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Incident Report- 5/5/2461

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Reporting Personnel: Dwayne Darson

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer

Game ID: bZ7-bGAQ

Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - 

Georg Adelstedt, Warden: Offender

Jameson Armstrong, Bartender: Offender

OVR-FLW, Chief Engineer: Offender

Lin Dyslioth, Head of Security: Witness

Katheryn Linerbord, Security Officer: Witness

Real Time:16:20 GMT+2, 5/5/19 

Location of Incident: Red docks, shuttle

Nature of Incident:

[  ] - Workplace Hazard

[  ] - Accident/Injury

[  ] - Destruction of Property

[ X ] - Neglect of Duty

[  ] - Harassment

[  ] - Assault

[  ] - Misconduct

[ X ] - Other: Firefight, Putting officers at risk.

Overview of the Incident:

So the shuttle is called for the shift to end. It was a very hectic shift end though, and the Head of Security had someone in custody, and ordered the warden to process them. I found the warden at the lifts, alongside the bartender. the bartender had the bar gun, so I told him to leave it behind at his bar, which he agreed and went off. I then told the warden that he is needed at the brig. The warden refused to go process the inmate, stating that the shuttle had been called (at the time, it hadn't even docked. There was plenty of time). The Head of Security then orders him again to the brig, and hands him a rifle to store at the armoury, while repeating the order to process the inmate. The warden refuses, and runs off with the rifle to go to the docks. His arrest is then ordered for neglect of duty and disobeying an order. I go to the docks to arrest him, and I see him and the bartender. The bartender had his bar gun, and was buddying up with the warden. Both resisted arrest, and made use of their weaponry. I firefight ensued in the shuttle, where we managed to bring both of them down. I was injured heavily in the middle of it, though, and while it was ongoing, out of nowhere, the Chief Engineer comes out of the shuttle cockpit and tries to disarm me. I was confused, and didn't react, so he took my rifle. I was thus rendered unarmed, with the bartender still up and firing at me. I sustained heavy injuries to the face, because of that. The Chief Engineer then started shoving me towards the bartender, ordering me to "go on, arrest him". After the whole ordeal, I PDAed him to ask him why he disarmed me. He refused to reply, saying that he had spoken to the HoS about the matter. I ask again, he calls me an organic and ends the conversation. I then ask the HoS, and she had no idea why the CE disarmed me in the middle of the firefight. The shuttle docked, and we were then on the Odin.

Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Lin Dyslioth, Head of Security

Actions taken: Nothing, it was on the shuttle, and the HoS did not know why the CE disarmed me. The bartender and the warden were taken into custody though.

Additional Notes:

The CE entered a combat situation and took my gun. I could have been dead had the bartender been a more competent shooter. This behaviour from a head of staff is truly a riddle. As for the warden and the bartender, there's no comment; I'd be surprised if they weren't in jail by now.

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TO:  Dwayne Darson,  Security Officer, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.
DTG: 06-10:24-TAU CETI STANDARD-05-2461

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TO:  Dwayne Darson, Security Officer, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to CCIAA Benedict Smith (ben10083).

You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.
DTG: 10-09:01-TAU CETI STANDARD-05-2461

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TO: Dwayne Darson , Security Officer, NSS Aurora
FROM: Benedict Smith, CCIAA, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. 

This matter will now be considered resolved.


DTG: 06-09:02-TAU CETI STANDARD-06-2461

SIGN: Benedict Smith

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