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Let's talk Dark souls.


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Man, isn't dark souls 1 awesome.

Man, isn't dark souls 2 such a sack of shit.

The bitter feeling of having a sequel that somehow improved a bunch of issues, and created just as many different ones that weren't previously issues. Because who the fuck need's god damn expiration dates on your characters. Or a Invasion system that makes reliabley invading about as easy as beating Artorias with a fucking broken straight sword.

Let's bitch about souls games, Blood borne, builds, gear, DLC, that one asshole who always runs shredding spear/Crystal Catalyst/Dual wielding spears, or how fucking hype caestus are in DS2 (Spoiler, it's like your god damn Ippo or Little mac. Fucking Rad.)

I've been running a Gentlemen build for Pvping recently, and watching people panic as they can't figure out why i'm bullrushing them barehanded, then laying out rad punch combo's is fucking awesome. Infuse them with lightning and your laying out Rolling Thunder's all day.

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Dark Souls 2 has stolen more hours from me; because it's more casual. Dark Souls 1 is the game I pick up for an awesome adventure across Lordran, to destroy great deadly beasts, and insane hollows. Unlike Dark Souls 2, which is like I sit down and kill some dudes, start a new character every once in a while and never really screw up.

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