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  1. this is very well done; my only question is: what was the cloning department there for on the aurora, in the first place- and why is it gone now, ICly? NT decided to try out cloning and got a cease and desist from ZH? NT was helping advance a particularly tricky part of research in exchange for stocks in ZH? there was a gas leak and we all had a bizarre mass hallucination, there never was any cloning done on the aurora?

    Remove Cargonia

    everything doxx has said has been truth, with very big agree energy. as a long-time QM player for several years on various servers including this one, i've experienced every single part of the spectrum from shitters to heaven-sent angels running the department and i can definitely say the issue is way more of a community and enforcement thing than a mechanical thing. about the quartermaster position: to say that QM adds nothing to a round is - well, it's fucky, and i struggle to agree with that. the rounds i've been QM and had the energy to deal with people's shitheadedness, it was an essential role to keep cargo running smoothly, with warehouse items being delivered, mining's resources being delivered, orders actually being taken- if you have a cargo crew who will listen, having a boss helps tremendously to keep everything in sync, and i am not here for the BS of just leaving it all to the head. i've had HoP's not even bother setting a single foot in cargo or service for entire rounds, i don't trust them to micromanage cargo the way it needs to be, and i definitely don't trust the cargo techs to manage everything themselves. i haven't played as much lately, and have actively avoided the QM role because of the shitheads in cargo tech positions who treat any authority figure like an untrustworthy jackass and skirt around their boss's line of sight to keep doing the same bullshit they've been doing. i know i'm not the only good QM who's been discouraged from playing because of this rampant shitlery- and when all the good ones quit, you're left with the bad ones that are being cited over and over here. my best rounds as QM have been spent peeling miner's guts off the asteroid or ordering equipment for the miners or teaching cargo techs how to do things the right way, but lately we haven't had a lot of people willing to engage in any of that, because they think the warehouse is a fucking candy shop and everything in there is theirs. because the good QM's don't want to put up with this, and don't have the energy to fight with three other people and get no support whatsoever from the established command positions (i've never had an HoP care about cargo techs being belligerent shitlords except once and that was over PDA), they're less likely to keep filling that slot, and we're left with the bad ones. the bad QM's certainly don't help run the department and are more often than not the militia leaders we're fearing here. my proposal is to give it a longer playtime restriction before you can play, and if at all possible, a department-specific playtime position, where you must log so many hours as CT and miner before you can be eligible for QM. everything else will fix the issue of QM's being assholes and teaching new players how to be assholes, too. if whitelisting QM is a thing that happens, i wouldn't oppose it, especially because it allows us to give the QM a bit more authority and gravitas over the cargo techs to keep them in line while also barring some of the known bad ones. about the cargo tech position: i've heard it described as common sense that cargo techs should not be able to approve orders for guns. i wholeheartedly agree. i'll go a step further and even say that yes, we should remove guns from the list of items we can order, period. don't even let them show up. as quartermaster, when you have three cargo techs screaming at you and harassing you for not ordering guns, it's exhausting, especially since they'll just order guns themselves. if anything happens, the first reflex is to order guns. in an actual crisis situation, it does feel stupid to say "don't order guns just let sec handle it :)" when sec hasn't responded to a single call from cargo for months and your crewmembers are going missing one by one, even when they're sitting in their department. we need to be way more serious about reporting bad cargo techs and enforcing better cargo behavior. right now it seems like such the norm, it's tough to report every single case because there can just be so many. it's really killed my enjoyment of playing in cargo, way more than quartermasters existing has. it's pretty routine at this point that rowdy cargo techs who want to powergame for the sake of powergaming will overrun the department and either harass the QM out of their position or the QM will enable it. there was a mentioning of possibly letting only heads, AI and QM approve gun orders, and i'll take it a step further and say only heads and AI can authorize a gun order. about KA's: maybe nerf the damage output, but for god's sake please don't just get rid of them. mining is a pretty thankless, repetitive and boring job. it's only worse when you have to rely on drills or pickaxes. about the whole situation: i definitely agree there's a huge problem with cargo and i am desperate for solutions here. there's a reason i'm hardly ever in my department anymore. there's a reason i hardly play cargo anymore. i know i'm not the only decent player who's basically been shoved out of their position by greytides wearing shorts. this is only letting more greytides in shorts take over and compound the issue.
