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Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Dick_Size_Horse

Total Ban Length: 3 days

Banning staff member's Key: Bakagaijin

Reason of Ban:Was Making a welding fuel bomb, claimed to be "new at this" and was just wanting to test it out to see if it works.

Reason for Appeal: I was not intending to use it, as stated. I was just wanting to make sure that this server had the option to add stuff like that. I wish that the admin would have talked to me more whenever I asked him why it was a three day ban, and I didn't understand why they were not responding to my last replies before the ban. I earnestly just wanted to play on a baystation code rather than what the other ss13 servers have. Again I was not sure if baystation had the feature on it.

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Yes, I banned you for three days for making a welding tank bomb. You said you wanted to test features, but there are other ways of going about this, like asking us if it's possible to do so, or even making your own server to play test on, not doing so on a heavy roleplaying server. You literally just joined and made a beeline to the primary tool storage to make a welding tank bomb. TishinaStalker also witnessed what you were doing, and admitted that something was suspicious about what you were doing in msay.

You had absolutely no reason to make a welding tank bomb. You were a non-antag assistant.

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Baka is right. Consider the following on what we saw:


  • Assistant joins

    Assistant has the ckey "Dick_Size_Horse"

    Assistant runs straight into Primary Tool Storage

    Assistant makes signaller + igniter assembly

    Assistant walks to the welding tank

    Assistant puts assembly on welding tank


In anybody's eyes this seems less like "testing mechanics", led us to not believe your excuse, caused us to believe you were intentionally going to grief, and action was taken.

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