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  1. I appreciate Rocco, I played a few rounds with him and the interactions were good. He is active in the department and he did not give me the impression to talk to a statue. (Happen a bit too often in medical per moment.)
  2. Well, good to know that I'm not the only one that think Americana should be on a Starbuck menu instead of the name of a nation. I do not really have an opinion about what it should be called, it could be a totally fake name for what I'm concerned (which is not much), but Americana does have a bad sound to it.
  3. Well, for the other engineers we were annoyed because we brought back the station to a stable power level before that project was done and running and all the merit were given to the engine even if it would not have been able to provide enough power by itself to make the station stable. Also the CE arrived very late in the shift and from the information I have it was not a choice not to order a new crystal but a lack of options as it was not possible to do so. The option to order a new crystal was discussed way earlier in the round. So in short, the project was done by Braxton own initiative despite objections of the other engineers to use heated Phoron while some unknown threat was roaming around. Don't get me wrong though, outside the round context it's an interesting project and I will be curious of what could be used to replace a crystal in the core and the different outputs we can get from these options. It is also a nice complementary addition to what was a borderline acceptable power situation on the station. But I do not think this deserve a Hall of Fame.
  4. I might be wrong on what I'll be writing next, so don't hesitate to correct me if it is the case. I have looked at the way issues are reported and it seems to only be by the github page where you need to create an account to give some feedback. Won't it be easier to consolidate all reports and feedback about updates on single form that could easily be accessed by everyone from a link in the client? That way it will be easier or someone coding and the others to make a follow-up on the subject and the see the related issue. Proceeding that way may also increase the bug reports from the players and increase feedback about poorly implemented changes when they happen. Like Skull132 said, coding is not that easy to test and a small change you can think is benign may result in a butterfly effect that will cause bugs you would never have suspected. Better communication from the players and increase of bug reports could help to react to those things faster when they happen. My suggestion is not totally on the point of the post Kaed made as it's not a direct sensitive for coders to be more thorough, but a report system of that type could, with time, point out coders that have the most problematic reviews/ most bugs and could help to cut them out. Just to be clearer, the model I have in mind is just a simple database that links coders with their updates, bugs, feedback (and from whom) and maybe some other information depending of the needs.
  5. Yeah, low level tanks should create asphyxiation damages at worst but not popping lungs like the person is suddenly in open space. Also, on a shorter term that is easier to code, the emergency tanks provided to everyone and in lockers should be full instead or nearly empty. That will maybe not stop lungs to pop, but it will for sure prevent a few of them.
  6. Yeah, loadouts should be linked to each characters individually, but having at least a few ones would be useful for sure. +1
  7. I was vague on purpose in that case. It was just a layout for the idea as I don't think that me alone should be the one drawing the lines. I can make suggestions if people want more details though.
  8. I've been playing on Aurora for a few months now, and I realized that at multiple occasion there was an emergency shuttle called for what could appear trivial matters. The reasons I've seen to call an emergency evacuation shuttle have been from "The events caused psychological distress to the crew" to "Well nobody died but our security is not able to take control of the situation,” and there are plenty of others that I'm sure all of you have some examples of. (The examples given are a bit caricatural but they resume well the core of the reasons given.) The reasoning, on the lore side, for a stricter guide line for the emergency shuttle is that NanoTrasen is a corporation in place for profit, and evacuating for anything other than the station being totally unfit to sustain life, the crew is totally unable to maintain reasonable research work (reasonable could be detailed here) or if it's overwhelmed without any chance to take back control by hostile forces, it will result in massive preventable income lost for NT. Any organization of that size won't let a costly action like that going on without pushing huge repercussion on the person that pulled the trigger. Other reasoning for the gameplay part is that some person like the play in chaos from time to time, so having an end of the round forced at the first sign of a struggle when people still enjoy it seems a bit against the whole purpose of the game which is to have fun. But I understand there is some sort of balance to maintain to stay in the RP of the station, therefore the suggestion of clear criteria before arriving at an emergency shuttle situation. The idea of the proposition pretty much came to me when a shuttle was called seconds after an extension of the round vote passed for one of the reasons I've stated. Of course, none of that applies to the transfer shuttle. If there is an end of the round vote passing, it's the end. So in short, the idea would be to not be able / permitted to call an emergency shuttle unless: Station is unfit to sustain life anymore Station is unable to maintain reasonable research work Station is overwhelmed by violent hostiles and there is no chance to take it back Also, enabling people to play a bit more in chaos when it happens could eventually bring some new additions like "safe zone" or more escape pods. Well, I hope my first post was clear enough, English is not my first language, so don't hesitate to ask questions if you need clarifications.
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