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  1. i will gladly take any medical system named after me, so +1 jk, fr tho, i fully support this. maybe let's not touch cloning (especially since a lot of us are gonna die when doctors have to relearn everything they know) and just save that discussion for its own thread as nantei said. that aside, i am seriously hyped for brainmed because it's just inherently a much more realistic and sane system.
  2. holy shit these sprites look tight i'ma drop my +1 in here; i've seen Sec with some lenience doled out in meager portion in regards to uniform policy before, and this is no different. with as much back story as this has, i'm convinced there's a solid case to be made here.
  3. red sweatervest!!!!!!!!!!!! literally color it red and chop the sleeves off, and give them a dress shirt underneath so it seems like the actual loadout would be: khaki pants+dress shirt accessory attached, with sweatervest in the suit slot. the rest: i really like these, especially the gardener getting overalls now.
  4. heartily agree, i like this idea. i like the ones where it might be easy to mistake an off-station antag for someone else, but going further than that into "Preston Prestoff, raider," territory is definitely iffy and easy to mishandle. there was one round in particular, a usual character was a raider, and i didn't even know. i actually thought they were just visitor. well, technically, they were visiting the station, but y'know. it's fun and neat when people play with darkest timeline interpretations of their characters; but even then you can at least tell it's not straight up literally the same guy you had a drink with the day before. long winded reply really just to say: default rule is no, but plead your case first to at LEAST get some good direction on it from an admin to make sure conflict isn't isolated to your own clique and the round is fun for everyone.
  5. you wanted less doomguy, i brought less doomguy: so the changes here keep the not dad space visor, but the visor change has still radically changed. it's more reminiscent of NT's combat RIG than their newer security RIGs. why is this? well, 1- dead spice visor designs aren't looking too well here, they just don't look good no matter how i do em. they don't look mean enough? i know that's edgy and tryhard, but so is a literal death squad, so... 2- i'm not so sure if such a team existed, NT would want their fingerprints all over the design language. remember, HAPT is basically deaf squid. they're the sort of thing you'd nervously joke about, hoping the captain would just laugh it off and assure you they don't exist, but instead, you're met with a sudden, alarmingly serious look that reminds you: if they did exist, you'd never want to find out. i've changed also, the chestplate, shoulders and back collar of the suit. i added some structure to the chestplate for less doomguy, the shoulders have been lowered, for less doomguy, and i've added glowy lights everywhere to remind everyone how sci-fi this is. they really bring out the suit's shape. speaking of shape, and in regards to the human silhouette: here we can see an updated comparison, not only of the silhouettes of the suits, but also how they fit onto a human sprite. yes, the current suit fits the silhouette much more closely, but you've really gotta consider: is that necessarily a good thing for a suit of power armor? take a glance at the two people in this image above and tell me which one is wearing an advanced combat exoskeleton designed to let them crush someone's skull in their hands or keep standing after 30 cuts with an energy sword. the current HAPT suit, with all big-ass helmet complaints aside, just looks like... any other suit. it could even be mistaken for the old roboticist's jumpsuit.
  6. HAPT sprites aren't exactly the sort of scary deathsquad thing we're supposed to fear or doubt even exists. here's my list of gripes: * big, big, bIG BIG BIG BIG helmet. what's supposed to fit in all that helmet?! * for such a giant helmet, the actual suit itself has no bulk at all compared to the standard spaceman silhouette. you end up with this ugly, chibi-looking guy. * i see virtually no structure to these sprites at all. no shapes or anything. it's just... a mess of stripes and giant splotches of red on the legs. * did i mention the helmet is enormous? it's literally largest than the combat RIG, which is the bulkiest suit in the entire game. * it's an ugly, boring grey. here's what i did: * resprited from scratch, obviously. went for a doomguy kinda look, which is oddly reminiscent of the classic deathsquad look. * even though it looks very much like the old deathsquad, i'd at least like to think the colors and shading are leaps and bounds ahead. * the actual silhouette itself is actually pretty imposing or intimidating: old, new, in that order. i can't bring myself to feel any fear or intimidation from some circle head ass bighead lookin ass chibi SD looking ass guy. aaaaaaaaaand with that i have really nothing else to say other than i have a shitload of .dmi's if we all like this and want it implemented.
