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  1. Reporting Personnel: Nathan Corvo Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain Game ID: b2c-au22 Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - CCIAA Tyler McKinney - Offender - CCIAA Lauren Verdell - Offender - C/Tpr. Valence Time of Incident: Real Time: 7/12/19. 12:40 AM EST Location of Incident: ODIN Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [X] - Harassment [X] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: Mr. McKinney had business aboard the Aurora today. While he was there, a crazed miner, armed with ballistic weaponry and a modified Kinetic Accelerator, attacked several members of the crew, including myself and CE Oliver Roadman. Also, there were bomb threats and a suicidal employee named Violet Valentina threatening to detonate herself, with no clear demands that we could understand. Though there was no head of security present, security was able to drive off the crazed attacker on multiple occasions, and the situation was already underway at the time of my arrival at 45 minutes into the shift. At no point did Mr. McKinney make it apparent that he was under duress during his visit, nor make command aware of any issue that he felt was not being handled correctly. I was told that Mr. McKinney would like to speak with me upon docking with the ODIN. I was met trying to exit the shuttle by Mr. McKinney who slapped me in the face, telling me to "keep the station under control next time." After this, I informed him that I would have to file an IR, he offered no further explanation or discourse other than to ordering C/Tpr. Valence to slap me as well, which he did. CCIA Lauren Verdell also chose to slap me with her glove, and then with her hand, telling me that she thought this was acceptable because "She has a very big brain." This unprofessional and rude conduct was done in plain view of several Aurora crewmembers. This is not how the CCIA should operate, and is an embarrassment to NT. Being that 1) I mobilized security to deal with both of these threats, and security was successful in containing the threats to a reasonable level. 2) The situation on the station was never out of control, with the attacker being held at bay and only causing minor damage to the station. 3) Corporal punishment and striking coworkers is unprofessional and abusive, and in no way allowed in corporate regulations... I would like to see CCIA McKinney and CCIA Lauren Verdell suspended and reprimanded, and C/Tpr Valence as well, though they may have just been following orders. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: No, it involved a CCIA, so, this seems to be the only channel. Actions taken: This incident took place at the very end of the shift, no action was taken. Additional Notes: I am normally quite happy to resolve any issues with my management of the station in real-time as they are happening, or via any other open channel of communications. My initial instinct was to retaliate against Mr. McKinney physically, and I am sure that had I done that, I would be in a great deal of trouble. I believe that Mr. McKinney, and the others named, may be trying to bait someone into making the mistake of fighting them in order to get them fired or punished otherwise. Let's clean up the CCIA's behavior and show some professionalism.
  2. Good night, my dude, I was afk! Sorry! ❤️
  3. Just played a good round with Joseph Lock and the player demonstrated a good understanding of regulations, RP, and seems to have a solid backstory, etc. Playing a character actually interested in moving up the chain of command and doing the research and talking to command beforehand is a very classy move. Having played plenty of rounds missing heads, I'd love to see him get a swing at it and I hope he will try for a few Interim HoS rounds to get a taste for the job while this app is being reviewed, etc. From me, it's a big +1.
  4. I have always enjoyed playing with FROST and consider it one of the best borgs on the station for a long time, now. I've got no criticisms whatsoever. Keep it up :).
  5. I just want to re-iterate, in case I haven't said it in public, that this is the best SS13 cosplay of all time and I still love it. 100%. 110% for the 3D print.
  6. +1. Avery has been here a while and I always have good interactions with them.
  7. I'm not even in the "circle" as I don't play Tajara, but, I do have to say they are my favorite xeno players on Aurora at the moment and give a quick tip of the hat to say thanks for that to them. Keep it up .
  8. It's a very easy +1 from me for what it's worth, Erin is one of my favorite characters and after my first real encounter with Rosh today I'm sold. Player is good candy. +10.
  9. I'll be brief: Bauser is 100% spot on in both of his posts above. Willow has friends aboard the station, just like you might have at your actual workplace. Someone who you might stick your neck out a little bit extra if something bad were to happen there. Sometimes even when you're wrong. That's interesting roleplay, IMO. I've never seen her straight up trash an antagonist in an unrealistic way or "play the hero" any more than performing the most basic functions of "drag a hurt person to medbay" or "administer emergency first aid" and on many, many of the occasions of antagonists attacking the station, I've seen her fear RP result in hiding somewhere and barricading herself in to keep herself hidden and safe, doing little more than offering other people a place to hide from the danger, which is highly realistic fear RP if you ask me. I think all of the problems here could and should be resolved in a completely positive IC manner, with no need for administrative action OOC of any sort. Just my 2 cents. Bauser said it best, though.
