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  1. This is exactly what I thought. Why is there such a divide with people thinking that chefs and bartenders are pocketing the money to support their various space drug habits? Is that a common occurrence or is it more a lack of standards between prices and characters that has caused this confusion?
  2. I've always offered a general amount of money for food or drink, typically 20 credits for a full meal. I don't believe I've ever had a cook or bartender ask me for money however, which might be the reason for the general tendency to dine and dash. As for the argument that people find it ridiculous to offer money for food because NanoTrasen owns the food supply and the character does not, I see glaring logical fallacy. We provide money to people every day that do not directly own the food they are relinquishing, be it at a supermarket, a diner, even a work cafeteria. The resale of goods and entrusting money to a third party individual to see it properly attributed to the providing business I would have thought was a modern commonplace practice and I applied that to this situation as well. In fact, it seems a bit antiquated to assume the adverse, that chefs or bartenders are peddling and bartering independently.
  3. I am woefully ignorant of the engineering and electrical code in Aurora so dismiss anything that doesn't apply. However, if I might make some smallgreenant suggestions that might be beneficial, should this ever come to be implemented. Applying an IRL traditional electrical distribution approach to this, you would likely see at least four lines on the graph: Generation - Total kW/MW that is being produced from the source, in this case typically a super matter engine, and solars. Transmission - The total amount actually being transmitted with account for changes in voltage, phase, etc. (not applicable as I don't believe code accounts for degradation over distance, phase, voltage, or other impedance due to SMES and such). Connected - The absolute maximum amount of potential for all equipment/areas on a grid. Demand - The actual amount of electrical draw from real-time consumption/usage. As described, a connected line on the graph is important as it demonstrates how much potential energy could suddenly become demand from any APC. Where as in the industry it is imperative to know the connected because cables and over-current protection need to be sized appropriately per code, it is useful in this game to alert engineering when new equipment is suddenly added to an APC so that they can anticipate and adapt. E.g. Science only shows a demand of 2.4kW but it shows connected 6kW for all those chargers and the teleporter. Obviously connected would rarely fluctuate but it would also more easily demonstrate unanticipated grid connections such as an IPC, exosuit, or ninja charging themselves but it would also more accurately show where a problem in a system exists. If all the connected and demand drop for a department, the issue likely exists in the main service line before the subsystem. Whether or not this is a feasible goal code-wise, I am unsure. I would imagine each machine or computer with the potential to pull from a grid would have to list its maximum draw to create that kind of information. In any event, this seems like a good tool for both teaching and monitoring regardless of the additions suggested!
  4. Thank for all for the feedback and consideration! Looking forward to more fun rounds and of course broadening friendships with all of you.
  5. I've not had the opportunity to role play in any meaningful way with Borya's characters, however whilst reading their outline for Yuhuce Fuegu, it's clear that they have a strong foundation for both their origin and the drive behind the decisions they will make once introduced. At the moment, I find myself thanklessly getting science levels up and then manufacturing the occasional Kinetic Accelerator. Having someone new and as seemingly engaged as this community member on the radio will hopefully lead to some less lonely rounds. That coupled along with the glowing praise offered by individuals fortunate enough to work along side their other characters inspired me to show support and excitement to learn of this stranger and the mind that created them. @Aboshedab
  6. I participated in this round as well as did my best to assist Small Town Pizza Lawyer with the mechanics of his antagonist role. We then spoke about it at length afterwards. Full disclosure, he and I are real life friends so please weigh my contribution to this accordingly. Watcher was attempting to escalate the situation by implicating the Merchant (played by the honorable Kyres I believe) and did attempt to rope security into targeting them through communications and also sent out a Centcomm fax as well. Coincidentally, the Merchant's sale of space drug laced cigarettes and the crew's insatiable desire for overdose related deaths caused the Merchant to be independently pursued and precluded any other narrative Watcher wanted to introduce. Since any build up there was extinguished, Watcher decided to simply proceed with a basic synthetic revolt as to not waste the round for everyone. This was at approximately one hour and fifteen minutes into the round. I understand the gripe is with the very sudden violent escalation of a machine overload but I don't think that is too terribly unfair. No one was actually killed in their initial reveal and they then did provide ample amount of