good reason, and generally try to mess with people. This is a HRP server which means even at round end you still have to play and act reasonable. Do me a favor and read the rules because anything further will result in further action. Locking and Archiving
  14. The syntax exsists for most functions. The wiki doesn't really explain anything though and there's not formatting compile errors.
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