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TheNewOrleans - SecBan Appeal v2

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BYOND Key: TheNewOrleans

Total Ban Length: Perma SecBan

Banning staff member's Key: @DRagO

Reason of Ban: As Warden, used a ninja suit after being explained how to use it (basic explanation) (that were considered not valid by Drago) to hunt a Merc who was in his shuttle.

Reason for Appeal:

1. First reason is that, once of the main reasons Drago gave me for the secban was that I had just came out of a 3-days-ban, and my new mistake showed that I learnt nothing from it. That 3 days ban was expunged, so, I wanted to remark this before giving the other reasons.

2. Drago said that I had to take a time away from Sec, and well, I have, I played my QM many rounds, my roboticist which is a new character I created, my xenobotanist which is new too, Nick (my officer) as visitor... 

3. I talked about IAmCrystalClear about what I did since she was banned from sec too but her ban was lifted, that helped me to understand some things.


imo, what I did wrong was hunting the antag inside his own shuttle. In my mind it was right because he had been firing my security mates, but I totally agree that hunting him inside his own shuttle was way too much. 

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Im going to accept this after discussing the agreed terms with the banned user.

If there is anymore infractions that happen before a long length of time has passed of good behavior, the OP has agreed to a permanent ban if this is violated.


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