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[Accepted] Queen Szek'Hakh and the Matriarchal Clan of the Wasteland

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Type (Species/Company/History/Other): Unathi Clan, estimated to be a few thousand strong (2000-3000.)


[/b] Relevant Dates: 

2410: An Unathi by the name of Hasura Zkorazka works to set up territory for his own clan, on the inner circle of what would one day become a wasteland.


2437: Lord Zkorazka, hearing of impending war and being particularly self-confident, gathers an unnecessary amount of men to go to war, foolishly expecting it will be over soon with his assistance. Leaving one man to take his place, his most trusted friend, Kaosh Szek’hakh.


2439: Nukes are dropped. In one move, almost all of the men of the Zkorazka clan are killed off. The fallout reaches their home, leaving Kaosh, as well as many others, terminally ill. Kaosh, seeing many of the men of their village either too sick to lead, or too young, leaves the former Lord’s wife in charge, Lazak Szek’Hakh, under a title of Lady Regent.


2440-2460:  With a lack of literal man-power, women must learn to take up more and more responsibility. Lady Regent Szek’hakh rules over her wounded clan, intending to lead only as long as its needed until a man can grow healthy enough. However, after ten years, no man had stepped up to take her place, despite there being plenty of age. Having grown up now in a matriarchy, the generation of men are to learning the roles their mothers were once used to, while women were taking up more and more roles they normally would not have, including as guards and doctors. Accustomed to allow Lady Regent Szek’Hakh to continue her rule, the men fall into a more matriarchal society. A reversal of how many clans operate. At first, it was a nearly forced role for the Lady Regent, but over time, she took to her position with a warmer attitude. Ten years is also the mark she first employs two female advisors, which by 2461 would have turned into a council of mothers, unofficial figureheads that would be nonetheless respected. Under her, her people manage to recuperate their losses, falling into a comfortable lull.

Her first act that runs outside the realm of simply being in charge and instead taking a different path was having the library rewritten, to be up to date, and by mostly the literate women. Then, it was setting aside extra time to formally train guardswomen, for a proper defense. A generous, yet protective ruler, she becomes well-liked within her clan. They even take to calling her Queen, rather than Lady Regent, indicative of her more permanent rule. At first, she seemed a bit uncomfortable with such a lofty title, but as time went on, she seemed more and more comfortable being openly referred to as such.


2461: A hardcore Traditionalist, Hezaih Kaso, learns of this clans existence. Fearing that their radical hierarchy may spread to the rest of Moghes, he takes it upon himself to rid the planet of the Wastelander Queen.

He infiltrates the city and, while Queen Szek’Hakh is regarding the clan and telling them how proud she is to lead them, takes a pistol from his shirt, aiming for just a second. In that second, a few people around Hezaih scream in panic, one bystander pulling back and crashing into him in the chaos. The crash causes his firearm to go off far away, causing the crowd to lose control of themselves. Now very much caught, Hezaih attempts to fire another shot, instead hitting a fleeing woman in the gut. By now, three guards manage to drop the would-be assassin, sending the gun skidding away.

Queen Szek’Hakh herself comes down to meet the man, crowd slowly reforming a path for her.  She speaks for a moment, in a hushed tone, before calling out to the crowd, “May the Spirits, Sk’akh, and any God listen. This land, is a matriarchy. Those who attempt to undermine it will be treated as terrorists. And those who act like rabid animals will be dealt with the same as rabid animals.”

Hezaih Kaso was banished from their clans land and was later found dead, from two bullet wounds to the back of their head, alone in the wasteland with their pistol, missing four bullets. Their death is deemed a suicide, by Queen Szek’Hakh.


Basic Description: A Matriarchal clan set in the Wasteland, led by Queen Szek’Hakh. After the Contact War’s nukes wiped out the vast majority of men, they adapted to using women as protectors, while using men to keep house.


Long Description:

The Clan of Szek’Hakh have recently made news of themselves after the banishment and subsequent death of Hezaih Kaso became public, along with Queen Szek’Hakh’s statement regarding their territory. What was intended to be a short term leadership led to a more permanent situation, after the foolhardy actions of the former clan leader killing most of the men and leaving almost all of the rest incapacitated and unfit for work.


Women had to step up into the more man-driven roles of work, while teaching the growing men of the clan all they knew- all of this, being womanly work. These two differences are what led men to know the work of a typical woman, while women were taking the place of men-driven roles.


This extends a bit to the usual build of their kind, as well; the women are more fit for their physical needs of guard and labor, while the men have less inherent muscle as their lines of work keep them from gaining it with time. In Clan Szek’Hakh’s territory, the dynamic and status quo of more traditional lands is reversed, in its entirety. Many guardswomen have even claimed to have a subconscious instinct of protectiveness for the men of the clans, due to experience keeping them safe while they grew up, and correlating men with something that needs to be kept safe, with how valuable they are. After the crisis of needing men passed, it was simply a built-in instinct many of the women who kept the young men safe kept with them.


Contact Details (Discord Preferably): FreshRefreshments#2173 . Suggestions, feedback, or adjustments are welcome. 

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I think this works, but basically isolated rather deeply in the wasteland. The circle also isnt her complete territory, as to my understanding that'd be a lot for a Wastelander Clan to have, but just where her people are located. Their partial-isolation is part of the reason they weren't messed with sooner, and how they kept a relatively low profile.


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This is interesting! I have not read the Unathi lore, but it seems very well made and believable, congrats!

Also, Jackboot, may I know how you made that map? I could definitely use it to make a New Gibson map of Hengsha and it's surrounding area.

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