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Incident Report 05/03/2461

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Reporting Personnel: Qusk Yuvuzu

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Cargo Technician

Game ID:  bZ5-cbSM

Personnel Involved
- Qusk Yuvuzu, Cargo Technician: Victim
- Blorp Worshol, Medical Doctor: Offender
- Caden Thomas, Medical Doctor: Offender

Time of Incident: ____

Real Time: 3:30 GMT 3rd of May 2019

Location of Incident: Medbay 

Nature of Incident:
[X] - Workplace Hazard
[  ] - Accident/Injury
[  ] - Destruction of Property
[X] - Neglect of Duty
[  ] - Harassment
[  ] - Assault
[X] - Misconduct
[  ] - Other _____

ok so like it s anormal shift, i tried mixin some zoom pills with dyn it didn't work too well. i come to medical and they've told me they're gonna do surgery. i'm like. ok. i was pretty afraid of it but the doctor (blorp) spoke to me VERY rudely saying im gonna die if there's not gonna be surgery (btw he was speaking in nralmalic even though i asked him to do it in basic? wtf?). i was pretty scared even further but they did nothing and just started doing surgery on me. 
i went into sleep and i was having a pretty good time. then i suddenly wake up to discover theyre [expletive] sawing thru my skull. literally. i was awake while they were sawing through my skull. 
of course nobody apologized or anythin. i asked the doctor if they're qualified for surgery and they told me they're not. they didn't attempt to do anything the doctor just told me they're going to leave me there hoping the brain damage was going to heal on its own? what the [expletive]?
i went to sleep because i was frankly tired of this [expletive]. when i woke up there was a shuttle docked and i was stuck in some room with a bed. i asked people to escort me to the shuttle but the other doctor caden thomas only arrived like 10 seconds before the shuttle left?? what is this service. i'm pretty sure i'm not ever stepping foot in medical again. actually it's pretty traumatic and i'll probably seek a job elsewhere.

Was it reported? Actions taken?
i went to sleep after having surgery and then the shuttle with the command staff left so no

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TO: Qusk Yuvuzu, Cargo Technician, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.
DTG: 06-10:33-TAU CETI STANDARD-05-2461

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TO: Qusk Yuvuzu, Cargo Technician, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report
This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Tyler McKinney, (Soultheif96).
You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.
DTG: 14-13:14-TAU CETI STANDARD-05-2461

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TO: Qusk Yuvuzu, Cargo Technician, NSS Aurora
FROM: CCIAA Tyler McKinney, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. 

This matter will now be considered resolved.


DTG: 05-19:25-TAU CETI STANDARD-14-2461

SIGN: McKinney T.

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