  3. god thank you i've seen horror forms kill people and they still got salty about it because "they didn't have to, i was unarmed," completely ignoring the fact that horror forms are flesh hungry monsters. some of my favorite ling rounds were those where i got got, and it sparked a manhunt, or those where i got got, and the ling had to take on my identity to survive, or even that i simply got got, but the ling grew strong enough to truly wreak havoc. it seems like now if a ling even dares to grow an armblade, LOOC blows up with "wow ok" i'd just fucking love to be scared of antags again instead of limiting scary, legitimate threats to big events only.
  4. this man is not affected by shoeless slowdown. also sneaking around is always done visually, nobody has ever said "i hear footsteps, who's there?" that's 2 for 2 in favor, regarding realism and game mechanics.
  5. i've run into mamun sadir a few times already and he's an exceptionally well-written and believable character, who makes an effort to work lore into conversation. this is a testament to this guy's ability to RP, understand lore, and fit it into a typical round. i love our vaurca friends and i fully trust this guy to add to their ongoing story. wholehearted +1 here. with that said, you have a different ckey and a different forum username, what handle should we address you by?
  6. against the lighter tiles, in-game, that looks fantastic, actually. thank you!
  7. could you make the black a little darker and closer to black? we've got this issue with black clothes looking plain grey, and none of the black clothes even match (i have this problem irl and hope it's resolved in 400 years). with all the resprites you're doing on clothing it'd be easy to make one consistent palette for black stuff and then apply it across the board so we can actually have some color consistency
  8. laptops are used in damn near every single profession and are well known for being an extremely fast, efficient method to store and access data. so why the fuck does 12 KB of text take up 64GQ of space? do you know how small 12 KB of text is? that's about as much as one "book" from the in-game library, which holds as much data as a single sheet of paper. when it comes to taking notes, writing stuff, or anything, you are literally better off with a pen and few papers stapled together than you are a fucking laptop with a standard-sized hard drive. a small hard drive would be full after about one sheet of paper's worth of storage. for me, trying to write a decent adventure game in NTSL2+ is tough, because i'm about 17 KB in and looking at 90GQ of in-game storage. for reference, 17 KB is smaller than this GIF: My proposal: we change up the way filesize is calculated, and make files take up... 25% of what they do now? My solution: this can easily be done, by anyone willing to make a simple PR: go to code/modules/modular_computers/file_system/data.dm and change block_size from 250 to 1000. i'll explain: file size is calculated in this little .dm file, using this code here: size = max(1, round(length(stored_data) / block_size)) size = max(1, round(length(stored_data) / block_size)) stored_data comes from the actual text you input. block_size is defined as 250, as it is right now. if we change block_size to 1000, it gives us 4x more storage. this means your laptop, with a small hard drive, can store up to four whole sheets of paper before being full. now, my old laptop, which had a 128GB hard drive IRL, could store several fucking sheets of paper as data, so i don't find this unreasonable. "this kills research and makes them useless, though </3" literally no it doesn't. laptops should have more space than a couple sheets of paper by default, period, full stop, end of story. research hardly ever gets requests for modular laptops anyway unless i'm asking. on top of that, it'll encourage research to take their notes on laptops instead of sheets of paper. they really should be taking notes on laptops. seriously, it's faster. it's more efficient. it's higher-tech. "this will be used to powergame wizards and ninjas and malf AI's" literally no it won't stop "this will herald the anti-christ and bring an end to civilization as we know it" ok ur being ridiculous. stop. in summary: this is a simple solution that makes the in-game modular laptops a little more usable and practical, and a clear upgrade from pen and fucking paper. sorry if i sound heated with this suggestion, i kept imagining arguments or opposition to this on the grounds of it being unrealistic or powergamey for a laptop to hold more data than a single sheet of paper.
