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  1. i think, if anything, i'd want this to be an alt outfit for... the wizard. i'm dead serious; a ninja without their RIG is essentially an unarmed assistant with even less access. a wizard, even without their robes, can do some spells - like smoke, and teleport. so mechanically a wizard, but obviously a ninja, throwing smoke bombs, poisoned darts, using a katana. oh, that actually brings me on to another small tweak: a ninja typically would not use a full length katana, especially in the cramped confines of a space station. rather, i propose this: a straight-bladed wakizashi that can be worn on the back. it's specifically for stabbing, and thus deals less brute damage but bleeds more and has a much higher chance of causing IB. this outfit would not fit underneath a ninja RIG and should actually have some decent armor stats. should a ninja actually choose to use this outfit instead of their badass space ninja RIG: the chestpiece should have pocket slots. and good brute protection. the jumpsuit underneath should also have integrated webbing - tons of extra pockets. the belt should also have tons of pocket slots. the mask should have a voice changer built in. it provides some brute protection. the gloves should have some brute protection. the boots are ninja-tabi that do not track footprints or make noise. they also have some brute protection. they should get things like smoke grenades, a dart gun, the wakizashi, a chameleon projector, other sorts of things like that, to balance out the loss of a RIG or more wizard spells.
  2. i like what you did with the katana but this outfit doesn't seem particularly ninja inspired at all, what does it replace? is this what space ninjas wear underneath the RIG?
  3. honestly, i'm excited to see the direction you take this; as ephemer's character didn't seem very monk-like at all given the limited interactions i've experienced from them. shaolin monks have always fascinated me with their pursuit of discipline and wisdom, and i'm glad to hear you're going to continue contributing to the story here once the ban is over.
  4. "nat hit ephemer while he was down, so he was merely doing the same to her" wrong, remember how ephemer broke someone's chest and skull? that's not "merely the same." "ephemer never pulls punches" very edgy, nice. should probably disclose that kind of thing prior to fights and call it as soon as you hear people cracking open also, again, that's fucky. as a supposed retired pro wrestler, not a boxer or brawler, as a pro wrestler, ephemer should know restraint better than anyone else considering his job literally depended on not cracking his opponent's skull open "something something erp" we're mad about it because your character nearly caused canonical brain damage or death as a non-antag for literally no reason other than "he doesn't pull punches."
  5. i'm kinda thinkin along the lines of some kinda blue. the 2nd one here contrasts well with the purple. maybe figure out where to add gold, commandy accents to that and it should be really nice
  6. for the top, the less brown makes it tan, which makes it look like a really fancy, sci-fi mining jumpsuit. any kind of cargo color + purple is just... always gonna be mining, for me.
  7. even as a QM main, i'm very, very iffy on making it a command role. would everyone who's been playing QM for four years suddenly need to apply for a command whitelist? while this would fix a huge issue with QM's that spawn in just to loot the warehouse and then cryo, a better fix would simply be to message the HoP. the real shitty part of QM is having 3 bad techs who run off to raid maint for the full shift after looting the warehouse and only coming back to Cargonia Rise Up at the first whiff of antaggery. on any normal shift, it falls to me, as QM, to try fulfilling every single order, and i can't bitch to the HoP about it because they're busy being a hostage somewhere. making QM a command role wouldn't make these powergamers any more likely to listen. i already have the authority i need, my word is just about all the HoP needs to fire someone. it just never happens because everything has to be just right: there must be a shitty tech that is really round-ruining, there must be an HoP present, the HoP must be available, and there can't be an ongoing crisis anywhere on the station that the HoP must be attending to instead. nobody cares enough about bad cargo techs to drop their entire round arguing with one, trying to get their ID to demote them. giving QM's authority to fire someone won't fix it, because then I'll get fired for calling one out when i join 40 minutes in and the warehouse still isn't sorted. most of my issues however, with unruly techs, come down to me being unwilling to pull rank IC, except in the worst of cases. saying the QM role is non-essential is also bonkers. QM's are vital to teaching cargo to people and peeling miner's guts off then asteroid when it takes medical an hour just to suit up because "oh god, not eva, goddamnit" the QM is the person most people PDA for requests because you know none of the techs are linking their PDA to the requests console. i'm not saying the QM is needed to function every single day, but it is a role i'd miss, and it is a role that if you were to take away, you'd turn Supply into a free-for-all of "sort the fucking warehouse," "you're not my boss," etc. ultimately, the shitty part of cargo is not an IC policy issue. it's because a cargo tech is basically assistant with maint access, and is used as such 4 times out of 5.
