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IGBASteve unban request

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Total Ban Length: week
Banning staff member's Key: Goret
Reason of Ban: Carrying a syringe gun as doctor (Supposed this means I was powergaming)
Reason for Appeal: I don't think carrying a syringe gun as a doctor is not a bannable offense, would be my first reason for why I feel this appeal should go through. I'll give a little more context into the situation that led up this situation to help people understand how it came about in the first place. I was in med, doing as you do as a med, then some security person says "I'm going to blow up med" and throws a singularity onto the ground, so I shoot my syringe gun at her with sedative (non lethal sedative) and call sec to surgery. When sec get here, they explain the singularity was just a toy (I have no way of knowing this) and then start shouting at me, one of them even striking me. I RP pushing him back for hitting me, and use a single disarm on him as a representation of the shove I give him, I was hoping to get a RP scene going with funny stuff, character interaction and wacky hijinks, what I instead got was immediatly tazed and cuffed and dragged to sec with no respond RP of any kind, I Ahelp to let admins know that security are being (In the most respectfull way possible) "shitsec". I usually would have let the situation develop a little more IC before I contacted an admin, but on this server in particular, even previously with these same character I've been having problems with security acting like this in almost every round to the point where I've only played a single round where this kind of play hasn't emerged as an issue and completely ruined the second half of a round for me. There was only one admin on at the time (So I'm sure they where busy and dealing with multiple issues allready, I appreciate all the work the admins and mods put into making this game run) and they got to me very quickly, which I appreciate and is a credit to them, but instead of addressing the issue that I was asking for help with the first message I'm sent was something allong the lines of "Hey, you're record looks pretty bad", reffering back to my record all through the conversation which left me feeling like that wheren't paying attention to the situation, I also felt that they'd allready decided to not help me from the the moment they'd checked my record as their attitude seemed to be more searching for something that I've done wrong instead of searching for something which sec had done wrong, which I greatly did not appreciate. I wasn't asked much about the situation myself, giving me the impression that the admin was asking the offending security what it was that had happened and after a bit came back to me asking why I was carrying around a syringe of sedative to begin with, which more of less confirmed my suspiscions that they wheren't planning on helping me. I got upset and admittedly quite rude with the admin (Though I made sure to apologise later when I had calmed down, I don't want to be the type of person that's rude to anyone, ever) and they said that becuase of previous offences, reffering to a 24 hour ban that I'd recently received he was going to escelate me to a week's ban for breaking the rule of "powergaming" for having used a syringe of sedative whilst playing a doctor. I don't feel using sedative as a doctor is powergaming, personally, though I'm sure there are some who might disagree, and even if it was, I don't think it's enough of a powergame to justify a week's ban from the game. For this reason I'd like to have the ban removed, please.

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i honestly cannot endorse an appeal from you in any capacity

i've never seen anything good from you man, you always talk about round events in OOC to complain, when you've played roles such as medical doctor without knowing what you're doing, you've insulted and yelled at people who asked you to read the wiki. you've had people tell you time and time again that what you're doing isn't right and yet there is still 0 improvement


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Hey Leudoberct, thanks for your feedback, just wanted to make a few comments however.

1: I only complain when I'm getting (For the lack of a better term) "Shitsec", sorry if that's all you see from me, I'm not usually a chatty guy in OOC unless something like that happens so I can see why it's your only impression of me. Hopefully once it happens enough, we'll start to see some action happening about the way security play so I'll have less need to complain about it OOC!

2: Medical doctor is actually my main role, I had one round when I first joined the server where I was adgusting to how this server works (SS13 is a strange game in the way that every server has different rules!) but I feel I've been pretty robust as far as medical is concerned since then.

3: I've insulted and yelled at people who asked me to read the wiki but the way you phrase it makes it sound as if I had done becuase they where asking me to read the wiki when in reality I was doing it becuase they where being (Again, for the lack of a better term) "shitsec". Though, I will give you that I shouldn't shout and insult at anyone for any reason, no matter how much I feel they deserve it and I'm trying to hold myself to a much higher standard since when I first started here.

4: In the rules of the unbanning section there's a rule saying:

"Only post if involved. If you are not a moderator or administrator and were not involved in a specific incident that may elicit a ban request, you may not post or reply to a ban request regarding that incident."

