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  1. I saw something interesting from @MoondancerPony while browsing the forums today that could also be a good alternative as the lines of when to call a shuttle doesn't seem to be at the same position for everyone. Adding vote to evacuation shuttle calls I think it's worth looking into as it will be the people in game that would vote to end it. Like that, people playing command would be able to say they did what they were supposed to even if the shuttle doesn't come.
  2. It would make sense to have an access level similar to the janitor one for other departments. I remember some games where I was called non-stop on the general channel to hurry somewhere while being stuck at the door of the department. +1
  3. I like the idea, to be honest since I'm here I can count one one hand the times I saw someone using the Penlight and I saw the breath analyzer used one time. Can be nice to just fit them all together is a nice new scanner.
  4. It goes against all my beliefs !! *Take a sip of alcohol free beer* "You can taste false hopes and deception" But honestly, I'm always good with more drinks.
  5. I'm not going to vote on that one as I don't know the player, but as other said. The application looks like a low effort compared to the others that are posted and there is the impression of a lack of interest emanating from it.
  6. I saw Omega around and it's a good cyborg player. The background story seem interest, ill be curious to see what he can do in an IPC body. +1
  7. Played with some of these characters, but mostly Nicola Penna and I like the balance I saw about being serious in his job and being fun to play with. I can't really think about any reason to not give him a species whitelist for Unathi. +1
  8. I mostly played with Spike Barnes, which I see a bit less these days, but Cnaym is a great roleplayer for sure and should do well in a command position from what I've seen so far. +1
  9. Thanks for the tool, it's pretty much what I was looking for and even more. I updated my Records list with it and works like a charm.
  10. Ok so being send to jail will show on your record automatically. But my question was more about accessing a medical computer with your ID, where you can review and manually change a patient file. Will these changes carry on?
  11. I like that vibrating sound, but it don't make much sense in the context of a station. That sound is the equivalent of the propulsion system reverberating into the station structure (Like on ships) and in our case could be changed for something more appropriate. Like someone said, adding a toggle specifically for it can be too much trouble for what it is, but if ever you have an alternative sound proposition to submit, I'll be open to vote for it if it's interesting.
  12. I agree with the idea in the condition that the same speed is only true if the wheelchair is being pushed by someone. Someone in wheelchair on his own should be slower in general even if just a little. +1
  13. As the others have said, it's not really a big issue, you have some every rounds, but it's not creating any problems. When I play my Paramedic, depending of the SSD timer, I tend to drag them into pods or in a corner of medical for "observation" just to keep them out of common spaces. I pretty much consider it as narcolepsy.
  14. I was looking to update one of my character records for the first time and I most admit that I'm not sure where to start. So I was wondering if there was templates somewhere to help me have some sort of an "official" form that will show as such in-game. I found the post in the guides about form that can be found for event in-game, but nothing about creating from scratch for a new character. Also, on a related subject, if someone in-game update you Records on the systems, like for example a doctor after a surgery in a canon event, will it update automatically on your character records to show in futur rounds? I was wondering, because in that case it will make medical evaluation, security and employment records a bit more relevant in RP environnement as all of that will not just go to waste when the round end.
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