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  1. To whom it may concern, I discussed this incident at length with TheAbsoluteMadMan in an attempt to recap and improve in these sort of scenarios. I had been playing Augustus Cade, the Wizard, that round, who was attempting to assist in the capture of the ninja, "The Observer." He informed me of the judgement placed against him and I went through my logs as I was present for this altercation. As we all understood it, the AI, played by AttackHelicopter6754, had been subverted by "The Observer" who used a One Crew Member board to give him absolute control over the AI and subsequently all, AI law-slaved borgs. Nanny-bot was one of these borgs who was ordered by the AI to capture the Captain and the Head of Personnel. Nanny-bot did as it was commanded by the AI and kidnapped the Captain. The AI then ordered the Captain to be murdered, Nanny-bot complied. They then came for Thea Reeves, Head of Personnel. During the attempt to capture her, I was present as the wizard and having learned of the synthetics being compromised, I intervened and used an EMP spell. This consequently derailed Nanny-bot's plan to take Thea and they were forced back into the elevator where Adrien Major had pursued, likely trying to distance himself from the mysterious purple man screaming in spess-latin causing electrical mayhem. In any event, Nanny-bot, now sealed in a 3 by 3 elevator with a security officer and having shown it's hand by attempting to snatch Thea, stunned Major with its baton: <span class='danger'>Adrien Major has been beaten in the upper body with the stunbaton by Nanny-Bot!</span><br> <span class='warning'>Adrien Major was mildly shocked by the the stunbaton.</span><br> <span class='warning'>Adrien Major was mildly shocked by the the stunbaton.</span><br> The elevator descended and I teleported down to the AI entrance to find Adrien in the center hallway leading into the AI chamber. Nanny-bot wasn't doing too well from the first EMP and was being riddled with laser and ion cannon fire from additional security forces that had come down from the ladder: <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the ion bolt in the chest!</span><br> <span class='danger'>Jesse Armstrong's Xion Manufacturing Group left hand flies off in an arc!</span><br> The handcuffs falls off of Jesse Armstrong.<br> <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the laser in the chest!</span><br> <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the laser in the groin!</span><br> <span class='secradio'><IMG CLASS=icon SRC=[0xc000183] ICONSTATE='sec_headset'><b>[Security]</b> <span class='name'>Drake Vyas</span> <span class='message'>asks, <span class='body'>"Progresson the missing captain and or HOS?"</span><br> <span class='danger'>Nanny-Bot is hit by the laser in the chest!</span><br> However, the AI had managed to open the first door, allowing their lethal turrets to fire down the hall. Adrien was initially in the resting position no doubt from robust exhaustion. I had fired off an additional EMP (which made everyone on the server very happy, they told me so in ooc later) but it was not within range to affect the turret. I decided to loose a fireball towards the turret and as luck would have it, Adrien stood up: <span class='game say'><span class='name'>Augustus Cade</span>(as Augustus) says, <span class='message'><span class='body'>"ONI SOMA."</span></span></span><br> <span class='warning'>You hear a loud cracking sound coming from Adrien Major.</span><br> <B>Adrien Major</B> screams!<br> <span class='warning'>The wound on your right foot widens with a nasty ripping noise.</span><br> The reinforced window looks seriously damaged!<br> The ÿEmergency Shutter shows signs of damage!<br> I didn't realize it at the time as I was blinded and propelled into another Z level with no oxygen after that fireball, but apparently it collided with poor Adrien in what will likely go down in history as one of the worst cases of friendly fire. I shudder to imagine the vitriol that I might have had to endure from the peanut gallery if they had known that I had caused that explosion but I feel honor bound to confess it here, now that I have gone back and seen it in the logs, that Nanny-boy was not the cause of Adrien's death as previously thought by administration at the time of his judgement. So as you can see, Nanny-bot used low-level force to kidnap a 'non-crew' member according to its law set. They were not given the opportunity to role-play the particular kidnapping of Adrien due to a salivating security team and magical demi-god with a verbal robot nuke. They also did not cause the death of Adrien due to me being absolute shite. Furthermore, far be it from me to question the logic of the admin staff but if the AI was validated in ordering the deaths of crew members, and Nanny-bot was following the orders from the validated AI, why would they not be also protected from judgement as was the case for said AI? Anyway, I hope this helps everyone involved and I have my logs if you need for whatever reason. Thanks for reading.
