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Raflyz7 unban request

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BYOND Key:Raflyz7

 Total Ban Length:Permanent Banning

staff member's Key:i dont know i forgot Reason of Ban:griefing (maybe??) 

Reason for Appeal:you know its been 1 year and i apologize for child like attitude (you know im not adult in that time)

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Hi, I was the staff member that banned you. You were banned for -



 "Recieved five warning in the past two months about netspeak, lrp, jobhopping, self antagging, un-realistic character RP. Like claiming to have fought in a war 100 years ago, then going to looc to argue about it."

I am willing to unban you as this happened over a year ago, however, I need to know that you have read the rules and understand them. Get back to me when you can. Sorry for the delay!


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