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Energy Sword Sunday: Special Event/Admin Secret


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Proposition: I think we need an energy sword sunday.

Every Sunday, the admins should run the "Energy Sword Sunday" special event at most once. The event should be run ideally at the start of a new round, and the event should of course be voted for by a 2:1 majority. If the vote fails the admins can try to call a custom vote for it again. It must at least meet the 2:1 majority, 6:3 is acceptable, 11:9 is not. Admins can also choose not to call a vote for an Energy Sword Sunday event if not enough supervising admins are on or nobody is particularly feeling silly. Upon activating the event, everyone is equipped with combat hardsuit armor (or other robust RIGs/voidsuits depending on the character's species) as well as their basic equipment as they spawn in, in addition to an energy sword in their hands. They also assigned the HIGHLANDER goal to be the last individual on the station standing. The AI and borgs are zapped into becoming combat cyborgs with power hammers, and they are spawned at arrivals.

Latejoiners should have modifiers to have an energy sword and riot armor spawned in for them, but respawn for dead players is disabled, and latejoining may also be disabled for administrators if they so choose to at any point (i.e., 3 people left alive).

The game type temporarily changes in display name to an ALL CAPS indication: ENERGY SWORD SUNDAY! Likewise, the OOC event info displays that the current round is an Energy Sword Sunday special event for latejoiners to recognize the round type.

There are a few proposed and ENCOURAGED guidelines to Energy Sword Sunday:

1. Use your energy sword as a carbon mob, use your power hammer as a combat cyborg. You are permitted to dual wield energy swords and collect other energy swords as trophies.
2. Do NOT seek out non-melee weapons, be fair in risking yourself in combat. Soap and slips, however, are allowed. Admins have full license to gib gun-toting cheaters! 
3. Be courageous! Be active in searching for your enemies! Admins have full reason to gib people who choose not to fight! Camping is case-by-case acceptable but complete passiveness is not.
4. Teaming up temporarily is absolutely acceptable, but all temporary alliances are expected to be broken eventually. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.
5. Admins are permitted to adminbus at 30 minutes.
6. The round is expected to go into overtime at 60 minutes. Admins should port all survivors to the thunderdome. They may, if they choose, adminbus the survivors in the thunderdome so long as it adds to the fun.

Obviously, this is intended to be a fun variation of highlander mode. The server rules that apply is abiding by basic human decency and not being a dick, but otherwise roleplay rules should be fairly relaxed and allow for a little bit of meming, and OOC in IC should be acceptable while Energy Sword Sunday is active during a round. Wort wort wort.

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I think this should be in policy.

It's not really adding content so much as suggesting a new weekly event.

That being said, I hate Highlander as a concept so I also hate this. I don't come on this server to randomly chop people's head off with a laser sword or a Claymore. There's other places where you can do this that it fits in a lot more.

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