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Character Feedback: Rowan Fortune / Moth / Sybil / Sunny / Others

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10/19: Edited for characters I'm back to playing.

Rowan's the cargo tech dreg that helped kickstart the trend of dregs being incomprehensible. 

Moth is my stationbound. It enjoys lights and calls roboticists mom.

Other characters I play frequently:
Sunny (Sikaevi Suhn'Krashzkrikh) - Ouerean detective who's been around the longest of my cast. 

Autumn Peachwell - Frontier miner with a heart of gold, drawl of molasses, and love of industrial mechs.

Sybil Albatross - Part time CE, part time teacher, loves her quirky students and workers, and has pride in Republic of Biesel

Moxie Maksell - Cave Johnson inspired roboticist who's only love is science

All feedback is appreciated as I try to improve. Thanks.

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oh this thread has posts. updating characters
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Guest BoxWulf

I just love Moth so much. 

sorry, that wasn’t really a review. 

Moth is one of the few Stationbounds that I genuinely enjoy seeing on station. They do their job, they’re quirky, and genuinely act like a synthetic. Before I knew you OOCly, I kind of assumed Moth was an NPC LOL!

You play the stationbound role so well! I’m actually a little jealous... But very impressed!

edit: this post is important because Moth needs more recognition. 

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Moth is the best station bound 2019
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i love rowan!! so much. she's a great dreg that actually prompted me to read lore on eridani.

a good character background incorporating lore is something where you meet a character who shows distinct traits, but isn't just a stereotype. someone who is just strange enough to make you wonder, "where are they from?" and read about it. it's not, "oh, martians are just like that" and move along.

rowan is good character background: she prompted me to read up on eridani lore when i didn't even know it existed.

a neat interaction when i was playing an EPMC named goose occured: someone called me a dreg, and i told them as pompously as i could that i live on the second floor of my apartment.

that kind of quip wouldn't be funny without lore to back it up, and i thank rowe for that.

background aside, she's a pleasure to have in cargo: always doing what needs to get done, and getting into just enough trouble for me to stress out as a QM. and i don't mean typical cargo tech powergaming; rowe does things that are mischievous, and importantly: believable.

there were a few rounds where i played Gonzalez's mom, and she was paid off by Fernando to keep me busy. she sat with me in the bar, scammed me real good and ran off laughing. it was the best i've ever seen someone present their shady background skills.

all in all rowe is a solid 10/10. she's great and i love her.

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