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James Campbell Family Photo, Detective badge and wedding ring

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BYOND Key: Valwyn
Character name: James Campbell
Item name: Jame's Family Photo

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Its a family photo of James Campbell , His Wife Elizabeth Campbell and Daughter Emily Campbell, Being away from home onboard the NSS Aurora makes him miss them, somenthing that he always bring inside his Silver Locket.

Item function(s):  Just a photo looking item but instead of displaying an actual photo, it could just display a description, so i can put inside my Silver Locket.
Item description: You see a Middle aged Human couple alongside a young Female Human looking very happy. On the back is written 'James, Elizabeth  and Emily' with a little gold mark that reads 'Campbell Family'
Item appearance: the same sprite from a photo


Item name: Jame's Wedding Ring

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Jame is a married man and as such he always carry and wear his ring.

Item function(s):  Just like the engagement ring, you can equip together(under) with gloves.
Item description: An golden wedding ring. its engraved on it 'Our love is Written in the stars'.  it certainly looks expensive.
Item appearance: 4RPY1Zz.png

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Giving a Item that shows the Past of the charater is a great way to add depth and personal questions on the daily work and given James Dangerous Work was Detective/Security department, its a reminder he carries on his Chest to Come home safely every day for there are people waiting back home and also giving him Hope and strength to help him overcome any obstacles or difficulty, bringing somenthing personal on the table for survival..


Item name: Detective's badge (James Campbell)

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

James is old man and is on this business for a long time , he love his job like he loves his family and he is very proud of it. being a detective was always being his dream just like his father was,  all his years of hardwork even from before being a detective he used to be a ordinary Police Officer on earth, He might not be a charismatic type of guy but he is a honest man and takes his job very serious, unfortunately his department was crawling with corruption and bribery, he knew that the deparment was looking pretty bad and they knew that James was not a easy man to break, they did many things to prevent him from getting a promotion or tried to ruin his life and many times he feared for his family,with not many people to trust. even so james never gave up, trying to keeping a low profile, eventually after many years of investigation and evidence collecting he got everything he needed , he cracked that big scheme of corruption down and earned the promotion he always dreamed, thanks to his exemplary skills and honest hard working manners Nanotrasen took a eye on him.....

Item function(s): Works just like the one from the warden(you can polish or activate it by swiping an ID),  It's worn on jumpsuits in the belt slot or the tie slot.
Item description: A corporate security badge, made from gold and set on false leather.
Item appearance: icon_state = "badge"
    item_state = "marshalbadge" (i did not find the picture on the files, but you can spawn was admin on the server,)2WX4s0j.png


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP : 

The item is deeply sentimental for James, for his father was once a detective and he worked very hard for it,  one might display it when making professional introductions.. Nothing quite says professional like a badge, and he uses was a memento for everything he went trough in the police force.

Additional comments badge :

I would request to allow me to use in all the security deparment jobs and not just Detective Job,in case the slot is filled, i will not use was anything related to detective job its just for roleplaying/flavor reason i want him to keep safe with him, if its not possible i dont mind making it aesthetic only(just being able to attach to the suit) having no use(so i can use off-duty?), just to keep on him for flavor and sentimental reasons, i like to think when the slot is filled and i take another job in the same deparment, my Character gets called was a ''emergency for the lack of personnel to do that job'' he does not act like he was a detective in the new job position, of course he acts based by the job he is in, but that does not remove the history from him, you understand me?

Additional comments: 

I know i'am new on the server/code, but i really liked here, the RP is top quality and i had one of the best rounds i ever had in this game here, i think it was some Kind of ADMIN event(Some Death Squad Hunting a Dominian Noble,His servant and acquaintance, for my luck or unlucky in this event,i was at the bar with them when everything happened, and the Adventure of the Old Veteran(Me/Another char), The bartender, Janitor, Dominian Noble , cadet and the miner started for survival on the station together  before realizing that the noble was the target, and the death squad as going after our group all this time.

Wedding Ring.dmi

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