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I will be handling this unban appeal. 

Now, I see two main issues. One, carrying a syringe gun around on your person is fine, yes, but when it's loaded with a chemical such as Chloral Hydrate, it ventures into the powergaming. Which is the reason for your ban it seems, not so much sedating the officer, but the fact you had a loaded ready to go chloral syringe gun.. Again, super powergamey. 

Now; regarding your recent history with notes, warnings and even a one-day temp ban. I'm going to lower it to a three-day temporary ban since the person who banned you was directly involved and shouldn't have had handled it themselves. If you are not content with this resolution, you're more than welcome to make a staff complaint against me in the staff complaints subforum. Cheers! 

Locking and Archiving within the next 24 hours.

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Hey, moving discussion here as requested. I'm curious what exactly provoked this escelation, I understand that I've gone from a warning to a 24 hour ban to a weeks ban, with the serverity of the ban not being represented by the severity of the offense but by the step of what point of escelation I'm on, which makes perfect sense to me.

What I'm curious about is what triggered this escelation, I was the one who origonally contacted the admins, they didn't come to me, and as far as I'm aware I did nothing wrong during that round ...

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So, calling back to what triggered this ban, or the escalated punishment... It was the power-gaming. Carrying a syringe gun around loaded with Chloral Hydrate darts. You've been warned for other things, which I won't get into for the sake of your privacy. And you've even been banned for a day due to another offense. When you first join the server, you're expected to read the rules. The prompt is there, etc. In some cases, players will skim them or not read them at all. You fell into the trap of skimming/not reading. And if you did read them, you may not have understood some of them, for instance, the one regarding power-gaming. (I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to make it as clear as I can.).  

Now, yes, this ban will be taken into consideration regarding future punishments, if you receive any. 

Something I also want to point out is that just because someone opens a ticket, doesn't mean they are voided from any sort of punishment. For example, I welder bomb someplace, and murder some people without roleplay/proper escalation. Then a security officer or someone else beat me down and I die. I open a ticket and explain what happened to me. But that doesn't mean I'm not in the wrong for not providing sufficient roleplay and escalation before murdering crew and bombing place. TLDR, opening a ticket does not exempt you from punishment.

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Allright, I think I get it! Thanks for taking the time to spoon feed it to my dumb ass, I appreciate you going through the effort to break it down for me since I was genuinely confused about it, it didn't come off as rude at all!

Now that I do understand what's going on though, I'd like to adgust my ban appeal slightly.

I'd completely understand and agree that walking around with a loaded syringe gun with chloral hydrate is bad RP and powergaming, and not behavior accepted on his server. I have absoloutely no issue with this rule and I am more than happy to adgust my play and behavior to accomodate that rule, I feel as if I had been bwoinked during the round and the admin said "Hey, cut that out" I would have agreed and done it instantly and the situation would have not gone any further than that. I feel the only reason is escelated past that is becuase of the chaos surrounding the situation, I accept full responsibility for not perceiving the issue the admin was attempting me to criticise on and that becuase I was not compliant (Becuase I didn't perceive what he was asking of me, which I take responsibility for) he was required to very rightfully issue a ban.

I'm happy to take the three day ban, I but I would ask that after this we can put this situation behind us and it doesn't count towards future steps of escelation, I'd like it if we could treat it as the situation went as simply as: "Hey, cut out the chloral hydrate" "no problem bossman" "Cool, enjoy your round", which is how I feel it would have gone had the timing of the situation not happened during the chaotic mess surrounding it.

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I'm glad you agree with the punishment, and that you understand why you've been banned, but this is still going to be looked at for the next time you are spoken to. (If that happens). 

Perhaps the ticket could have been handled in a better way, but, as I said before, a ticket is a ticket. I need to make sure you understand something. The next offense will most likely lead to a permanent ban. So before you return, you need to read the rules and be sure to understand them fully. Or it's going to lead to you being banned, and the only way you'll be unbanned is not by a timer, but a appeal.

Anything else to add?

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I've already read the rules once but perhaps I skimmed them more than I should have so I'll go and read them more thoroughly before playing again.


Im curious as to whether or not this appeal was successful? I'd like to play a round tonight if possible.

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