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Character Feedback: Devildabeast

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Annie Mollison

She went to Mars U, 

she's in the Sol Army Reserve,

she prefers her noodles with peas,

and by God, she's a Solarian patriot.


Iliana Cardigan

Soft as cotton candy, rough as sandpaper, enigmatic as cotton candy covered in sandpaper. A nice Nurse overall -- sometimes.


Damon Banner

Oi! Why'm I in dis fookin' feedback t'read? Don' give a fook wha' othahs t'ink abou' me. Y' kin kiss me arse! ?


Haven't been here long, but if you've interacted with any of these characters, let me know what you think.


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How do you describe yourself when you introduce yourself? When you think of yourself introspectively? What's some characteristics you wish a first date would see? What's a secret you hope a life long partner will never find out?

Use some writing prompts like this to build up your character. They are more than just food preferences and an educational resume. What makes them tick?

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I already plan to introduce records to her today. Those writing prompts are the kind of the thing that I prefer to come up with on the fly.


To iterate: I don't want roleplay advice unless it pertains to Mollison, as a character, and interactions with her in particular. Thanks.

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