  9. Byond key: BRAINOS Discord key: BRAINOS#4903 (i THINk???) Character Name: Danny Harrow Item name: "developer's laptop" Item function(s): it's a laptop. it does laptop things. it comes pre-installed with the standard hard drive and network card. i'm not gonna be greedy and ask for a big battery, processor or anything else. Item description: "A portable computer, this one is covered edge-to-edge in stickers. Some stand out; such ones from a 2458 Game Jam, 2459 Game Jam and various title logos from obscure holovid series. Printed on the bottom panel is "Hello, world!" in a bright, monospace font." Item appearance: i've provided contrast with the O.G. laptop sprites. the top is the original, and i based my spritework on that so it doesn't clash with the existing graphical assets in the game. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: danny harrow is a student, currently working through various classes to obtain an NTSL2+ developer's certification and the relevant licensing. for his main project, he (and i, by extension) is working on making an entire adventure game using the NTSL2+ programming language. yes, i am literally coding an entire, playable game in NTSL that works in-game. it's already 1/3 of the way done. it actually works. anyway, this project of his requires two things: access to the NTSL2+ cloud-based interpreter service, which is only broadcast to NT facilities (i.e., the actual in-game program only works on the aurora, it does not work off-station), and for him to log so many hours aboard a live NT facility. when he's not working on this project, he's on occasion shadowed Engineering and Research to see NTSL in action for telecomms projects, or Research's integrated circuits. he brings this laptop to the facility because it's ludicrously expensive to rent one every single day that comes equipped with the things he needs: a standard hard drive, network card equipped laptop comes up to nearly 500 credits. he can't ditch the hard drive options because laptops bloat filesize to an insane degree (64GQ already for the game he's working on, which is only a 12KB .txt IRL. that's literally the entire size of the small hard drive.) and he can't ditch the network card because he needs the NTSL2+ interpreter, which does not work without connection to NTnet. How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please): danny harrow is a poor student, but he was gifted with at least one nice thing before he started classes: a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, bleeding-edge-of-technology gaming and workhorse professional-grade laptop. this was seven years ago. what was once considered top of the line is now... simply standard. the hard drive, once gargantuan, is now considered standard. the network card, once considered cutting-edge tech, is now standard. the backlit holokeypad, is now just... tacky. over time, the laptop has accumulated stickers as danny's participated in various events and done various things and become a fan of various things, just like anyone else. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please): this laptop is literally his entire life. it's the most expensive thing he has ever owned in his entire life - even though 1000 credits isn't much to most people, it's a life's savings worth to danny. danny's last four years in classes learning NTSL, and now NTSL2+, have been grueling, and this laptop carries with it his life's work up to this point. this laptop is the only thing, as far as he's concerned, that physically separates him from ending up as a jobless space drifter. of course, he has backups of the files at home, but he can't exactly afford to just buy a new laptop on his allowance. renting one is barely possible, considering it's 500 credits a day, and he's... a poor student, he can't do that every day. it makes no sense. there's also the sentimental value of the laptop itself, while it's seen some mileage, it's been with danny longer than any significant other he's had, and stuck with him through far worse. add onto that, that danny is from Sol. he's far from home, and this thing being a gift from his family, that he now hasn't seen for a while, it makes this thing extremely important to him. i'll also once again reiterate that he is making an adventure game in NTSL2+ as a project for his classes and professional portfolio, and this laptop is the tool to accomplish that. i literally cannot do any NTSL2+ coding as a player without a laptop, too. it's a tool, a passion and ambition for danny. it also saves him 500 credits he can then use to powergame ninjas, wizards, newcops and malf AI's. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?: danny has asked multiple people on multiple occasions to test out the game he's been working on, which always leads to amazement at first (because anyone touching NTSL2+ code is apparently a fucking witch or insane), followed by usually a good conversation about how most games in 2462 are just different asset flips shoveled out to the masses, and you end up with arcade cabinets being literally nothing but "x the y," or another remake of "orion trail." i can also mention here that this laptop itself is a physical embodiment of leverage for any antag to rob danny of the whopping 500 credits he'll save if he gets this, or coerce him into doing something illegal. he's already had to break into maintenance to get brandy for someone because he was five credits short to rent a generic laptop. i'll expand a bit more on having danny let the crew playtest the game he's working on: