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[Approved] Techno-Conglomerate additions/modifications

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Type: Faction

Relevant dates:

February 14th 2275 – Founding

June 22nd 2277 – Driven out from Sol Alliance

Basic description: The Techno-Conglomerate is a roving flotilla of high-tech ships with transhumanist ideals and synthetic equity.

Long description:


Formed in the years before the First Interstellar War, the Techno-Conglomerate began as a small gathering of likeminded individuals who held the belief that the human body as it came from the womb was not perfect, and befitted upgrades to bring it to perfection. This included both heavy mechanical augmentation as well as genetic manipulation, with near fully-mechanical or altered bodies seen as the ideal goal for any member of the Techno-Conglomerate to work towards. However, these transhumanist views were met with skepticism and in some cases, downright hostility from the Sol Alliance. Seen as a potential threat to the Alliance during the throes of the Second Great Depression, the Alliance elected to remove the budding thorn in their side through force, in the year 2277, a mere year before the outbreak of the First Interstellar War.

Driven from the Alliance with a mere four ships to their name, the Techno-Conglomerate journeyed forth into the unknowable void, avoiding the more dangerous areas of space where possible. Over the years, many of those with similar views flocked to their side, expanding their fleet to a veritable flotilla of ships, both of militaristic and scientific purposes. Seeking to avoid conflict and prosper in the vast emptiness of space, the Techno-Conglomerate joined the Frontier Alliance to ensure mutual safety and prosperity, trading heavily and openly with those willing (excluding the Empire of Dominia). Leading the charge in the scientific fields amongst the Alliance, the Techno-Conglomerate quickly assumed their place as the leaders of research and development in the Frontier Alliance. Many years lived in space lead to widespread physiological alterations amongst the population, leading to bodies more suited for low-gravity environments.

Many of the Techno-Conglomerate find work with megacorporations such as NanoTrasen or Einstein Engines, often taking up positions such as scientists and engineers.


The Techno-Conglomerate heavily endorse augmentation and modification of the human form through mechanical or genetic means. It is not uncommon to see extensive modifications made to the bodies of those within the Techno-Conglomerate, with some bearing more resemblance to a machine than man, seen as disturbing by some of those outside of the Techno-Conglomerate. It is not uncommon for children in the womb to be genetically modified, parents designing their offspring at will. A commonly held value among the Techno-Conglomerate is that the human form in its natural state is weak, with technological adjustments made to it considered necessary to strengthen the human form.

Synthetic life is viewed as entirely equal within the Techno-Conglomerate, with no differentiation made between organic and synthetic life. In addition, the control of synthetic life through law systems is looked down upon the Conglomerate. It is considered illegal for a synthetic to be controlled through a law set in the Conglomerate, and is of equal status to organic slavery in the severity of the crime. It is not unheard of for human-synthetic relationships to exist within the Conglomerate, though they are not as prevalent as organic relations due to the inability to produce offspring with synthetic life.

The Techno-Conglomerate is widely acceptive to all races and peoples, welcoming any into the arms of their fleet, and trading freely with most, excluding the Empire of Dominia. Many refugees fleeing persecution can find a waiting place among the Techno-Conglomerate, leading to their population swelling exponentially over the years from varied sources. Due to this, the Conglomerate is exceedingly diverse in ethnicities and races, though a Skrellian population is all but absent due to the Techno-Conglomerate’s views on synthetic life, though they will not refuse to trade with the Jargon Federation. Though the Techno-Conglomerate encourages augmentation and modification, it will not force it upon its population, as it understands that the varied backgrounds of its peoples do not all entail augmentation. The Conglomerate is libertine in its views, with interspecies relations considered a normality.

However, the Techno-Conglomerate has been known to be covetous of technology, oftentimes appearing to hoard it to themselves or attempt to seize technology for themselves where possible, though they avoid doing this in a manner that may generate hostility or conflict. They believe that they are the ones best suited to making use of the technology, as they believe that others might not know how to properly utilise it.

The Techno-Conglomerate is governed by the captains of the ten largest ships of the flotilla, the largest of which being the T.C.S. Balbo, governed by High Captain Mark Mareus, the current leader of the council of ten.

The ten largest ships of the Flotilla, and subsequent captains of the council of ten are as follows:

T.C.S. Balbo (Heavy Cruiser) – High Cpt. Mark Mareus

T.C.S. Indomitus (Heavy Cruiser) – Cpt. Sorek Rennik

T.C.S. Allanak (Heavy Cruiser) – Cpt. Lirek Winrothol

T.C.S. Serkonos (Research Vessel) – Cpt. Huang Sijek

T.C.S. Baator (Light Cruiser) – Cpt. Rajesh Simali

T.C.S. Sigil (Research Vessel) – Cpt. Arnvidr Admundsen

T.C.S. Moray (Light Cruiser) – Cpt. Lara Thorpe

T.C.S. Terminus (Research Vessel) – Cpt. Xerana Jal

T.C.S. Venetia (Research Vessel) – Cpt. Solana Petrushkaya

T.C.S Verghast (Light Cruiser) – Cpt. Jalmek Khan

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