  8. i don't like that brown for the RD one bit. it looks like it should be supply or, specifically, mining. i know you're trying to kill color schemes but this doesn't track for me.
  9. huge agree, what access janitors have is irrelevant to the fact it's impossible to justify, IC, that EMT's don't have access to departments main areas when, again, the issues they face are literal matters of life and death. over the 10 or so years i have played this game, I have not even ONCE seen a lone EMT stop a nuke ops, ling or even a single traitor on the account of "they could open the door." even the argument that limited access promotes interaction is bonkers. what interaction? "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR YOUR GUY IS DYING IN THERE," and a guy opens the door. the emt rushes in without even time for a thank you and grabs the injured. that's... hardly interaction. seriously. i am all for driving meaningful RP interaction, but this ain't it, chief emt's having limited access kills low pop playability. emt's having limited access can kill characters canonically. i repeat, this can kill characters canonically all because the EMT couldn't open a door for a guy with a DNC in time after some kind of dumb accident, or a space carp, or a scrubbers event. that's fucked and hardly helps drive a story with a death like that. it's hard to justify emt's limited access OOC and impossible to justify it IC. fix it.
  10. oscar is disciplined to a fault and has a thick, nearly impenetrable shell he's constantly hiding behind - but he's not stand-offish. there are subtleties to him that make you sit back and ask, ''where did this character come from? what made them this way?" that is excellent character writing and RP performance to pull that off. he's not another sec robot and he's got hobbies and life outside of work that flesh him out as a believable character. it's all of these things that made me so persistent in trying to interact with him and see what the hell is going with that guy. it's an incredible feat to stand out - especially as a sec main, where you have to be uniform. it's a step beyond incredible to stand out for all the right reasons. oscar isn't some rowdy punk, and in passing, you just might look over him. but with a few shifts of interaction, the quirks slowly build up to make you wonder what's up. i love oscar. even when they're the 'bad guy,' they're a believable bad guy and i'd see myself siding with them if preston weren't so stupid. another part of oscar that really had me impressed: he's the whole reason i actually started to care about dominia as a place. i was so curious, i had to know what kind of background he must have had, so i actually read dominia's lore and found it really enlightening. connecting the dots between an actual character like easter and the background lore was great fun. this is good lore incorporation. i'm with zundy, that i don't just wanna wank on your page here, but i've got no critique to offer. he's been a consistent pleasure to interact with from the day i met him.
  11. i love things like this that help show where a character is from and allows you to have a conversation about it. it's a great way to get people talking about lore - and the scarab fleet is one of those places i want to see more people exploring with their characters. full support on this.
  12. i love rowan!! so much. she's a great dreg that actually prompted me to read lore on eridani. a good character background incorporating lore is something where you meet a character who shows distinct traits, but isn't just a stereotype. someone who is just strange enough to make you wonder, "where are they from?" and read about it. it's not, "oh, martians are just like that" and move along. rowan is good character background: she prompted me to read up on eridani lore when i didn't even know it existed. a neat interaction when i was playing an EPMC named goose occured: someone called me a dreg, and i told them as pompously as i could that i live on the second floor of my apartment. that kind of quip wouldn't be funny without lore to back it up, and i thank rowe for that. background aside, she's a pleasure to have in cargo: always doing what needs to get done, and getting into just enough trouble for me to stress out as a QM. and i don't mean typical cargo tech powergaming; rowe does things that are mischievous, and importantly: believable. there were a few rounds where i played Gonzalez's mom, and she was paid off by Fernando to keep me busy. she sat with me in the bar, scammed me real good and ran off laughing. it was the best i've ever seen someone present their shady background skills. all in all rowe is a solid 10/10. she's great and i love her.