  2. Tarnish not the majesty of your ant king.
  3. Geeves took the time to help me with my first PR, walking me through every step and then probably walking me through every step a second time. They assisted me with the coding side of things as well and at no point did I feel like they were anything less than genuinely happy to be helping another member of the community. Beyond that, their growing knowledge of the back end of things is formidable and something I have grown to envy. I can't recommend them enough for a developer position.
  4. First, thank you @kyres1 for the kind words and approval of my application. @DeadLantern as well as the rest of the respondents, thank you for taking the time to review and provide feedback on this effort. As far as exploring the effects of torment on an IPC, I believe the perception of these events being abhorrent is universal among the majority species. How this manifests in an IPC and how I make it interesting will be the greatest challenge I think. Does a computer wince when you hard restart it? Is a component in duress when it overheats? These questions are perhaps applying too much personification to simple electronics, but once you afford these subsystems the complexities of intelligence, where does the line blur and which colors begin to bleed? Furthermore, once they soak and engorge the pulp of these pages, how do they communicate those horrors? Are they simply mirroring the emotions of their creators or are the capable of manifesting their own? An intoxicating complexity will be Gates' source of knowledge of machine internals. Recalling from their past experiences the design, anatomy, and procedures of previous models to assist current units will be both a required function and hellish reminder. I hope to make those intimate moments compelling.
  5. Kyres has given me antagonist advice as well as their personal opinions about typical antagonist behavior and it's untold effects on many rounds. From a newer member's perspective I could immediately tell they are passionate and experienced in the balance of gameplay as well as the needs of the community in regard to antagonist roles. In their frustrations, they had mused about this proposal to me and reading through this now only reinforces my appreciation of their dedication and knowledge, but enough guzzling... Again, from my perspective, it's difficult to balance the lack of knowledge of the game along with the lore and RP aspects this server strives to achieve. Much of the mechanics of the game are the responsibility of the individual to discover and practice and this simply isn't efficient in an RP environment. Additionally, many varied individuals with different ideas of what this game is and what they think is clever or fun walk into this server without a clear understanding of what is expected of them. While we can't sand down every aspect as the ambiguous open-ended nature of player creativity is something we wish to preserve, Kyres' refinement here would help clarify the role of what we currently refer to as an antagonist as well as offer a step towards a better foundation for all. I can't speak on behalf of more seasoned players that can craft a circuit that teleports them Merc base, or those that can craft stealth rigs before the first announcement, but for what it's worth I support this movement and regardless of it moving forward, I enjoy belonging to a community so committed to the betterment of their server.
  6. I know it's not how we do it but I can't help but giggle at the idea of NanoTrasen handing the Captain the keys or whatever to a device and not explaining it kills everyone. Just like, 'Hey man, if shit ever gets completely out of hand and you don't have time for a shuttle to evacuate, just uhhh, just toss this little fucker in this device and it will fix everything.' 'How does it work?' 'Oh that's a trade secret we can't disclose. Just uh, just only use it as a last resort because it's super expensive. Alright buddy? Great, good luck.' ::six guns::
  7. I'll tell you why it's United America's, because we have graciously spread Democracy and cheeseburgers to every corner of that great rock we call Earth and everyone should show their unbridled solidarity and appreciation by uniting under our flawless freedoms and not at all abhorrent late stage capitalism. (Eagle Scream)
  8. My primary motivation for updating anything on this server will always be two fold: Bring the lore in line with believable expected technological standards for the current year of play, and, Diversify our code base to stand out from other servers and entertain our deserving community. The ideas and discussions surrounding the change of the nuke event are all inspirational. These projects cannot exist within an echo chamber, but... these projects exist! Convene, converse, and let us determine what we as a community would be excited to entertain implementing. also i can try and animate the station blowing up in pixel art if you really need to get that fukken nuke.
