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Butter's guide to Security

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Step 0: Corporate Uniform in the loadout so everyone knows you a BAD BOY

Step 1: run the fuck out of the briefing room the second you spawn in, the HoS can cry all she like but you are getting to that maintenance loot first

Step 2: Loot maintenance, keep it all for yourself, bonus points if you find night vision or a combat knife

Step 3: Get some alcohol from the bartender, it gives you a buff in combat, so take a swing or two before you find those flithy fucking antags

Step 4: Hunt down the Antags, if extended see Step X

Step 5: Antag Located now determine their gamemode.




Step 6.1: Run away from the antag team, regardless if they are attempting to speak with you. Scream in all caps, "ARMED INTRUDERS AT X, CODE RED!!!" into Security comms.

Step 6.2: After convincing the HoS of the undeniable threat, acquire a large assortment of weapons from the Armory, only you can be trusted with 4 Energy Weapons, the other officers are clearly incompetent.

Step 6.3: Re-locate Antag Team

Step 6.4 (Optional): If near fuel tank, accidentally shoot it, if admin PM's just say you were totally aiming for the antag.

Step 6.5: Slaughter as many as you can, if you can't kill them do enough damage to crit them, or force surgery

Step 6.6: You now have precious time to loot those you killed, and permabrig the survivors. Only interview the barest amount to acquire the ship location

Step 6.7: Now that you have the ship's predicted location, run out into EVA at full tilt and shoot their flying console until it breaks

Step 6.8: Breach and clear the shuttle, kill them all, spare none. Brutalize those who beg for mercy. 

Step 6.8.1: If a fellow officer followed you, use them as a meat shield to absorb damage, after all, only you can be trusted with the weapons.

Step 6.9: If you located captured crew on the shuttle, they are clearly traitors to NT, kill them.



Step 7.1: Instantly call out that they don't have an ID, therefore are an intruder

Step 7.2: Confront said intruder and demand they come to the brig, regardless if they are trying to create RP in a public place. If this fails skip to Step 7.7

Step 7.3: Once in the Brig, throw them in the processing cells and search them, if they tell you no, they are clearly a evil agent of the Syndicate, attack!

Step 7.3.1: If they consent but tell you not to use any of the items, use them anyway, if you take damage from your actions clearly the antag is at fault for not properly warning you! Beat them into Crit!

Step 7.4: Once looted searched, inform them that any dangerous items, e.g. anything of note, will have to stay in the brig. This will neuter the antag and protect the crew and mainly yourself from being taken out of the round!

Step 7.5: Allow them to visit the HoP and get an ID, watch them like a hawk for the rest of the round, waiting for the slightest slip up.

Step 7.6: They slipped up! Attempt to permabrig them! If they resist proceed to step 7.7

Step 7.7: Exterminate the Antag

Step 7.8: Play with the loot!

More to come, WIP. Suggestions welcome.

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7.9) When bwoinked about how your character knows how to use a stealth suit, claim you were only testing it/showing it to prove it's dangerous/were told how to use it by the antag


  • Always remember that you are NOT a security member but actually part of a well-trained paramilitary force. Never show fear or hesitation, and berate any officer who does, both IC and in LOOC/Dchat.
  • You're a bootlicker IRL so make sure to represent that in your character, otherwise it might be hard to fulfill your power fantasy.
  • Sharks are the enemy
  • You can recognize things like stealth suits, because obviously as a security member entrusted with the station, you can identify all antagonist equipment.
  • Peaceful gimmicks are bad gimmicks, and a ss13 sin of the highest order. Remember: only violence is fun, and anyone who disagrees is clearly wrong. Make sure to verbally abuse these awful antags in ooc/dchat whenever you can, relentlessly, even when you're not playing. Find a reason to engage them as sec (see 7.5). The antags are doing it wrong if they don't have the most interaction with security above other departments. SS13 is a combat simulator first and roleplaying platform second. 
  • If the antags attempt to use an announcement, your keen security senses can pick apart every flaw in it. They shouldn't be using it if it isn't airtight and foolproof; leniency is weakness! Be sure to scream your observations out on common. Bother command until they fax mommy central. If they don't, they're clearly a traitor, and must be killed.
  • If you don't follow this guide, prepare to be roasted in OOC. Remember that security is a mindless force, and your character is simply an avatar of that, instead of a character. If you can't robust the antags to crew expectations, or elect to hide and show fear instead of responding to calls, you're shitsec and deserve the player complaint you're about to receive. 
  • You definitely have the training in whatever skill you need at the time to chase the antags. Using lathes? Hacking lathes? Disarming bombs? You know it. 
  • Never ever leave a cuffed suspect alone! Always be dragging them in a square. Baton them when they criticize you. 
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