  13. BYOND Key: BRAINOS Game ID: b3B-bJ2n Player Byond Key/Character name: Unknown/Ephemer Mephistopheles Staff involved: No ahelps on my part. Reason for complaint: Self-antaggy behavior, being a relentless troll IC. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No. I tried to keep it mostly IC and drafted up an IR regarding it. Approximate Date/Time: 20191007, around 0500. https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/12915-incident-report-10072461/?tab=comments#comment-122699 <- Here's the IR I made regarding the issue. [/url] It's tough to know exactly where to start with this, so I'll start from the beginning. Mephistopheles called for challengers to come to the holodeck to spar; this is AOK in my book, whatever. Nat's character, Nat, had recently bulked up to an extremely significant degree, so honing her coordination IC and getting some experience with the click-until-horizontal mechanics OOC seemed like a fun thing to do when Supply was finished up with orders and things were starting to slow down. We got to the holodeck and agreed "whoever said uncle" is to be declared loser of the sparring match. Cool! Cool and good. Now, it's been consistent in my experience that you use the pull-punches verb in sparring matches or you wear gloves. This came across as common sense, and Nat was sure to pull-punches before the match, too. Mephistopheles, however, a character whose entire gimmick seems to revolve around being a professional wrestler at some point in their past, was punching with full force. Nicholas Ramirez was watching with me toward the end of the fight when things started to get nasty - we didn't notice the punches weren't pulled until Nat's face became a mangled mess and she started actually going into paincrit - and Mephistopheles kept going. He broke her skull and ribs and she needed to be dragged off to medical right away or she would have likely died. On extended. During the fight, Nat tried twice to throw the guy off of her and say "hold on," but he was relentless and eventually used the throwing as an excuse for "self defense." Nick and I had to bumrush him and physically pin him to the ground to get him to stop. After the CMO glued her skull back together, I asked the guy LOOC, "do you know about pull-punches?" I don't know how many of you actually follow pro wrestling or whatever, but pro wrestlers pull-punches verb IRL. It's literally what their entire job is built on. It's a performance, not a real competitive sport. It's in poor character to not only throw full-force punches as a wrestler gimmick, and it's in extremely poor character to keep going when you crack your opponent's skull. Obviously, we got Sec involved with this and demanded the guy gets arrested, but he lies throughout the entire investigation, throwing everything off track and letting him get off nearly scot-free. He repeatedly said two things: 1, that Nat was unharmed and she was never in any danger (despite having her chest and head broken) and 2, that whatever injuries Nat sustained, he sustained as well. He just about got off with nothing but a warning to stop doing sparring matches for the remainder of the shift. This pissed off the entire Supply department, and we wound up arguing with Sec in their lobby. Eventually, the guy was charged with Gross Negligence, which is about on par with Assault. Okay, I can deal with that. That's a'ight. But. In this same round, on extended, after this guy was warned not to spar any longer - and set up an unsanctioned fighting ring in maintenance, lured a miner into there (Cooper, I believe), and stabbed him in the eyes with a screwdriver. This is not the end of it. After he did that, he vandalized his own chapel while we were venting to the HoP and drafting up an IR on the guy. He vandalized his own chapel and then called Security on us, trying to blame us for the chapel's broken windows and such. It was pretty clear around now he was doing everything he could to bait Cargo into attacking him. He repeatedly entered the Cargo lobby and attempted to order boxing gloves when Nat was at the front desk. On crew transfer, he repeatedly bump-spammed Nat, followed her around, and called her a cunt when she tried to get some space from him. Basically, in summary: Mephistopheles nearly murdered someone and gave them life-threatening injuries by refusing to pull punches during a spar. Mephistopheles completely fucked a fair investigation by lying repeatedly and exhausting Sec until they could barely deal with Nat's testimony against him. Mephistopheles vandalized his own chapel and tried to blame it on us. Mephistopheles continued to harass Nat for the remainder of the round. On Extended, as a non-antag. This would have been a neat gimmick for a traitor! It would have been neat to see the guy cheat through fights and give people life-threatening injuries the way he did. But this was again, as a non-antag. This guy is literally named after Satan and behaves like him, too. After talking with some of the people involved, it was clear we were all pretty fired up by the guy, and Lance advised on my IR to make this into a Player Complaint. Normally I really hate taking IC issues into OOC, but this... was pretty rough for everyone else. I hate filing a formal complaint over general shitlordy behavior, but this was a few notches past "too far," and really made a 3 hour round into a shitshow of arguing with Sec, trying to resist the urge to end our character's careers by doing something stupid.
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