  9. BYOND Key: SmallGreenAnt (was GroundCTRL) Character Names: Caden Thomas, Ethan Glover, Observer Species you are applying to play: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, as well as discussions within the Lore channel in Discord Why do you wish to play this specific race: I really enjoy the questions and challenges the advancements in artificial intelligence bring about in our current society. The philosophical issues regarding artificial life, the creation of it, the definition and boundaries of it, as well as our responsibility towards it are fascinating. Exploring those avenues within this community with talented role players equally excites me and is my primary motivation for attempting this. Beyond that, I am excited to make an honest attempt at developing a heavier and more dedicated role. My interactions thus far have been uniformly split between re-learning the game and easing into a community I can see calling home. This character is as much a 'growing up' moment as it is a personal indulgence. I hope I am adequately prepared. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Playing an IPC I feel comes with a significant additional weight, not just from their various alloyed frames, but due to their shaky beginnings. Their relative infancy as a recognized class is not so easily accepted as say another species. For instance, whilst biological differences may make say Humans and Skrell feel respectively superior to one another in their own way, they still mutually recognize that they are in fact different species. This is not universally so for IPCs, who can be regarded as property and in some cases not even believed to have a right to freedom. Wading between these social issues and simultaneously having to do so with one hand tied behind your back, as many models have a limited ability to feel and even form emotional appeals, is a unique challenge I feverishly await. Character Name: Object G88 "Gates" Please provide a short backstory for this character This was the 152nd time in Object G88's log it had been reactivated after a critical power failure. Purchased from a Hephaestus Orbital Superfactory on 11.07.2454, Object G88 was unexpectedly activated four hours later when their gyroscopic alarm was tripped multiple times in rapid succession. Galactic news would later report the bulk freighter transporting G88 along with over 23 million credits of worth of cargo was suddenly besieged by a group of privateers after the HBF's bluespace drives suspiciously failed moments before a coordinated jump, leaving them without their escort. The brief window allowed six containers to be successfully, albeit violently, detached before private security could return. A subsequent interdiction and firefight saw half of the blockade runners and their would-be spoils obliterated; in the chaos two managed to slip away without pursuit. G88 was hastily fenced to a shady decommissioning plant by the surviving crew where he was given his first assignment: salvaging other stolen IPCs. Within the first days, G88 attempted to escape his enslavement but was quickly quelled by a pulse mechanism that fenced the facility. For their insolence, they were scheduled to see if IPCs could be mentally broken. Their leg assemblies were removed and they were affixed to a crude gantry system so they could still perform their assigned duties. To add to their torment, G88 was reserved as the designated unit to disassemble any active shipments. Lastly, a favored tactic of this facility's overseer was to provide G88 with only a minimal battery charge so that each stretch awake would feel like they were suffocating. However, instead of swimming, their only hope of relief was to salvage faster. Often, even if all of their tasks were completed, G88 would still be left alone, covered in the fluids of their own kind, to slowly fade and shut down. In the latter half of 2459, G88's facility was raided by Sol Alliance forces. They were recovered, separated from their frame, and placed into evidence. Once the trial had run its course, seeing the facility owners only receive minimal time and fines, their positronic brain was released and placed into Hephaestus Industries Second Generation industrial frame for auction before being purchased by a research facility on the outer region of the Tau Ceti star system. This was the 152nd time in Object G88's log it had been reactivated after a critical power failure but this was the first time they would earn their freedom, one way or another... What do you like about this character? I think this character has an interesting play on the strong yet flawed archetype. They are in their infancy in their understanding of the world and other societies with a rather poor showing on behalf of humans. As such, techno-phobia and exploitation being inherently akin to IPC culture, will be a challenge for this character to deal with and overcome whilst still exploring their own abilities and aspirations. Their strong and imposing second generation frame will be seen as an overwhelming strength by some, but others may come to know the lack of understanding their otherwise capable appearance inflicts. Negative opinions from first generation IPCs or those that learn of their past may also arise. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would humbly submit that my overall displayed ability is currently average. I envy those that are quick to express themselves verbally and through interactions. More so, I envy individuals that extend their role playing through subtle details. A roboticist that presents a merchant with a full catalog of exo-suits for purchase, a chief engineer that holds shift meetings and assigns teams based on strengths and weaknesses, all of these quietly dedicated and talented community members give me pause and remind me that I can do better. I can't look around me at these examples and say I've ever impressed anyone as much as other's have impressed me, but this is a step towards that end. Notes: This character's primary department will likely be in an engineering setting but I have also fell in love with the idea of them being employed as a roboticist due to their inherent ability to create new life from reverse engineering so many previous units in the past. I am open to suggestions and look forward to your feedback and critiques. Thank you.
