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Colfer - Dionae Whitelist

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BYOND Key: Colfer

Character Names: Anoxie-v8.04(AI) \ OSI-527 

Species you are applying to play: Dionae / Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Diona colored

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Very recently (within the same day)

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wanted to play as dionae mainly for some of the massive changes in their playstyle. straying away from something created or born within humanity, to something completely alien to them. My main goal for this application is hydroponics growth, developing into a full gestalt, then moving around the station and examining people uncomfortably. But of course I have many other character goals in mind, I plan on recreating one of my more known baystation dionae xenobotanists into aurora station (Coalescence Of Rainfall). I also in all honestly stray to more socially untalented races, since Im normally playing AI (radio roleplay?)

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Dionae move slow, think slow and act slow, with slurred or prolongated speech (as I've seen). On topic with speech, dionae tend to fail to correctly use emotional accessories to words, such as curse words or hostile slang to races and more. Dionae when compared to a human generally do not have as much complicated emotions, and have a hard time displaying them correctly without extensive study. Lastly but most importantly, Dionae when newly grown or young may have a hard time being social within a human society, occasionally getting within personal space to examine things they have never seen before.

Character Name: Coalescence Of Rainfall

Please provide a short backstory for this character 
'Born' in 2398 Coalescence of Rainfall, was stocked as a seed packet in a vending machine in a small research and exploration vessel operating within Sol. Being short on staff or help, some of the personnel onboard wanted to try their luck on growing a diona, and a ripped packet later, a nymph pod was being grown. Extensive care was given to the hydroponics tray containing Coalescence Of Rainfall, a steady stream of nutrients and water, perfectly adjusted (if a little dimmer) lighting, and within an hours time, the new nymph was born and treated well by those onboard. With the help of the nymph and staff, more nymphs were grown until a healthy cyclops formed, quickly naming itself "Coalescence Of Rainfall", in regards to water buckets and nutrient bottles pouring down onto plantlife. After some education and time to study, Coalescence of Rainfall quickly took up the role offered to them as a xenobotanist. A few years later, even some of the more exotic and delicate plants were handled within the research vessel by Coalescence, and they made very well formated and detailed reports of their findings to share with their colleges.

The reports submitted were noticed by NanoTrasen quickly, and the offer to join them was give to Coalescence, with excitement, Coalescence took the opportunity to join NanoTrasen and be present for much more complex and intricate floral life studies and observations. Coalescence was inspired to be one of the first to research new and exciting flora and be put in history books of human culture, or atleast a 'employee of the month' plaque.   A few years of study of various alien life and mutating them for common gardening, Some of the alien life had defence mechanisms such as spikes, dangerous internal chemicals, excretion and so on, making Coalescence wear more protective outfits. After a while they had noticed that people felt more comfortable with their form when they could see less of it, even doing their own secret study to see how people reacted when they walked around the facility with almost cumbersome amount of clothing, and with only mandatory clothing. Investing in wearing only what is need to protect themselves when working, and dressing up in more enclosing outfits when going out to discuss research details with others on the facility. They have never changed their name from their original, and sometimes substitutes long periods of time with the extra clothing with small 1u doses of radium.

What do you like about this character? 

Coalescence always was and always will be my favorite diona I've ever made on baystation. I put alot of thought into their backstory and even made some employee records for them (that I have yet to finish because of lazyness), But its mainly because of that it was one of the first fully fledged diona I've ever made and received well with people that knew them. But for this aurora specific character, I like that they aspire to be recorded in some way and do more outgoing tasks because of it. As well as their development of their gestalt giving them a unique (if slightly hampering) idea of human clothing, wearing more when attempting to be social.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? For Diona: 7/10 | Overall: 6/10
Both ratings relate to how I feel I could do, but not necessarily how I know I can. I think in the emotional aspect im absolutely set, as when playing Anoxie(AI) I tend to have an apathetic, artificial, and non-human vibe to my play, so much so that I even get a few messages in OOC about my good play, I think this could really really benefit my role-playing ability for both Coalescence and any diona nymphs I decide to inhabit in hydroponics, should this application be accepted.


