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Some people know about this arc.

Back in the day when the first Zanzaditte Games was hosted on NSS Aurora, Ryder Philips and Brayden Parker were already on a couple dates but this event is what sealed it for them.

Ryder and Brayden can be seen with each other when neither of them are busy and located at the Bar.

Due to my many characters and change of timezones, we have not been together on NSS Aurora for a while.

Externally, Ryder would visit Brayden on Mars here and there while Brayden would visit Ryder at his place in Phoenixport when they want to be with each.

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The dry Skrell and the blue Unathi.


Most people have seen or commented on them. Sometimes Vedai rests his head on the bar counter and Suzuul rests his arm on Vedai's head. They bother the kitchen for endless amounts of food. They are generally assholes. All very domestic, but still very good at their jobs. They've known each other for... 8 or 9 months? I'm sure most people would be surprised to learn they "became official" about a week ago.

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