  10. 1) Fact: You do not know what I document. 2) Fact: You do not know the extent of what I document. 3) Fact: Documenting people's public behavior is not against any rule. 4) Fact: Informing people that you are keeping receipts for the shitty things they say to you just after they've said them is also not against any rule. 5) Fact: Most of what I have on record is ALSO on record in the discord, in round logs, and in other places, anyway. 6) Fact: I decide what is WORTHY OF NOTE for me to record in my own personal audit logs. Not you. If a character brings me a tea and has an interesting conversation with me, I might note it. If a player calls me a lying shithead and has an emotional outburst at me... I might note it. I might not. It's none of your business unless I tell you about it. Your assumptions are mostly wrong about what I even record, I promise, and that's not really your business either so, consider that a gift. If someone threatens to murder your character in a canon round, and then they later follow through on that threat for anything other than the most amazing IC reasons, I would see that as grounds for requesting a permanent ban. I'm sorry you disagree. I'm sorry that you take my note-taking as some kind of threat or something entirely negative when I've clearly explained that it isn't. If you don't want to talk about what I keep in my own personal records, then you, and Paradox, should stop bringing it up, because I have no intention of "rubbing it in" anyone's "face" that I keep such records. I think it's pretty lame that you came here with this little hit-piece over pretty much nothing, and spent all that time making screenshots, and posting them OUT OF CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER in order to paint the most negative picture of me, possible. Honestly, I think that kind of behavior is worth a permanent ban, but, it lines up with your previous vendetta-seeking behavior and grudge-holding/misrepresenting the facts to weaponize the administration in your favor, so, I highly doubt any serious note will be taken of it. It's at the very least an epic waste of all of our time. And in closing, the information I choose to keep is my own business except for where I've explicitly let it be known otherwise (which has only been done in response to actions that warranted it, or questions regarding what I keep.)
  11. Sorry for the double-post, but, on a second read of all of this, it *does* seem a little like at least a couple of players here *do* kinda have a meta-grudge thing against me going. Schev probably because I chimed in on what a terrible mod he was, and Paradox probably because I called some of his nearly 30 characters throwaway (which I admit was in bad form, they might actually all be of HRP quality for all I know - my only IC interactions with him that I know about have been poorish, though).
  12. 1) Resilynn pretty much nailed what I was going to say. 2) Re-read that discord. Did I say anything *really* all that bad by comparison to the standard, playful back and forth that goes on there? Really? ... really? 3) I keep a log because: a) I have a bad memory. b) I interact with a lot of characters, and I like to be able to play my characters as though they are mindful of the things that others have told them that are too numerous for me to understand. c) My name/discord ID pops up a lot in the various discords/etc that I'm in. If I didn't keep a record of the stuff people say to me, I'd have to search for it every time to remember who is who... especially when people are switching their discord nicknames frequently because omg that's hilarious. d) Believe it or not, I keep track of other things, too... nice things players have said about me, things to remember about other players like where they are from, which characters like tea as opposed to coffee so I can show up with the right drink to initiate conversation, etc, and up to date information about relations and relationships between characters (who is whose sister/brother, who is dating, etc). I just happen to extend it with OOC info when appropriate for my purposes. Let's take a look at some of the claims here: 1) Schev says: "This is not simple record-keeping. This is a community member that writes down every single detail to interactions with other players and their characters and proudly admits having it catalogued." "JKJudge literally keeps every single player he's had interactions with in an excel document and counts the amount of negative interactions he's had, and also documents all of their characters. He's admitted to this in the past." Response: No. It's simple record keeping. I only jot down the things that are worthy of note, which is not even 1% of what is directed towards me. Also, "literally", "every single"... "admitted" - that's some emotional, weighted language, man. I'm not "admitting" to it. I'm "Describing" it. There's no confession or reluctance here. I keep a log. I've not been told I'm not allowed to, and, because I've been warned about telling people about it, I don't even bring it up, and have only brought it up organically on one occasion, which I'll discuss later. Paradox, Schev, and Sam, are 3 people with less-than-stellar records of interacting with others in discord, in game, and in OOC, so, it isn't really surprising that they'd be upset by someone quietly jotting down their treatment of others. 2) Schev, again: "Rubbing it in people's face that you have an audit log and special notes for specific community members while making veiled threats is a disgustingly toxic way to go about this." - I brought up the audit log on one occasion a long time ago shortly after needing to reference it for something (which I think was the second "joke" that Paradox made about killing my character in a canon round even after I'd asked him not to joke about that because it made me feel like not playing - and is highly a part of the reason you won't see any of my characters in canon rounds, since). People asked questions about it, I answered them. They got more and more upset about this ... apparently unreasonable behavior... and blew it out of proportion from being a simple list of things I'm keeping an eye on into some kind of book of sin that encompasses all of the activities they've ever taken in real life and in game. If you read the ... LOG ... that was taken of discord you'll see that in my responses I'm pretty much avoiding talking about the audit log because I don't want to trigger anyone. 3) Chada this time: "What I think is that JKJudge needs to just calm down and stop reacting violently to harmless jokes. " - violently? I'm afraid I just don't see "violently" in there. I see jokes thrown back at jokes, and then feelings apparently inflamed enough to come sprinting to the forums with a relatively empty complaint bomb. Why did this happen? I came into discord to see Paradox telling someone to delete their character because he didn't like how they looked ... cape, colors, etc... (he was joking, I'm sure)... so, I jokingly chimed in with "Yay, toxicity"... which for some reason was taken super-seriously, as though I was on a cocaine fueled rampage, hammering my keys through the keyboard with unbridled rage, even though from my perspective I was only half-paying attention and sort of randomly joking around. I was then accused of not being able to handle banter, and, well, to be 100% blunt, it looks like my subsequent banter struck some chords with some people, because I was just playin'. It's probably no secret that Schev and I have had our differences. Even while he was a mod, which pretty much caused me to step away until that crashed and burned, we had difficulties. I'd kinda prefer if the guy just put me on ignore and left me alone, but, here we are again for some ridiculous, hard to understand, somewhat creepy and unsettling reason. And I'll be 100% honest, I think Paradox is *actually* highly toxic in discord, but, I was joking when I said yay, toxicity above because I hadn't even realized it was paradox yet since his name had (yet again) changed since the last time I interacted with him (I had him on ignore for a while, too). Anyway, sorry if I hurt your feelings, that wasn't my intention, but maybe my banter was a little rough? (I'd need convincing of that to be 100% honest, but, I offer the apology all the same). I will lessen my interactions in discord, especially with those noted here. Let me know if you need further reply.
