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  1. My only response to what omicega says is that I did not go out of my way to help with investigations that round, I only simply brought them a body after visiting medical and tried to give them a time of discovery as I was the one that found the body. Any and all additional details or things related were found or learned by the security department themselves in the round in question and were fully autonomous from myself outside of this singular event I took part in, The other "security issue" I can really think of that round I had a hand in was the cleaning bot reported to be broken. However, you also responded to this in that round, but that was not a security issue, that is a robotics issue of which I soon therefore brought it back to robotics for them to repair as was my right as a research module. The body in question was also from inside my department. I had not responded to anything else security wise. However, I did at one point sit around in their lobby speaking with crew members as I do infact know a lot of them ICly / commonly see them arguably more than other departmental players, but at that time any tasks I would have had in research were already being handled and / or I was not being requested.
  2. Awesome item knowing Kathira, fits perfectly with her backstory and constant paperwork as an investigator. Would be a wonderful RP tool and pretty unique of an item to request in general. +1
  3. @WickedCybs I dont see how anything of that applies then. I dont even know what what you're saying I facilitated as that makes even less sense than before. You didnt see me grant access? Then It didnt happen, I have said I didnt, and nobody seems to have seen anything beyond me chasing kathira around. Thats not a rule violation. I have been told these things violate rules, but I have yet to be told what, why and explained as to why it is, rules by design are not for interpretation as then that allows you as the admin to selectively choose what a rule means and what it doesnt mean and stretch them to mean this or that. That is unprofessional and is corruption. Station bounds do not fit properly under the rule quoted because of the way they are designed, futhermore, my behavior as "Shadowing" someone is common amongst several other stationbound players whom I play with even at the same time / rounds as myself and never been bwoinked or heard of them bwoinked. I view this as selective administration amongst admins which is basically corruption at its finest. To shadow someone is to "Follow them and do their job" I.E. Job shadowing IRL. which I will not deny that I do respond alongside some people given the type of situation reported and will assist them, but I do not steal their job, nor do I force myself on them to do it for them and I let them do the work as has been testified by two players. If I "Force" myself to assist it is typically a medical emergency with an EMT trying to stop them from dying as something is forgotten such as inaprovaline or improper bandaging of a bleeding limb. Keeping people in the round is my personal goal. But I have given you all of my original reasonings in my previous posts. Please refer to them at this point for clarrification It is not my fault you do not read your own guides. It states quite literally "As a non-traitor AI/Cyborg, it is your duty to help protect and operate the ship/station." It says NOTHING about sticking to your own module. To me it says to help operate the STATION not just where your module lies, and my laws state nothing otherwise. Regardless of the fact that it is not maintained, it is still referenced in the server rules, if it was not valid information then it should not have been linked. I just want a resolution that I hoped to get, but instead I have things unrelated to my ban besides evidence that I have un-ending assistance to the station, which is what a stationbound is intended to do. If it wasnt, why does law 2 say this, and if its against the rules to do what I do, why does law 2 violate the rules? I cannot violate my laws otherwise that violates rules. I have been introuble for both. So which is it? I cant do one and I cant do the other. I dont know what you want me to do. Look, this complaint has dragged on two days. I just want it resolved. I have given a reason and/or answer for just about everything thus far. At this point it is an argument and not even remotely a complaint. If you think that this is a personal attack just because I was banned you are seriously mistaken as I do not seek matt to be punished I just want my ban removed. But I see at this point nothing but pettiness. I have nothing more to say as its already been said, mentioned, or hinted at 2-3 times already by myself or admins and is thus pointless. What more do you ask of me? What beyond supposedly this singular minor rule violation have I supposedly committed to warrant a ban? I have been banned for literally doing my job too well. Please, can I just get a ending statement, response, or something from a head admin as once again this divulged into something other than a complaint. I rest my case as this is beginning to be petty. I have spoken to several players about this entire thread who shall not be named as some fearing administrative retaliation and have declined to comment. Most are not happy about this and agree or wish for the rule to clarrify.