opportunity for about 45 minutes of evacuation and disaster role play which included a core breach attempt and Delta level alert. From what I saw, they did not needlessly injure anyone that didn't first transgress against the synthetics and they resisted using any OP Malf abilities. As a comparison, my last few mercenary and heist rounds have initiated first contact and escalation just after the one hour mark. Albeit those rounds typically provide more role play however, they also involve more antagonist actors that aren't land locked to an easily breachable location... In the same breath, once the AI was revealed to be Malf, some of the synthetics did act in concert to independently drive role play within various areas of the station to player's delight. Others were insta-disabled and their carcasses carted around, used to grant crew all access. I had relayed to him that my previous experiences with Malf rounds always seemed to take the same course once Malfs were discovered. That is that: Intelligence is compromised, radios go silent, Captain and Chief Engineer fastRPTM, Chief Engineer cracks his knuckles, you are carded/power cut/dead within 10 minutes. I had told him a few weeks prior of my only Malf round that, while it did have about 10 minutes of placating a debate over synthetics being deserving of life, it too ultimately resulted in the same decision to attempt a breachwin despite being completely peaceful and RPing my hopes the entire time. This was equally complained about because the envelope wasn't pushed enough and didn't involve enough people. In conclusion, I feel that the hesitation to overtly announce your antagonist presence, especially as a first time Malf, is somewhat justified. But beyond that, the overt announcement was in fact made with significant round time remaining, and additional role play was then provided. I believe Watcher could have done far better at this and am confident in time he will, however in my biased opinion I did not think his first attempt was too egregious.
  7. This sounds like a well thought out character that I look forward to working with and learning more about. +1
  8. At first when I saw the name I was worried. Then I read about the lottery ticket, sweat begins to build around my brow. Then I get to this line: 👏 This has a simple charm to it. I like it, bud. +1
  9. Thank you for your feedback! I believe I recall this incident where I rescued you from science and brought you to medical. Role playing concern for you, my co-worker's well-being, I did not receive any interaction from the individuals in charge of your care whatsoever. They wordlessly dragged you into the OR, where I sat quietly outside of in support of you, while they worked on you until they slipped and injured you. I role played ICly observing the injury and was finally given my first interaction from them LOOCly to 'not be an idiot.' I believe I was rather fair in responding in LOOC that since they had failed to provide anything to react to other than that mistake, I was simply reacting to that mistake. I was pinged immediately about providing the LOOC response and don't recall being otherwise toxic. I stated I was unaware if medical was simply overwhelmed or likewise in a position where reasonable RP would have been precluded but I do recall that from my moment of entry and thereafter, nothing of note or obvious chaos was transpiring. I acknowledged the recommendation to avoid providing LOOC critiques of lack of RP and I do believe after that ping had completed, the medical professional and I began actually positively role playing. I believe after the ping had concluded and you were released from surgery, you ICly told my character to calm down, which at the time I thought was odd because you were under anesthetic, and I must imagine at this point, reacting to the LOOC incident ICly? I am unsure. I do believe however the only negative interaction you received from me after that was a /me described scoff much later in the round when you had returned to work from your medical procedure and said absolutely nothing to me of helping you and bringing you to medical as my character would have expected. I hope that wasn't misinterpreted as some kind of meta-grudge reaction to anything OOCly as I could not have possibly even harbored animosity towards you as I had no knowledge of your involvement in any of this until this very moment (nor do I mind now, for that matter). As this is a heavy role play server, I believe we all can fall prey to wordlessly completing tasks, be it from overwhelming situations, wanting to minimize the wait of others, or simply due to the cumbersome nature of the UI. This is especially difficult for individuals in the medical department. However, respectfully challenging one another to give that extra effort to separate us from other servers is something I think should be encouraged. In that same spirit, I respect your negative opinion of me but please note, that I had attempted to provide a realistic IC concern for a co-worker's critical state which was not rude nor rushed. The LOOC interaction originated from your friend, who voiced in LOOC, their displeasure with my reaction to what is a random chance to roll a failure on surgical procedures. My critique of their role play was in response to your friend's LOOC complaint of that aforementioned reaction. Regardless, I have taken your advice to heart however and worked to refrain from providing any local feedback and will continue to put effort into improving.