  13. So, gamemode or random event... I searched the forums for a "zombie" mode suggestion and didn't find anything, so, I figured I'd give it a quick go... I'd like to see a mode or event where someone becomes a zombie that can bite people and they turn into zombies 5-10 minutes later or upon death. They should be slow, but really hard to kill with energy weapons, but a bullet or knife to the brain does the trick? They should be able to eventually beat down airlocks, but unable to use tools or weapons, and should occasionally get back up after being "killed". Munching on a downed victim or raw meat/body parts could make them a little faster for a short time, and after extended feeding should gib the victim for that sweet oldschool gut-munching gore effect (but prevent re-animation of this guy)... but this should require multiple feedings and not something that one zombie does to a victim - a way of stopping it from spreading too fast. Too much zombie blood getting on you maybe has a chance to convert you or something to prevent too much anti-zombie melee heroism. Maybe throw in a couple of zombie abilities like a short sprint for a few squares, or a special grab that's a bit harder to get out of than normal. I dunno, I haven't thought too much into it so if anybody has any cool ideas for making this more workable within SS13, it's something I'd like to see happen from time to time, as I feel like Aurora is a great place for a zombie apocalypse scenario with all the maintenance and corridors and places for zombies to hide, and the HRP would create some pretty good zombie-movie inspired drama, "No, I wasn't bitten, I swear, let me in!" and "The ERT is killing everyone and/or setting off the nuke omg". I'm suggesting this because it seems like the rotation could use a little something extra, as we seem to hit certain low-involvement modes a bit too frequently. I recognize that it would be a little heavy on development side, as there would have to be some spriting done or something so we could see who was a zombie.
  14. On many rounds, command is pretty thinly staffed and lonely. It's not so bad to have someone else in the entire bridge area when playing solo. Especially now that it's large and off to the side. On the Exodus, the bridge and captain/HOP office being centrally located made shoft-staffed command not so dreadfully lonely.
  15. I played this round and was involved with the antag... I'm not saying the antag did anything wrong, they actually did a good job of RPing a gimmick and such, but, ninja played a certain way is virtually unstoppable and has pretty high grief potential (it's one-shot to cut off someone's foot and cripple them] Tajaran ninjas are fast and the player knew the station and how to play ninja very, very well. There was no time for calling ERTs, Escape Shuttles (one was called and recalled), or setting traps, because everyone's feet or heads were off before it was understood that the "intruder" was exceptionally violent/on the attack. If I had ordered security to make ready with ions and lethals from the instant we saw the first teleportation, that would have been unsatisfying and meta as well. I feel like in this scenario, a sneak-attack of this sort was appropriate and just about the only thing that could have brought it to a close outside of the entire station surrendering to one ninja. In this case, Resi used a very overpowered technique against a very overpowered antagonist (and I think it was fair) LONG after the antagonist had dragged the station through over an hour of "amputation/murder teleport hide and seek", and I'm sure everyone was very tired of it after the first 20 minutes. If it's "meta" to load a hypospray with KO chems for defending medbay, then it's "meta" to take advantage of the e-sword chopping off feet mechanic, too. It's not like Fernando didn't have a clear heads up that there was a murderer running around cutting off feet and heads in rapid succession to prepare for the situation, and, it's not like Fernando specifically came after the ninja and did this. They were in medbay, surrounded by the corpses and cut off limbs of their victims. I'd have a pretty big issue with this if it happened at the very beginning of an antag's round, but, after an antag has demonstrated that they are going to use the most direct, brutal, nigh-unstoppable tactics to get what they want for so long, an in-kind answer should not be off of the table for the crew. Especially with nerfing to armory content and other crew defensive capabilities. It may be a "cheap way to end the round" but, the round was full of cheap round-endings for other players at this point, and the time had come. So in closing: 1) The round was fun, but had run its course - pretty sure nobody but the ninja enjoys teleport murder-tag. 2) Resi acted reasonably, IMO, this was in no way validhunting given the heads up and level of danger the ninja had caused, and since all other viable responses had been pre-empted/canceled. 3) Some balance issues showed themselves here: e-sword vs feet/overall damage too high, chemicals in hypospray maybe too quick to apply.
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