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Chracter Feedback: FROST

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I play a cyborg by the name of FROST. I have not been nearly as active as I'd like in the past but I've been beginning to feel as though I've lost my touch. I've been playing for a while and wanted to see if there were things that I could improve on. I'm open for suggestions, criticism, hate, and the likes.

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A very good kidnapper, 10/10 would recommend. i was a security cadet searching the maints(was ordered by another officer) to arrest FROST in the maints with another cadet was partner, (we was in code blue and with lack of personnel in security) we did the mistake of splitting and FROST was well geared and defeated and took the other Cadet was hostage, i found them and the hostage situation started i quickly called for backup and he handled very well, asked for my gun(Non-lethal .45 pistol).. to drop it then kick to his direction or the cadet would die.. soo i obeyed. it was pretty awesome interaction and i really enjoyed Frost and Hunting Frost in the round Gahahaha!

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Hello, Frost, buddy ol' pal ol' long time compadre. Anselm, this is a fellow you've roleplayed with who plays a particularly robotic robo-buddy. I caught you a year or so ago and we kinda learned a bit of the game together. I haven't seen you around much since then, I guess our playing habits just changed and we were never playing at the same time. 

Regardless I loved playing with Frost when I did and that borgo always went out of his way to teach new players and get some decent roleplay in before doing any gnarly deeds.

You'd probably know me by NT-A 486 if you recall. Again, glad to see you around and high praise from what I recall. If i had any advice, it's that you don't become jaded. Try to get back in touch, try to do what Frost did then and teach some newbies how to do the SM/Atmos. I loved that.

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