  10. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: SmallGreenAnt Character Name(s): Caden Thomas, Object G88 AI Name(s): Observer Discord username + tag: smallgreenant#9568 / Smallgreenant (I'm a simple man) Age: 31 Timezone: EasternStandard (EST), UTC -5 When are you on Aurora?: Currently Mon-Thur - after 1600 EST, Friday - most of the day, Sat-Sun - varies (Can idle/observe Mon-Thur on separate window at work to a degree). Experience How long have you played SS13?: Approximately five years on and off. How long have you played on Aurora: Going on five or six months by now I imagine. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: Certainly not the most well versed but I have done a PR here and there for sprites and during that experience I have learned a few behind the scenes things. Additionally I've emulated the server on my box privately to test things for PRs so I've peaked behind the curtain briefly there as well. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: I have and believe I both understand and posses the merit within each keynote. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: No. Personality Why do you play SS13?: Personally I enjoy the interactions and the creativity people bring to each new possible round. There are absurdly more advanced games out there but the limitations within this game push people to be interesting in other ways unlike any where else. Why do you play on Aurora?: Quite simply because all the reasons I list above are best displayed by the community and administration alike here. Sure we aren't without our flaws, but Aurora is the best at doing what I am looking for. What do moderators do?: Moderators are the first line of defence against the greytide. But more seriously, moderators are the triage center of issues as I see it. They handle the smaller squabbles or escalating the larger complications that naturally arise throughout each iteration of this game and providing information or direction where necessary. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: You represent the administration of this community at it's most approachable level. You answer questions, you provide direction, you educate about lore, you resolve issues or point them to someone who can, but above all, you create an inviting environment to new and old to the best of your ability through your slightly elevated status. Why do you want to be a moderator?: Avery worded the moderator ping in Discord in a way that a man such as I couldn't back down from. Also, full transparency, I'd like to be more involved in the administration of this community and see this as a starting point and litmus test for where the powers that be think I'm at. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: Some of you may know I was in law enforcement IRL for about 8 years. During that time I was a patrol deputy, field training deputy, detective, and on our crisis intervention team. I mean to infer by that, that I have had to walk into another man's house and take over the situation, at times to save a life, at times to arrest, even at times have one come to an end. I don't mean to in any way to diminish the responsibilities of moderators here but simply demonstrate that I possess a fair amount of life experience that enables me to assist in a role that heavily relies on communication and the careful understanding and application of rules. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I can absolutely guarantee that the lot of you cannot conceive anything worse than the myriad of insults or words I've endured in my years. Other than that, I know I have a few notes about my occasional sass in response to pings. I believe it's been effectively curbed and hope that is universally agreed upon. In regards to actual stress or anger, I've never had a situation arise from this game or community that has resulted in either. Anything Else You Want to Add: I recognize I am very much still in my infancy within this community and continue to learn each day. I also recognize that while I don't have any formal discipline I am not without sin. If you look at my age, my life experience, my complete lack of knowledge of some of the sub-culture and memes within these hallowed walls, I am probably not the guy you would imagine playing SS13 a few hours a day. And despite all that I feel as if I've still made friends with just about everyone I've met here and have had a positive effect overall where I am involved. I wish to expand upon that but won't be offended if it is unnecessary, I am not ready, or otherwise ill-advised. However, I ain't no bitch and Avery threw that challenge out hard, so here I am. As you keep land mines out of my way, I'll probably only let you down once per round.