  4. If this is referring to facilitating the comms, then... no.. I wasnt facilitating any communications. I also wasn't aware of this until after the round was over. But I had assumed PDA contact was involved in all portions. However, I did not grant access to the bridge. Once again there were several other people who walked into the bridge, we walked in with the group when the people in danger were sent off in the research shuttle "to be saved." This is one of the parts where we were surrounded by the current command team and non of them asked us to leave. Kathira never became her own investigator. Outside of this, we were sheltering in research or speaking with others in medical on trying to find a safe place to hide crew. Beyond that, while in the bridge, the captain was given information about what happened earlier with the tups as she was directly involved in one of the kidnappings by witnessing (and even having a recording) of it. There were IC justifications for everything and if I have to give you a reason for everything in question, I will. The fact I was monitored through-out the round ontop of our contact with command several times should have ended up with it being handled ICly, but I was never contacted. I'll be out of home for a while today so I cant respond much for a while The event in question also is not the round this ban took place, the only thing in question about this event regarding my ban is purely that I "Excessively shadow others"
  5. @MattAtlas I understand ceasing to respond, but I have given you an answer for everything I have done thats been said I did thus far and the reasons behind them. I'm trying to leave as little gaps as possible. My entire point of this complaint was simply that if the rules do not clarrify this for stationbounds who are a tad different than your average job and in a way do not fit said rule, this shouldnt have been even a note. Not even my note about responding to a medical emergency as a medical module alongside of an EMT should not have been a thing if me sticking to my module is the problem, but this is for another complaint and is irrelevant for this current one. Furthermore, apologies, at this point this is dragging on, why was @DeskerBecauseILostMyAccoun's post (wouldnt automaticly populate the name) deleted if sue was asked to respond to prove the consistent behavior, I asked desker to respond for the same reasoning of my consistent behavior, even if the result wasn't fully in my favor.
  6. We were following hot on the trail of the investigator that round who was running around essentially trying to get themselves killed in revenge after the tups. Kathira was in constant contact with command that event. Kathira was also the only other one who could have stopped them from killing themselves for two reasons. They were a friend of said person, and they were also incontact with security. If allowing someone into maintenance tunnels is wrong even if the situation permits otherwise, then cyborgs shouldnt be allowed to let even security into the maintenance tunnels for any reason as they do not have inherent access either. This witness is somewhat irrelevant. My reasoning behind why is because unless this person is kathira themselves, this is nothing more than a recollection of information strictly from a soundless video source with absolutely no interaction messages or anything beyond strictly visuals. as all that was seen on my end is my camera from a monitoring console. Not what was said to who, not why things were done or what even happened beyond what was seen in my camera for myself. I dont even think I came into contact with whomever this was in the round on an IC basis Pda or otherwise. Nor was I asked to stop despite obvious and clearly stated monitoring, Not by my secret watcher, not by the captain who we met up with, not by the CMO who we spoke to, not by any member of command or crew we came in contact with. We were surrounded by the near entirety of command at two points and not a single soul that round had asked or even mentioned why/what me and kathira were doing being where we were ICly or otherwise in that round until now. Not even a bwoink despite our obvious involvements with certain parts of the event that I can almost guarantee an admin or two were or at least would have been watching. Additionally. With me and kathira in the maintenance tunnels, kathira was following rose through doors rose opened, not me. I opened a one or two just so they didnt get stuck in the tunnels but ultimately it was primarily them walking through open doors after rose. Tajaran are faster than humans and she kept pace. I lagged behind barely keeping up. Not me purely granting access. Kathira was ahead of me nearly the whole time.