it's an actual game, i'm programming myself, in NTSL2+ that runs in-game. it's a literal, actual text adventure with its own story and choices to talk about and discuss, and getting any crewmember involved to test and bounce ideas with is always fun. it's the easiest time i've ever had making friends IC, and that comes from a guy who plays preston prestoff, who is known for being a friendly, lovable dumbass. Sprites: see attached file for .dmi. Additional Comments: danny harrow spawns as a visitor. he's poor. he can't always afford a laptop with the equipment he needs for this entire arc of making the game he's working on- usually falling five credits short, or so. i'm actually dreading the moment someone asks him, "why don't you just bring one from home?" because there is no sensible answer for this guy not to own one. the working answer is currently something along the lines of, "i have to get the paperwork through NT before i can bring that kind of personal item aboard." "why don't you just make danny an engineer so he can afford a laptop and work with NTSL2+ scripting officially?" because engineers don't just do NTSL2+ stuff. they carry around 6,000 pounds of steel sheets in their backpacks and another thousand pounds of tools on their belt. they wear an absolutely asinine amount of gear so they can work eighteen hours a day patching hull breaches, fixing electrical issues, running the engine, etc, and danny is not going to subject himself to all of that backbreaking work for the off chance he might, once a week, touch a telecomms script, which is only a tiny, tiny portion of what NTSL2+ is actually capable of (and i think that specific capability is bugged, anyway!) "why don't you just make danny a lab assistant so he can afford a laptop and work with integrated electronics officially?" because danny's entire schtick is that he's programming this game as a project. on shifts he can afford a laptop, he will have job responsibilities that get in the way of him actually doing the thing his entire arc is dependent upon. it's like telling someone, "why don't you go work at Apple's corporate office as an executive, if you want to use an iPhone?" i'm also going to mention, again, so it isn't overlooked: this game that danny is making is an actual NTSL2+ program i am writing, it is an actual text adventure that actually works in-game, and literally only works in-game. there are some rounds where the NTSL2+ daemon is broken or bugged, and never runs NTSL2+ scripting, but usually this is a thing that actually works, and i can actually develop and test with the crew, in real-time, during slow rounds. the game itself plays a lot like a choose-your-own-adventure book, with a little bit of internal dice-rolling to manage risk/reward in the choices you make. the code is extremely modular, and i've been able to export it to a stand-alone engine i wrote outside of SS13, so i'm also considering the possibility of, once it's finished, writing an engine for the in-game arcade machines to use the same text chunks this game does and effectively port it to arcade machines/downloadable laptop programs. once the game is finished, it's likely danny might work on other projects and visit occasionally with the friends he's met, i might also later make a suggestion asking that text files don't take up nearly as much space as they do, considering at the moment you can fit more text into an actual paperback book than you can a laptop with a small hard drive. 12KB of text IRL translates to 64GQ of space in-game, which is the entire small hard drive's space. that's fucking batshit if you ask me. researchers are literally better off using pen and paper to write notes instead of a laptop because paper can hold more data than a fucking laptop in 2462. yeah, huh, okay. here is the code for the game itself, currently untitled: https://pastebin.com/78XrW2MC also if anyone thinks i'm a fucking madlad for writing a game inside a game, yes. i am. ❤️ Additional additional comments: if asking for a laptop is somehow powergaming, i'd like clarification as to why. if laptops are available as a loadout item, i will cancel this request, and DM you my physical location so you can slap me. if someone bringing a laptop to a high-tech research station is unbelievable, then... i don't even know what to say to that. dharrowlaptop.dmi
  10. Fresh has always respected established lore and guidelines with their characters, while still keeping them...fresh. i've seen them play unathi for a while now, and their ability to keep things immersive for everyone involved while at the same time properly alien and foreign is refreshing. puns aside, i give this a wholehearted +1. i look forward to what Fresh can bring to the Skrell playerbase.
  11. absolutely not god please do NOT "they don't have to restrict movement" no i don't even know where to start on this loose skirts, tight skirts, pleated skirts or pencil skirts have absolutely no place in a department that's supposed to be protecting the station and its assets from threats known and unknown. it does not matter how much anyone thinks they are cute or fashionable or flattering. a skirt is bad combat gear, would make fitting into a voidsuit or a RIG a pain, wrestling down a criminal a pain, climbing up ladders a pain, etc. there is a reason you don't see anyone in the police or military or private security wearing a skirt while doing any kind of active work. gendered clothes don't make sense and they especially don't make sense in the 2400's. ESPECIALLY in a role like this. hard no.