  7. can we just shift entirely to branded PDA's that have different sprites based, not on department, but just... well, y'know? like different makes and model of PDA? they're basically space cell phones and we could lean into that, with competing models of PDA that all look like the same rounded rectangle wildly different i get the whole ''it's a secure station and you can't communicate outside it'' but we could also justify that with ''the network that relays signals is private and bounced to the station only'' if we shift toward different styles of PDA, it'd provide so much more flexibility for spriters and players. that said, i do love these new sprites; especially with the updated colors
  8. holy shit this sounds legit so we don't have to be arsed to dig through the code (i'm on mobile) could ya post some example names? full support so far
  9. i've never interacted with natalie but she seems cool obvs jk even as a brand-new player you were very interested in the lore and RP from the very get-go and that set up such a strong foundation for an excellently done character. i really appreciate that nat can have all of this effort put into her character with such a subtle result; it's convincing and means that you really do have to get to know her to appreciate the depth of her character. that's realistic! that said, she's not above being a lovably dumb airhead - and that's something else you pull off so well. i've literally never had a character i can synergize with so well, except for maybe rich and schmidty. there's something i really appreciate about characters who aren't edgy space geniuses or edgy space veterans who still have effort put into real character development. as bear put it, your ability to roll with the consequences of whatever happens during a round is incredible and really shows that you're committed to contributing to an overarcing canon. nat and you both are excellent additions to the server and community here and i'm very glad you decided to get involved.
  10. solid agree on all points here. one thing to add: when you punish people for bad antag gimmicks, you are left with seasoned players who may be very good at what they do, like @Resilynn and @Ornias for example, and you are left with new players who don't know a lot about what they're doing/what the server finds cool, but you're also left with those who quit trying to drive conflict and end up being too afraid to hurt anyone or their feelings - then we have round after round of peace raiders and peace wizards that don't give the crew anything to work together against or even with. i'm not saying peace antags are bad entirely, but it's often rare that they provide meaningful conflict, against their character or otherwise. @Simon_the_miner did a fantastic peacewiz round a while ago on deadhour where he told people they had x number of days to live, and tried to help them find peace in their coming days- not as a threat, but as a mere message. i wish i saw more peace-antags like that, rather than, ''hey check out my cool powers,'' or ''hey we're just here to trade :)'' our number one issue is the sheer amount of salt that comes from fair kills, poor gimmick execution or even lack of involvement. that doesn't entirely fall on the antags; it's something we, as a community, need to understand: 1. as a crew fighting against the antag, we're likely to die. if you have a hyper-advanced cyborg assassin silently tracking your every move waiting to strike, you're likely to die, especially if they've told you you're a target and you put yourself in a vulnerable position. further escalation than that breaks realism for the sake of moustache-twirling. if you have a corrupt and malevolent AI that is capable of blowing up APC's, and you've seen shit blow up before, you really, really shouldn't be surprised when the one you're standing at blows up. generally, what i'm getting at is this: i hate seeing great rounds that everyone is praising in ooc only to wake up to a complaint thread posted about that antag the next day because their specific character died. sometimes we need to die to help drive the story. not everything is murderbone and our antags should be feared. 9/10 times if you're properly fear RPing, you wouldn't be painting the target on your forehead that got you killed in the first place. 2. we may not always be involved. antagging is tough work and we don't give the antags benefit of the doubt nearly enough, especially when we die. antags already spread themselves thin trying to involve a certain department, but asking for them to involve the entire crew is often a tall order. sometimes we need to accept that as a visitor or assistant, we're simply not important or involved enough to warrant an antag risking their round to rope us in. 3. as an antag, we're likely to die. that's the nature of how things go. if you're going up against one of the most advanced research stations in known space, you should expect the crew to be very capable of dealing with one guy in a gimp suit or one guy in fancy robes. you should fear security and command, you should not expect them to play along in every single case just because you have spooky sharp teeth and succed some guy dead in maintenance one time. if you approach a guy who's armed, they're probably going to shoot at you when you get closer to them, no matter how many times you emote. 4. if we want better antags, we need to put our salt aside when we have bad ones. you can't have good antags without having bad ones first. bad antags can get better, no antags will never get better. i often feel as a server we abhor conflict, which leads to the bad rounds like the OP described; they're not sure how to provide proper escalation and don't want to try anything new lest they get a player complaint. we get so angry over things that should make sense. captains getting bwoinked for wearing riot gear when they're under a consistent, clear and immediate threat, cargo ordering guns when Sec hasn't done jack to protect them the entire round from a terrifying blood cult, people being warned by assassins, ''you're next on my kill list,'' and then being 'ganked' when they say over comms, ''hey i'm going into surgery.'' there was one round in particular where a malf ai was saying some spooky shit - and it would've been easily stopped if it weren't for sec working with it. bear in mind here sec was mostly synthetic, aside from one human trying to appear compliant enough to live. it turned a 20 minute ''hey let's pull the plug on this ai'' round into two hours of serious, bloody and terrifying conflict. the one human in sec still got a complaint when they killed someone actively trying to harm them and their goal. even though this guy in sec helped the entire round, the anger came from ''they killed me and i didn't want to die.'' we have to be more willing to take one for the team. sytic said some great shit about being nicer to people: and with that, i also agree. if we're not a friendly community, nobody's going to try interacting with us.
  11. yellow with black stripes, like bruce lee or kill bill
  12. oh my god please let the stackers print this god please yes please
  13. oh lord no that's literally just the default white t-shirt or some approximation thereof. ignore it.
  14. fixed! also no you're doing a resprite, this is mostly a straight addition, cus variety doesn't hurt in terms of loadout stuff
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