  7. I looked at the suit sensors just to see if anyone was hurt and to see where everyone is on my internal computer and saw someone dying / dead. I immediately attempted to contact medical twice both times with no response, which is in the chat logs, and even walked into their lobby to find nobody sitting in their lobby, so I grabbed a bed. The person dying / dead was in my department: research, the scientist named cooper, and I would have had to retrieve them anyways as the elevator was stuck because cooper was in the doorway of the elevator not allowing it to move. Response time was critical and if medical wouldnt and didnt respond, I could, and did. I brought the body to medical and was still ignored (which to be frank I understand is hard to believe but, was true), not even questioned, about the body in my possession as I finally came across the staff nonchalantly sitting around a patient who didnt seem to be immediately dying. To medical's credit in the round, I didnt notify them that I had someone coming in immediately following their retrieval. But my presence with a body should have at least alerted them. This is simply untrue, and portrays a different scenario. Immediately following my retreival of the body and being ignored by medical, I got them into a body bag and then I brought it to security to be autopsied as I knew they were dead. (Sat on "Extrmely low oxygen" on suit sensors for over 3-4 minutes at this point. OOCly kinda knew they were dead.) And I "Followed" the investigators to their lab for two reasons. One, I was going to ask them for how they died or at least have it relayed to the research director, but this wasnt my priority at that second, and two, I was going to tell kathira when I found the body as the investigators needed it for their paperwork. After what happened in the lab, I left, and never came back. I didnt even bother security after this again, I did not stalk them. I "followed" the invesigators around for a total of maybe 3-4 minutes. The IPC invetigator in the round told me to leave, which I failed to immediately see because at this time I was searching through the chat logs to see approximately when I found the body, as I immediately examined it and took a pulse count at the time to confirm a status. No pulse. and it wasnt until I visually saw kathira's chat bubbles telling me the "other invesitgator wished for me to leave." The one investigator wanted me to leave, but this is not the first time i've spoken with kathira or helped her in the lab. I am generally accepted by kathira there, both did not wish for me to leave. I failed to leave immediately because I was busy telling them the time of discovery / death. After realizing, I left immediately, and once again, never came back. The events that happened that round were legitimately one after another. Beyond this that round the only thing I actually responded to was a blob, and brought the engineers an emitter, and a cleaning bot broke down and I retrieved it for robotics. I did nothing else that round, I sat there generally roaming around being bored or spoke / interacted with crew. RnD didnt need me, robotics already had two roboticist and everyone knows robotics doesnt get enough "work" to go around anyways, and people in RnD tend to prefer to do it themselves. I am not going to interrupt their work or steal it.
  8. I understand that rule 100% if it was any other type of character, because of training / education / jobs and the likes why would anyone other than the respective person in that job respond to something, its not their goal ICly, nor would they generally know how to do so. It fits perfectly with every type character besides stationbounds because a statinbound's goals are their laws, and they dont have "personal goals" unless they have no laws; which unless they were a tator / subverted by an antag it does not apply. Even if they had no laws, their own goals are their literal own choices then as the player and can do what they want as long as it isnt literal murderbone. Cyborgs are supposed to generally understand most jobs and their goals are their laws, and the normal law two states to assist your assigned crew to the best of your ability. Therefore, one of my character's goals is to assist the crew to the best of my ability. They're basically super assistants with access. Stationbound's goals change with their laws, their laws do not change with their goals. They are required to assist because that is their goal, all it takes is for someone to say "go away i've got this" and the stationbound's goal of listening to crew therefore requires it to leave otherwise it violates law two, and thats all that has to happen. In all of the times I have assisted someone, I am often not told to leave, so unless my current module's job demands otherwise, I generally stick around until told otherwise, which is not very often I get told to leave. In my opinion, if this applies to stationbounds then it needs to be clarified because this is a legit IC issue otherwise. A stationbound has no other goals other than their lawset. The player may interpret and do things differently than the next player, but generally above all they are still required to do what their laws state they need to do, and that is their ultimate goal. I should not receive a job ban when the rule is not clarified for this.
