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Kozi32 Spriter App

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Kozi32

Discord Name: Kozi32#4645

Position Being Applied For: (coder, mapper, spriter): Spriter

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Well, i started spriting on leben, there i learned how2sprite, i was spriting on leben until official "close". Then i started spriting on halo13,i did alot of stuff to covenant thats still in use, then i had some "brawl" with host (( i really dont want to explain it on "public" area, if administration of aurora would want, i can explain on PM)).

Examples of Past Work: few sprites done by me(( i have it more, just dont want to trash it all there))

Leben: https://gyazo.com/018f487f2a73ccc677e4f71faa158086  https://gyazo.com/587b9f12699c8a97bb12a6ece63665e6  https://gyazo.com/c3ba1d5cbd571263660d200eecedfaf9 https://gyazo.com/1992ef8dbefea9181b400ff19e0c6bf3?token=144f873cb408a1ca575cfaa453d85e31

Halo: https://gyazo.com/0e9b0745770bba595f50e9ffb23f5bdd https://gyazo.com/78286e05ec4f070e6cda49938e95626a((<===that one isnt 100% made by myself, i remade it and recolored to be served as Covenant droppod as one of developer ask))   https://gyazo.com/b4a5a090472c4094bd00325ab305624e?token=f72599fa203b3f589a62f64a32b64583 ((<===this one not 100% like before, one of spriter did "deployed" state, and i was asked to animate it))  https://gyazo.com/f82154f08b38010ef3375c6d798d561a

(list of pull requests you made to the auroar repository or other relevant work)

Additional Comments: I'm not a professional spriter, i just want to make sprites, if they are cappable to be created by me

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I think it's a little early to be applying for a dev position. I think you should try and make some merged PR's first so we can gauge your work and see if you're a good fit for the team. Also, play a few rounds and get to know the community first. 

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merged PR?, actually that wont even happend, i found myself in spriting(as i re-made week ago a whole rig with all parts as object and mob to be used in HEVA if accepted), About Knowing me in community, i'm playing there from 2014, got forum account from 2015, i'm just less than active on forum if i dont need to speak, just read, and on server alot of people recognize me,

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