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Staff Complaint- Alberyk

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BYOND Key: XenosTiger

Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk

Game ID: Unknown.

Reason for complaint: Applying a Permanent Ban instead of a Synthetic Ban.

Evidence/logs/etc: See attached image.

Additional remarks: While I actually do agree that my behavior that round was decidedly unacceptable- I was in a goofy mood and decided to join as OMEGA, a stationbound synthetic that I designed to fit into the rules of Aurora, I decided, unwisely, to do a bit of MRP that round. I make no attempts to excuse that fact, but I'm not pleased with the result. According to Alberyk, all of the infractions that lead up to my ban were in regards to behavior as a synthetic. Which, other than the two rounds where I joined as a human and did some admittedly dumb stuff, is the only role I play- Stationbound synthetic, pAI, or maintenance drone. I do not dispute the crimes- I am simply disputing the punishment dispensed. Perma-ban for almost exclusively synthetic RP issues, when a stationbound ban would solve the problem as well? I honestly don't understand it.

Though, I will state that I'll do better synthetic RP if I do get back on. No more joining late at night when I'm too likely to goof off!


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I will explain why I applied a server ban. Okay, so, from my memory, this all started back in the time. With your borg character Epsilon, that was not fit for synth lore, you were told to change by the synth writer at the time, cakeisossim, then you left.

You came back, to play the same character in the same way that you were told it was not proper, using your own reason that cake was not around, so it was fine. Kyres tried to handle the situation, trying to find a better way to solve things, which did not really work out. Epsilon was still ignoring the lore set for borgs, that they would not remember their past life. So, kyres tell  you that you can't continue with this.

Now, take in consideration the following warning:


Warning added by alberyk, for: For playing a character that was pretty much against the set lore and theme of the server, after having those issues explained to them a couple of times already. If you want to know if anything is fine or not, be in contact with staff, do not try to keep going around them or push things on the way you want them to be..

Why did I warn you for this?

Because, after being told you could not play Epsilon like this, you created a human character, with the name of the supossed brain owner of the mmi that was Epsilon, and went around roleplaying as you knew the people from your past interactions as borg. Some examples:


2019-04-05 05:32:05.880] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) I am the queen of bees.

[2019-04-05 05:32:12.482] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) I am.. Or, was.

[2019-04-05 05:32:14.751] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) Epsilon.

[2019-04-05 05:32:52.788] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) Called in a few favors from a few dark gods while I was floating around in the void, dead.

[2019-04-05 05:33:30.357] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) So. You recognize me now?

[2019-04-05 05:34:06.821] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) Bluespace echoes are a thing, y'know.

[2019-04-05 05:34:58.016] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) They kinda.... decided to put me in a loop between two portals while I was floating through space.

[2019-04-05 05:35:28.598] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) But, at least they gave me something in return for amusing them.


[2019-04-05 05:49:59.797] bZC-aUXs EMOTE: Carolin Vantas/XenosTiger : <B>Carolin Vantas</B> attempts to ping! But is an fleshie hoomin.

[2019-04-05 05:56:11.944] bZC-aUXs EMOTE: Carolin Vantas/XenosTiger : <B>Carolin Vantas</B> then intones in an absolutely terrifying language, &#34;Llll fahf, n&#39;ghft r&#39;luhhor, Y&#39; ymg&#39; vulgtmah&#34;

[2019-04-05 05:57:35.300] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) It&#39;s amazing how just a little bit of R&#39;lyehian makes the humans panic.

[2019-04-05 05:59:31.663] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) ph&#39;nglui h&#39; wgah&#39;nagl ph&#39;nglui r&#39;lyeh, mglw&#39;nafh cthulhu fhtagn, fhtagn.

[2019-04-05 06:01:10.548] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) R&#39;lyehian. The language of those who came before humans.

[2019-04-05 06:01:42.300] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) Giants who strode tall above the earth, to whom the mountains were thrones, the oceans little more than a mild inconvenience.

[2019-04-05 06:02:15.476] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) Mgng hai, f&#39; ah mglw&#39;nafh.

[2019-04-05 06:02:18.830] bZC-aUXs SAY: XenosTiger/(Carolin Vantas) : (Ceti Basic) Now, they are dead.

Your excuse for that happenig in character was a deal with the lovecraftian gods, coupled with clear references to a work of literature that would be around 500 years old in our setting. Now, I warned you and explained you the issue with this behavior. We have a setting and standards to enforce, and you were spoken by people a couple of times about those. I decided to give you a chance and give you a warning instead of ban.

Later, I was contacted about your character's behavior in another round, which I found not really suitable for a cyborg. Also take in consideration I did work and consult with kyres to be sure that this was not suitable for a borg. Examples bellow:









Now, I did not see this as an issue with being a cyborg, as you can see by the Carolin examples, I feel that you do not wish to follow our setting and rules set, instead you just want to do whatever you want, even when people explain and tell you why it should not, it is not an issue with playing a cyborg, but in taking in consideration our rules and staff authority. And as I explained to you in pms, I am not against banning you, but you need to at least show me a basic character concept that does not conflict with our lore and setting.

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I was under the impression that androids were afforded some degree more leeway in terms of what they could and could not do. But, like I said, the final straw that got me banned was me joining as one round to goof off. Stupid on my part, I know. But I was told to stop using Carolin, so I did, went back to using OMEGA. And since I only played as her for two rounds, I figured I could just ask the people involved to just ignore the fact that she ever even existed. is OMEGA's concept, of being a mass-produced model designed with minimal personality, an issue on this server?

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Well, as I pointed out, this is really over the top for a cyborg, and it feels a lot like the previous Epsilon behavior. Like I explained, this just feels like a big part of your behavior of not taking in consideration what people explain to you in regards of the setting and the server itself. If this was all related to being a cyborg, sure, but the cyborg turned into a human by the power of elder gods did convince me that you had no interest in taking in consideration what we have been telling you.

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She was considerably embellishing her story, due to the fact that "I got ripped out of my shell in a telescience test and put into a human body" wouldn't have been as impressive sounding. It was my final attempt to get her on the server, but I definitely could have done it better, I agree. And I have been taking things into consideration. If my ban's lifted, I'll do better... Mostly by making sure I don't get on when I'm in a goofy mood, which seems to be when all the problems have arisen.

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This is really over the top for a cyborg but it seems strange the pattern went like, verbal warning, verbal warning, actual warning and then permaban. i feel like this is the level of dumb where someone keeps walking into a wall when warned about it and not the level of dumb where someone keeps leaving legos on my bedroom floor. The former being tempban worthy and the latter being permaban worthy. What do you think @Alberyk

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Well, I think I can just lift this permaban and replace with a synthetic job ban, so if we stay some time without running into problems, xenostiger is free to appeal the synth ban. What do you think of this resolution?

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Oh, sorry. I didn't respond because it looked like it had become a conversation between admins. I think this is a fair outcome- replacing the permaban with a synthban. That'd give me another opportunity to prove myself, and the punishment fits the crime. If I act up again, I believe it'd be a permaban though, correct?

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I lifted your perma and applied the synth ban, I will be fine with you appealing this ban in around one month or so. And I guess it kinda depends on what happens, but, if it is something severe, might result in a server ban.

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