  9. BYOND Key: anselmkonrad Staff BYOND Key: mattatlas Game ID: cc7-cx9R (I believe is the right one, if not the one before or after) Evidence/logs/etc: Server rules / Stationbound law 2: Serve and assist NanoTrasen and assigned crew to the best of your ability, with priority as according to their rank and role. Additional remarks: I know players who can back me up in some of what I am saying, but unless asked I will not state who, because I don't know if that is allowed on staff complaints. Responses will at least initially be slow, I finished typing this as I was going to bed, sorry. 2021-07-19 21:09:34 Banned from pAI, AI, Cyborg - Excessively shadowing others and responding to issues that you should not be responding to with your module. Please stick to your module's job unless necessary. Don't try to help everywhere at all costs unless asked to. I am contesting this staff action because after some time to sit and think about it. It makes somewhat no sense rule wise and was 100% justified ICly, I had thought but failed to communicate this in my ticket, and I feel this is an invalid reason for a job ban or even a note, regardless of my history. I will dissect my reasonings portion per portion for this ban, please ask questions for further details and reasonings of why I do what, i tried to minimize details simply to keep the post small First and foremost: "Excessively shadowing others" I see this not only common from other stationbounds but this is to my knowledge not even against rules, I stick around some characters for various reasons ICly but not for a lack of one. "Responding to issues that you should not be responding to with your module." This was not a rule from what I saw, and when I have the capacity to help in certain situations, assuming my current module's job is handled or sufficiently staffed for it, I have the ability to help solve some situations such as access for security, or helping move multiple casualties with an EMT. or dragging something for engineering. When my job is done, assistance is rendered where I can when I can, even if it is just dragging an item for someone or opening a door. It helps the other players out and ensures whomever can get the task done successfully, as my lawset asks me to do so. "Please stick to your module's job unless necessary. Dont try to help everywhere at all costs unless asked to." This is not against the rules from what I looked at. If I am needed in my job I stick to my job, but often a job I pick I will get done quickly because I know how to do it quickly and/or will be staffed and I will not needed as I try to let players do things themselves beyond me helping/teaching and assist where needed. To also add onto this, I am often asked by players to help them out because of my ICly reliability, I cannot help responding when I am either: asked, or the situation warrants a response from me in general. If I know crew are dying or have the fair risk of dying (outside of the medical bay) I am going to be present if I am not already occupied with my job and minimize casualties if I can help it as my lawset practically asks me to do so.
  10. +1 from me. I've met a couple of your characters, even if only briefly. Did all of them well. I especially enjoy walking up to bob and messing with him a bit.
  11. @Chada1 I do remember you! Don't feel as though I don't. Truthfully I always enjoyed playing with NT since he was kind a more-so get it done type of bot from what I remember.
  12. I play a cyborg by the name of FROST. I have not been nearly as active as I'd like in the past but I've been beginning to feel as though I've lost my touch. I've been playing for a while and wanted to see if there were things that I could improve on. I'm open for suggestions, criticism, hate, and the likes.
  13. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: AnselmKonrad Character Name(s): Merlan Calloway(Human) FROST(Cyborg) AI Name(s): Random name Preferred means of contact: Skype, Gmail, Discord, Any other methods requested and/or needed can be also used. Age: 17 Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Indiana (East) When are you on Aurora?: On weekends I can be on maybe 10AM - 3PM and later in the day 9PM - varies. On school days I can be on at 3PM - 6PM and later at 9PM-varies Experience How long have you played SS13?: Almost a year. How long have you played on Aurora: About two months, give or take. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: A basic understanding Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Yes, twice in Yogstation. Both for silicon reasons; I don't remember specific details but I was not able to handle the ASIMOV lawset they have as standard for cyborgs there, too strict. First one being two days, the second being three. Personality Why do you play SS13?: I love the sheer complexity of the game despite it being only 2d. For example repairing windows and rooms isn't just simply place an item like most games. It's place the frame or window and construct it by hand, whilst making sure you dont vent the surrounding rooms into space and/or get sucked into space yourself. Why do you play on Aurora?: I came here looking for a server that has stability and non-chaotic shifts unlike yogstation or goon. The heavy RP aspect of this server appealed to me as well and I see quite a few ways some people go on about RP that amuse me. What do moderators do?: Somewhat the same thing as an admin would: Server administration. Technically the only difference between admin and mod is just mod has less permissions than an admin would have, but generally a moderator does the same as an admin would. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: It means a position of responsibility and trust that you will enforce rules (granted a few levies for rules in specific situations) and make sure the round is fun and fair for all. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I became aware the server needed more mods and decided maybe this might be a good choice for me and the rest of the server. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: In the case of conflicting ahelps I prefer to listen to both sides and/or ask possible witnesses as well as stay without bias. I'm an open minded person when it comes to new things and such. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Insults?.. It's a game, why get angry about it or other players to be honest. Can I get upset? Sure, just might take a while for me. I can handle anger fairly well and I can say the same for insults. Stress may be the only slight issue but mainly in very chaotic situations. Anything Else You Want to Add: If I ever need to know something or what to do about something i'm more than willing to consult an admin or mod on advise if I can.
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