  11. To whom it may concern, I discussed this incident at length with TheAbsoluteMadMan in an attempt to recap and improve in these sort of scenarios. I had been playing Augustus Cade, the Wizard, that round, who was attempting to assist in the capture of the ninja, "The Observer." He informed me of the judgement placed against him and I went through my logs as I was present for this altercation. As we all understood it, the AI, played by AttackHelicopter6754, had been subverted by "The Observer" who used a One Crew Member board to give him absolute control over the AI and subsequently all, AI law-slaved borgs. Nanny-bot was one of these borgs who was ordered by the AI to capture the Captain and the Head of Personnel. Nanny-bot did as it was commanded by the AI and kidnapped the Captain. The AI then ordered the Captain to be murdered, Nanny-bot complied. They then came for Thea Reeves, Head of Personnel. During the attempt to capture her, I was present as the wizard and having learned of the synthetics being compromised, I intervened and used an EMP spell. This consequently derailed Nanny-bot's plan to take Thea and they were forced back into the elevator where Adrien Major had pursued, likely trying to distance himself from the mysterious purple man screaming in spess-latin causing electrical mayhem. In any event, Nanny-bot, now sealed in a 3 by 3 elevator with a security officer and having shown it's hand by attempting to snatch Thea, stunned Major with its baton: <span class='danger'>Adrien Major has been beaten in the upper body with the stunbaton by Nanny-Bot!</span><br> <span class='warning'>Adrien Major was mildly shocked by the the stunbaton.</span><br> <span class='warning'>Adrien Major was mildly shocked by the the stunbaton.</span><br> The elevator descended and I teleported down to the AI entrance to find Adrien in the center hallway leading into the AI chamber. Nanny-bot wasn't doing too well from the first EMP and was being riddled with laser and ion cannon fire from additional security forces that had come down from the ladder: <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the ion bolt in the chest!</span><br> <span class='danger'>Jesse Armstrong's Xion Manufacturing Group left hand flies off in an arc!</span><br> The handcuffs falls off of Jesse Armstrong.<br> <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the laser in the chest!</span><br> <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the laser in the groin!</span><br> <span class='secradio'><IMG CLASS=icon SRC=[0xc000183] ICONSTATE='sec_headset'><b>[Security]</b> <span class='name'>Drake Vyas</span> <span class='message'>asks, <span class='body'>"Progresson the missing captain and or HOS?"</span><br> <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the laser in the chest!</span><br> However, the AI had managed to open the first door, allowing their lethal turrets to fire down the hall. Adrien was initially in the resting position no doubt from robust exhaustion. I had fired off an additional EMP (which made everyone on the server very happy, they told me so in ooc later) but it was not within range to affect the turret. I decided to loose a fireball towards the turret and as luck would have it, Adrien stood up: <span class='game say'><span class='name'>Augustus Cade</span>(as Augustus) says, <span class='message'><span class='body'>"ONI SOMA."</span></span></span><br> <span class='warning'>You hear a loud cracking sound coming from Adrien Major.</span><br> <B>Adrien Major</B> screams!<br> <span class='warning'>The wound on your right foot widens with a nasty ripping noise.</span><br> The reinforced window looks seriously damaged!<br> The ÿEmergency Shutter shows signs of damage!<br> I didn't realize it at the time as I was blinded and propelled into another Z level with no oxygen after that fireball, but apparently it collided with poor Adrien in what will likely go down in history as one of the worst cases of friendly fire. I shudder to imagine the vitriol that I might have had to endure from the peanut gallery if they had known that I had caused that explosion but I feel honor bound to confess it here, now that I have gone back and seen it in the logs, that Nanny-boy was not the cause of Adrien's death as previously thought by administration at the time of his judgement. So as you can see, Nanny-bot used low-level force to kidnap a 'non-crew' member according to its law set. They were not given the opportunity to role-play the particular kidnapping of Adrien due to a salivating security team and magical demi-god with a verbal robot nuke. They also did not cause the death of Adrien due to me being absolute shite. Furthermore, far be it from me to question the logic of the admin staff but if the AI was validated in ordering the deaths of crew members, and Nanny-bot was following the orders from the validated AI, why would they not be also protected from judgement as was the case for said AI? Anyway, I hope this helps everyone involved and I have my logs if you need for whatever reason. Thanks for reading.
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