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  1. Is the hidden head of staff forum active? Ill take the access if it is.
  2. I really liked playing with Jaxon and dragging him around into all sort of shit while using him as a shield because my CE refuse to handle any gun. He was always a reliable engineer and I know that Thatnewguy1 is a good role-player sticking in a strict way to the frame he gave his character. (I still hate you for "killing" Jaxon) I'm sure he will be able to play a good command member and will be able to be a decent CE. Also, I have less time to play these days, so we need someone else to steal Roadman' slot. +1
  3. Why not just adding "Off duty" as an alternative title to the "Visitor" ? You won't be able to clock in and will still have a "Visitor" status, but you won't have to explain why the hell you came to visit the station in your off time.
  4. I'll vote for solar to be pre-wired too, but maybe only those around Tcomms and not the roof. To run the station with basic systems you need around 800 KW (You might experience light closing and low power in some rooms, but it will run the station in idle state) so with Tcomm solar you would be a bit under that limit. The main reason I want one solar array to not be wired there is that doing it is still a good way to introduce new engineer players to wiring principles, how to set an EVA gear and power management. An other alternative could be to have more power generators around the station for people to use. Not enough to run the whole station, but they could run some vital systems in a department for a while without too much issues. I know that low pop can be painful, but there should not be too much automatisation on the station, making main station systems set themselves up would give even less reason to people to play engineers, which can have long down times when things are not blowing up left and right. As they are actually it's not that hard, I can set everything up except solar in less than 20 minutes when I am alone (SM, Rcon, Shield and Atmos) So when we arrive with a full department, it takes a bit longer, but having less to do would hurt engineering I'm pretty sure.
  5. I'm against a systematic replacement to put "they" everywhere. It could be available to alien species like a Diona and Skrell as an option, but most of the people around are normally easy to tell. Also, because of game limitation, people often confuse other people sex and the description help a lot to get it right. I don't really want to pass all my time correcting people on it because the description is ambiguous.
  6. +1 on keeping cadets I think it's important to have a slot where you can learn the job without performance pressure. They could just be general security with not specific sector too.
  7. Ninja event seem to often only include a small part of the players, so having a third one could be interesting. But as it was said, if all three have an explosive device that destroy everything on death, that could be an issue. I would be for that idea if the Ninja have a random chance to get that explosive failsafe only.
  8. What about throwing stuff violently at the people using the machine instead of everyone in proximity? Damages from these items could be increased a little too so engineer would have a reason to get to it. There is nothing likes having your soda can violently thrown at your face with an insult from the machine in bonus to support you.
  9. I'm against removing that function from the AI too, that will cripple AI capabilities so much, it will be near impossible to play. Just for example, the classic "Help" in common chat from someone without a sensor, it sounds a bit stupid that the AI would have to listen to reports or search all the station level by level to find that person, IF that person could be find in camera range. But, an alternative that could be acceptable would be to remove all names that are not on the manifest from the tracking menu. That could reduce the Meta issues where you just jump to strange name on your list without really crippling the AI capabilities.
  10. It's probably an idea that have been suggested in the past, but I don't seem to find trace of it with search or recent post talking about it. I've been playing here for about a year now and this is something I often tough about. The current two hours round seem short on many aspect and it often gives me the impression things are cut down when they start to get interesting. I can give for a few examples: You just got a new nice new KA from science as a miner, but you know it's useless because you are 1h30+ in the round and nobody really care about mineral anymore. You finish a huge renovation as an engineer of a place for people to enjoy and do some RP, but there is 20 minutes left into the round. You were able to set an expedition in place after all the paperwork struggle, the preparation and getting people to have a minimum of coordination to see yourself not being able to finish it be the round end. You try to set a gimmick in place as an antag without being too obvious and getting robusted too fast, only to see yourself rushed by the round timer and decide to just blow everything up instead. etc. Aurora is selling itself as a HRP server, so longer rounds would only give more opportunities to the people to do some RP on all modes (it's frequent to have secrets that feel like an extended for some people). It will also give some space to people to create things and involve themselves into activities they would normally have not done by a lack of time. It could also be a possibility to had a vote with secret results in the middle of the game to ask people if they want to continue like that or to add antags. (Secret result par would be to avoid meta) So if the majority of people found the round too tame, there is an opportunity to spice it up. Finally, if things are going bad, we still have the emergency shuttle or the Nuke to end the round early. I don't know if that would be a popular idea, but I had to give it a try.
  11. Yeah, I do run some basic scripts on Tcomms from time to time. You have to use the computer in Tcomms control room to upload them. You can load one script per channel, but sometime it broke and don't work for some magic reasons.
  12. I might have a slightly different opinion about the captain role, but I think that position should always have a say about the code Delta of the station. For voted Captain, the details or a code Delta should be shared upon activation of it only. That could maybe be an automatic fax send to the captain giving details of the Omega protocol for example. But I don't think a voted Captain position should be inferior to a named Captain. My reasoning here is that from the station procedures, an unanimous vote between all the staff should be made to name an interim Captain and that vote should include at least 2 head of department. So in theory a single command member could not become an interim Captain. (Unless that person is HoP, which is in some sort a Captain in second) My biggest issue at the moment though, is that out of that Malf AI, I don't think I remember any moment where the code Delta was activated by the Captain. Having clear condition where to activate it could be interesting in some situation. Because for the moment there is nothing about it in the Station procedure (Which is normal as in theory it don't exist) but there is nothing about it anywhere else.
  13. a more simple solution, our current shields are limited by the capacitor they have, if we could only plug them directly on the grid and having the capacitors acting as a power buffer (like a dedicated better powercell) we could actually have more efficient shields. A lot of engineers are bragging about producing enough power so the station power load is about 30 percent. That just mean we are wasting 70% of our power, so dumping them in the shields will actually be useful. Also, on the other side, if we can allow more power to be dumped into the shields, it will mean they will also run out faster is the power get cut in some way. Leaving them some vulnerabilities to exploit.
  14. Well, I named Que Tup'Xequal'Valurex today as Interim HoS without knowing he had an application here. The experience was good and the character showed he was able to manage the security department in a critical situation. I think HoS is one of the most difficult command role to play (IMO) and he was able to do it in a good way. So I give my approval. +1
  15. Well thanks for the info it's good to know. On my side it looked a severe rad poisoning and I did not know the Deltamivir part. I was just laughing while playing about how shitty that part turned out. (I kind of like random chaos in this game)
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