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Imari Idris -P || Adinkra Hoodie

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BYOND Key: Ornias
Character name: Imari Idris - P
Item name: Adinkra Hoodie

Why is your character carrying said item to work?
Imari Idris -P's job consists entirely of protecting the human Imari Idris from danger. In the eyes of it's creators, the best way to achieve this is to ensure that no fights occur in the first place. It's big, it's scary-looking. But that in itself can be enough to start a fight- someone (or something) looks too out of place, and it attracts a bit too much attention: the exact opposite of what they set out to achieve. So, Imari Idris -P is equipped appropriately to whatever situation it may find it's ward in.

Appropriate to the NSS Aurora is the 'Adinkra Hoodie'. This piece of clothing doesn't actually have a name, no more than it's jeans or shoes, but it fufils a role. Immaculate, form-fitting, perfectly tailored, and adorned with seven Adinkra across the back; three on each side, and a large one in the center of it's 'spine'. 

On the left, going downwards:
1. Nyame dua, a symbol of God’s presence and protection.
2. Kwatakye atiko, a symbol of bravery and valor.
3. War Hor, a symbol of watchfulness and vigilance.

On the right:
1. Nkonsonkonson, a symbol of harmony and human contact. 
2. Mpatopo, a symbol of peacemaking and reconciliation.
3. Akoma ntoso, a symbol of understanding and unity.

And, the largest, in the center: the Mmere Dane, with the corresponding text written underneath it.

Fitted to the Idris Incorporated color-scheme, looking casual enough to avoid tension while being sleek enough to appear menacing, and representing the roots of Eridanian culture, it has become Imari Idris -P's most often-worn item of clothing. Perhaps it's taken a liking to it, but Idris Incorporated would undoubtedly contest that one of their owned IPCs held any degree of sentimentality.

Item function(s): Functions like a normal hoodie, but without the zip. IDK how pocket sizes work, but if it could hold one 'larger' item rather than two small ones that normal hoodies do (because the pocket is no longer bisected) that'd be cool, but if it's percieved as, like. Powercreep. Idk. I'll live without
Item description: A large, immaculate white hoodie adorned with seven Adinkra symbols on the back. Below the large central symbol is the text 'MMERE DANE'. There is a small 'Idris Incorporated' logo below the left drawstring. (If it's possible to have the word 'adinkra symbols' part link to a description or picture of the seven symbols, that'd be nice, so it doesn't hugely clog up chat whenever it's examined).
Item appearance: https://i.gyazo.com/7065a8a6be10f7a409614301698fd6ec.png (I don't have a DMI or anything- this is just how I'd like it to look (it's symmetrical on both sides, so anything covered by another piece of clothing is just a mirror of the opposite side. I don't have a hood-up sprite because I'm the worst spriter on planet Earth

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?
For one, I think this will be SUPERB worldbuilding- the integration of Neo-African culture into Eridanian clothing would be a really cool addition. Hopefully, it will draw people to examine the character, and actually get a sense for it's size and demeanor.

Additional comments: I really want to explore the African culture side of Eridani. In the same way that cyberpunk settings are often infused with typically east-Asian elements, I'd love to see more African motifs infused with the cyberpunk setting. The little spot on the forehead would be cool too, but I think it should just be ignored; it's meant to be a little Idris tag, but it's too much hastle for one pixel people couldn't identify.

Also, I'm no expert on African culture. IDK if these symbols make sense in this context, or whether they're really out of place. I don't even think that it matters that much either way, however: much like some of those neo-Chinese/Japanese artworks on cyberpunk gear, I think if they're slightly alien or obscene that might even make it better.

Maybe it should be called 'Adinkra-Adorned Hoodie' to make it clearer. Seeking feedback as to how I can make this fufil it's purpose better!

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