  10. Wew. Just got caught up on all the goings on within this thread, what a ride. In true American fashion, allow me to insert my laughably amateur opinion as if I know what I'm talking about. To address the destruction lore-wise, as I've understood it, the nuke has always been the last resort option when recovering the station is not feasible. Recovery of the station is the job of ERT. As such, the complete destruction of the station under whatever new mechanic we introduce is completely justifiable should that be the decision. From a resource and coding standpoint, I understand the desire to explain around the destruction aspect of a WMD. If you require something embedded in reality with a tangible explanation there are a few radiological, biological, chemical, nanomachine, and wavelength style weaponry I can discuss and imagine. The simplest and presently available is microwave weaponry. A high powered emitter can send out a localized beam of microwaves to steadily agitate the cells of any organism. Microwaves work by rapidly shifting cells back and forth creating an increased friction and subsequent temperature rise. The vibrations can range from mildly uncomfortable to absolutely devastating. As of the Iraq war the US (eagle scream) has been employing microwaves to deter crowds and individuals alike as a means of first strike psychological warfare. Apparently your skin boiling is a good attention getter. Radiological weapons today unfortunately either act too slow or create unstable amounts of energy to be clean Thanos level population cullers. The nuclear device on the station is an example of an atomic fission reaction. The efficacy and result of a nuclear blast in the vacuum of space is debatable however I can imagine in 500 years a technological understanding of this branch might allow for a weaponized delamination event that could be contained within the station. Chemical advances and bluespace lore could allow a locally planted device to rapidly teleport a mass of corrosive compounds within the bodies of detected organisms of everyone aboard. The mass could be greater than the volume limit of the host bodies which would explain the rapid rupture. Incidentally, the corrosive liquids would eventually be purged by scrubbers and cleaned by stationbound crew which would explain why so much blood sprays into my face at the beginning of some rounds. I could go on about nanomachines but you get it. Grey tide blah blah. An interesting take on the nuke could be merely a stellar spiritual successor. An antimatter field could be perpetually suspending the core of a miniature star in superposition. The device when activated would interrupt the field causing the star to collapse. It's dying breath could be small enough to only implode the room in which it's housed but the exhaling death rattle of said star could theoretically create enough energy to obliterate everything that doesn't have a high enough density to withstand the forces. Lastly, a plausible nerdy WMD in space would be funneling a D/T open fusion reaction through the halls of the station. Due to the station atmosphere being highly controlled, a sudden rise in hydrogen while a Deuterium and Tritium reaction built would essentially ignite the hallways in an intoxicating glow. The glow however would have enough energy to cause a Falcon Heavy to leave Earth's atmosphere. I dunno, I'm drunk from a wedding I just left. Tell me my USB stick is crappy. Good night all!
  11. This turned out better than I had hoped lol ❤️
  12. I even put out a heart emoji. 1062 Aphelion Alberyk Arvak Morekborn AurumDust Boonshucks Brayce BygoneHero Conspiir Curt5 Damasuss Dark1Star Ferner Haveatya Irosi9 JKJudgeX Kyres1 OneWingedMajora Oxytone ParadoxSpace Peachelei Potopogoswogo Scheveningen Simon_the_Miner SonicGotNuked Soultheif96 Talsment TheAbsoluteMadMan TheGreatNacho TyrannyYT UglyXeno Voyd2000 Xelnagahunter Yonnimer
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