  12. After some Feedback... I've made some tweaks to the charactor........ @Bear @Happy_Fox Here is a More Detailed Look at Joshua Darkborg....... Joshua Darkborg was born in 2442 (Meaning He is 19 Years Old) to a Tajara mother and a Human Man and his parents were killed in the Tajaran Wars in the Tajaran Homeworld... only Joshua excaped capture... He went back to Earth When he was Sixteen with his rich Parents Inheritance Money that He Got when they Died. He told a roboticsist "I can't bring my parents back But I can be more Than Human and Tajaran...I can be man and machine in one." and got his augments when he enlisted in the Cyborg Military to become a cyborg (man and machine in one). Joshua got used to his augments faster than Most Because he always Wanted to Be more Than Human, he wanted to be a cyborg (man and machine in one) his whole entire life, so he did not Reject his Augments and Cybertools the Same Way most Humans do. It is a very Painful process But Joshua has a Dark Secret that he is Used to Pain ever since his Parents were died. So it did not bother him. His Tajaran mother would tell him "Do not mourrrrrrrrrrrrrn Herrrrrrrrrr when she is Gone...but Fight for a Better Worrrrrrrrld and Peace" and that is what he does. He quickly climbed the ranks because He was the Fastest at Penetrating the Datanet and could Penetrate the Datanet it less than 0.001 femtoseconds (like milliseconds but shorter) and was able To Instant kill most Regular Inferiors (what he calls plain humans) because of his augments and that he is cyborg (man and machine in one). He single-handedly killed Glorsh but it was a Secret Op so nobody knows and he can't tell anyone because if He did he would have to Kill them because it was a SEcret Op. He is 6'2" And has a pointed, sculptured chin and is Very Defined muscularly but is Not Bulging (gross XD). His Hair is Black And Red and because He has a Tajaran Mother (who is Dead) and a Human father (who is Dead too) he has Tajaran Ears and a tail. His Eyes hide his Dark Secret but always Look Confident and Ready to Fight For Worrrrrrrld Peace. He has Augments showing On Parts of his Skin but they look usually cool and Not Too Grotesque. His arm can turn Into A Gun and his Other arm can turn into Tools that he needs and He uses these to Penetrate the Datanet and kill Regular Inferior organics. He is Very handsome and Good Looking and Most people will say, ''Wow you are very handsome'' to him because he is simply That hamsome and good looking. He gets better prices at Shops. Because of His Looks and Accomplismehnts. I hope you all like the amendments to my Character I worked very hard pelase except him thank you. Also about His Logo: It says ''man and machine'' inside a big number one which means ''man and machine in one'' to imply he is a Cyborg (man and machine in one) and More Than Human. The man and machine being inside the one means it is in one which again means ''man in machine and one'' to mean Cyborg and when you say cyborg (man and machine in one) you can mean man and machine in one. Thank you.
  13. BYOND Key: BRIANOS Character Names: Joshua Darkborg Species you are applying to play: Cyborg What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark black And Red and Pale Skin Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: No i'm making my own lore Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I always wanted to Be human but Better so I thought what Better To Do than Play As a Cyborg (man And machine in One). Cyborgs can have Laser vision. Combat mode. Hacker skills. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: He is a Human but Better in Every Way. He is much More hamsome. He has heterochromia (one eye is red but the other is bright red). He has stronger super Strength. He can hack instantly. He can scan any datafile And Penetrate the Datanet. He also is Part Human. Character Name:Joshua Darkborg Please provide a short backstory for this character Joshua Darkborg was born and his parents hated him because he was a black Sheep in the family. He was always brooding. His parents were rich but He didn't just Want money... he wanted More Power and to be More Than Human. So he enlisted in the Cyborg Military. And got his augments. To become a Cyborg man. (Man and machine In One). He quickly became Top Class Special Operative. He can hack the datafile and Penetrate the Datanet. What do you like about this character? I like that he is Cyborg (man and machine in one) and Better than Human and More than Human. His backstory is very tragic and secret and Only he Understands His Reasonings for his Actions. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I have never roleplayed before exept once I played FallOut 4. I don't play a lot of RPGs'... Notes: Plaese except my character. I worked very hard to write him.
  14. i need- and i do mean i desperately need a volunteer to help out with the following: * the .png files here need to be moved over to .dmi * the sprites need to be separated apart into gauntlets, boots, bodies, helmets and backs, each with an ON and OFF state * item states can use the helmet sprite, like the current hardsuits do, and gloves and boots could likely do the same the artsy bit is all done, but the actual work part of it, i really, really have been dreading. if i can get a volunteer to go take over for the finishing touches, i'd literally cry with joy. EDIT: forgot to mention: everything you need is in the attached image. download it and go ham!
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