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Question about Records and templates



I was looking to update one of my character records for the first time and I most admit that I'm not sure where to start.

So I was wondering if there was templates somewhere to help me have some sort of an "official" form that will show as such in-game. I found the post in the guides about form that can be found for event in-game, but nothing about creating from scratch for a new character.

Also, on a related subject, if someone in-game update you Records on the systems, like for example a doctor after a surgery in a canon event, will it update automatically on your character records to show in futur rounds?

I was wondering, because in that case it will make medical evaluation, security and employment records a bit more relevant in RP environnement as all of that will not just go to waste when the round end. 

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More specifically, there are things out there. While your records are freeform there are a great deal of players whom have found templates to use. I'm sure many of them can be found by browsing the forums a bunch or even doing a forums search. However, I tend to enjoy plug and play methods that auto-organize everything for me and someone seems to have made one of those as a program you can download!     

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14 minutes ago, Pratepresidenten said:

As for incidents happening in game, surgeries and medical visits doesnt update on auto, but being sentenced in the brig does.

Ok so being send to jail will show on your record automatically.

But my question was more about accessing a medical computer with your ID, where you can review and manually change a patient file. Will these changes carry on?

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