Notes: diehonah nemphh AaAaAa. But in seriousness im not sure I will meet average expectations at the very start of my whitelist but will get better over time, as I havent played diona for atleast a month and may need help on mentality of actions and so forth

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Anoxie-v8.04 is one of the best AIs we have right now, good RP on the channels and even as hologram. Sticks to the role and helps people to a reasonable degree. Also great to play under as Borg (Kaiser remembers). Wish you the best of luck with your app and would love to see you prod arround the station as diona :3


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Heyo, @Colfer! For future reference, you can @mention staff/other players to catch their attention. Sometimes I can be a little forgetful with checking on the forums, as it's not very often that I get applications! You can also find the appropriate staff members on our main Discord server and message them there. The majority, including me, will usually always respond back shortly!

Now, for your application, I'd firstly like to welcome you over to Aurora as a player from Baystation. I've never played there myself, but it's nice to see someone willing to explore and try out other servers as well! A few places may look down upon character porting, but I don't mind in the slightest as long as the character is able to fit into our setting or be edited slightly to make it possible.  Hell, with your character, they would have existed for around 62 years now, and I wouldn't be surprised if they originally did come from Bay's facility and transferred over bringing with them their personal experiences and memories if the timelines match up, as the current year here is 2460. The only time-travel that's legal in Aurora is forwards!

Moving on, I can see that you have a good reason to want to play them, but your idea on what makes them different is more on their social inclination more than anything when it is so much more than that. Keep in mind that their views on the world are very different- even against more than just the human species. If you can think of anything more, I'd love to read it!

Your backstory is pretty basic- but that's good! The background is solid, nothing is too complex that questions can be raised against, and it leaves a lot to be discovered of them in-game were I to approve. However, I do have a question. Most Dionae have something that drives them, a thing that piques their curiosity that they pursue it in their studies. They have a natural alignment to plant life, sure, but what made Rainfall continue to pursue a generic thing for them than to go out and explore the more "alien" fields?

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Alien life can be mutated, modified, configured, randomized, and even chemically changed to an almost identical level of another plant (atleast mechanically). at well as certain alien plants containing chemical compounds that wouldnt be suitable in plant production (still yet mechanically), I would like to believe that since Diona are healed by radiation, and are resistant to alot of things, that they would be one of the first in line to receive new samples recovered by expeditions. Being able to study why this plant can make this or that, or how to incorporate this or that into other plant samples. It would atleast be rather entertaining for a long while. And genetic modification is a hard thing to do, so It would also take a long time to truely learn the ins and outs

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Basically yes. Being able to basically re-configure an apple into a banana, with the color of grass and the chemical contents of ambrosia with the traits of tomato's would be very interesting, very difficult, and very time consuming. Additionally with switching over from a private vessel to a megacorporation, they would have alot more people to talk to and generally be in a bigger position to gain more information, both on their occupation and others.

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I can totally see it!

Now, for your "what makes Dionae different". Like I said before, you only really listed the inter-species interactions, but it's a lot broader than that when it comes to what separates Dionae from other species. It's not entirely one aspect. Can you think of any others that might separate them from the crowd?

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Obviously their apperance, looking and seemingly plantlike in nature to the point they are refered to as Tree people popularly. But their mindset is seperate from humans and other races because diona (as far as I can tell) mostly desire to obtain more information on the world around them and study.
But additionally is their body requirements. Unlike any normal organic being they require no food or water, and can live completely off natural and unnatural light and background radiation.
Lastly is their process of thought, which is slower and less cordinated than other races, Causing them to seemingly slur or stretch words out, or even have slow reaction times to sudden events, such as a loud snap, etc.
There are tons of others such as how diona are naturally born from seeds, how they can split into seperate organisms, their ability to communicate to all collective gestalts or locally in global and local rootspeak respectively, and choice of clothing which is naturally minimal if none at all. 
And as far as I know, diona dont understand the concept of violence, never having to survive off more than some light and radiation made them confused why one person would forcefully take something somebody else rightfully owns, or why wars are raged (atleast without study) or why people fight for entertainment. While a new diona may be instructed to maliciously harm another person and do so thinking its ok, when corrected they might be sorry for their actions and never do it again without reason

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Mm, I wouldn't say that their thoughts are necessarily slower, but it's more like having cold fingers in the winter to us due to being in a low-radiation environment like the station. We're capable of thinking normally in an environment with less than ideal conditions, we just may be hampered; the same is for them. But everything else looks good!

Seeing that your application has sat here long enough and that you seem to have a good reputation and experience in roleplay, I'm glad to see Coalescence Of Rainfall branch out and welcome them to Aurora!


Application Accepted.




Good thing you can't complain about my pun after locking the thread  :^)

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