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Ban request - DaBurs

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BYOND Key: AmoryBlaine

Accused Players Byond Key: DaBurs

Time of Act: All of b1u-aVmW until death.

Reason for Ban: Gross self-antagonism. Ban from Sec.

Evidence: Character acted in an entirely hostile manner towards most everyone, and used excessive force against a suspected antagonist for trying to escape their cuffs. When they were to be suspended for their behavior, they chose to run around maintenance with a balaclava on, wielding a pistol, making threats of death and violence upon the crew. This was almost entirely isolated from the actual antagonist's gimmick/motives/'thing', which was a malf-AI. So effectively we had a self-made traitor threatening to break people's jaws, and legs, who when encountered was already brandishing a firearm, was fired upon- before they got a chance to shoot- forcing them into hiding further- which then led to them shooting at Security, twice. The second time leading to their death. No one ahelp'd this, because we all thought he was a traitor.


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