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Voyd2000 - Custom item concept/application - Liza's carving kit.

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Character name: Liza Al'Falak

Item name: an ornately carved wooden box with metal accents.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? 

It is a pastime hobby of Liza's, others may go to the bar for a drink, or stop for a bite to eat, Liza would rather sit quietly and carve wood.
The box contains a small tool for carving wood, a few small wooden figurines, one for each species, and a set of utensils carved from wood and a Pipe.

Item function(s):

Ok to summarize what this is, It is a small wooden box,  the box contains a unique "carving knife", mechanically doesn't need to do damage and serves another purpose detailed below.
Also inside the box are a number of small carved figures(one for each playable species) are no bigger than the action figures that exist in the game, and a set of basic utensils carved from wood.
All of this would be super simple items with no special coding attached..But..BUT!
The main gimmick here is that I would like to be able to give the various carved items a one-time description, so, for example, I would give someone a spoon, but the description of the wooden spoon would be customized to the individual receiving it, to apply the description I would use the "carving knife" item essentially working mechanically like  applying a label to something with the label maker only the label would be permanent and unchangeable once set, the player could then if they wanted to continue to have that item on station, apply for for it here, keeping its original custom description and allowing them to have the custom  sprite as well, or just "Take it home" and not apply for the custom item.
I don't know how things work when it comes to custom items and actual coding for special behavior of said items, so I haven't done any sprite work, but if this was a viable concept I would get to work on a set of sprites, one for each utensil, and one for each species figure, the carving tool, pipe and the box itself.

Item description:

-The Box.
"An ornate wooden box, hand-carved and covered in fractal patterns and geometric shapes, parts of the box such as small corner reinforcements are inlaid with an unknown metal that refracts similar fractal designs from its subsurface that are carved into the wood, on the front of the box, a silver thin strip of inlaid metal takes the shape of an infinity symbol and stretches the entire length of the front face."

-The carving tool.
"This strange looking tool has a handle design fit for a Tajara with both ends sporting sharp cutting tips, on one end a small knife like blade with a slightly curved tip, the other end of the tool sporting a three fingerlike blade with each finger of the blade having a different shape or contour, the blades appear incredibly sharp and well-maintained."

-The Items.(Without special label applied)
"The item appears only partially finished," 
the above description would be the first part of the description for every item then continuing with a small description based on each unfinished item.
"This item resembles a spoon."
"This item resembles a fork."
"This item resembles a knife."
"This item resembles a small unfinished <insert speciesx7> figurine."

so an example of a full description of an unfinished item would be..

"The item appears only partially finished, This item resembles a spoon"

"The item appears only partially finished, This item resembles a small unfinished IPC figurine. "

Each of these descriptions would obviously be replaced once a custom description is in place signifying a finished product, I don't plan to change visually at all from their "unfinished" to "finished" state, just a description change.

Item appearance:

I haven't made any sprites at this time as I'm still wondering about the very concept of the item and if it's a thing that could be coded with the intended functionality.

How will you use this to better interact with the crew and/or stimulate RP?

Liza would gift people small trinkets once in a while when she thinks it's appropriate or wants to appreciate someone, maybe she hears a Unathi she knows, talking about a son, so she gives said Unathi and small carved figure of a Unathi holding a weapon and looking like a fierce warrior.

Or another random example of giving people utensils when she sees them eating with their hands, she wouldn't be handing these things out left and right, I would choose special moments or even have individuals meet hidden criteria before she would consider such a gift, like a hidden quest lol.

Additional comments:

my additional main comment is that I haven't provided any sprites just yet as I'm looking for more of a "green light" on the concept and possible functionality with a willing coder take up the challenge and pull it off.

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Alright so I over thought some of this stuff and a lot of it isn't necessary as far as the mechanics, the only thing that needs to work is to be able to rename the miniature sculptures into new "complete descriptions" The carving tool and its suggested functionality doesn't need to be a thing and can be more of  a prop, I'd also like to remove the "curved knife item" more space in the box for the other items (species figurines/pipe/fork'n'spoon) 

So essentially the only real coding mechanic here would be on the individual wooden sculpture items and being able to change their descriptions/name, preferably one time only.

And maybe a special container that will hold only said items. (carved trinkets/curving multitool prop) but this would only be if the item set didn't fit in a standard container code-wise.


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Im going to go ahead and accept this as its one of the more unique things I and prate have seen in awhile, aswell as fitting into Lizas personality and actions very well. However, I will make this for-warned that it will be a no if people try applying for custom items based on engravings made for them



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