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Fashion: How to escape jumpsuits.

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For contractors, it doesnt seem like they have much of their own aesthetic and they're just pallet swaps, with IRUs and IAC being the few examples of them breaking the norm. What I propose is a set of overwear to accompany the jumpsuits to allow a little variation and visual flavor for those who have been contracted to work on the Aurora. Perhaps a few jackets, hats or accessories to match the personality of each company. Just as a concept, ive drawn an Idris Contractor Uniform. Being a powerful bank and service provider, I figured they would show their wealth and elegance through the clothes they wear. (image in the spoiler below) 



As for other contractors I would like some ideas on the general aesthetic that you think would fit them the most! For heph they need something rugged and utilitarian. Necropolis need something edgy and imposing. Zeng-hu would be simplistic and reserved while erandi would be elegant and refined. Einstein is up in the air, as it will likely be getting removed.

I'd Like to hear what you guys think and what set I should draw next, should you like this one.

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2 minutes ago, VTCobaltblood said:

The reason why I went with jumpsuits as the only required piece of attire for contractors is so that people can still wear their own jackets and hats and shoes and whatnot. I'm not opposed to more contractor-themed clothes, though.

Oh, contractor overwear and accessories are just that, accessories. They wouldnt be required, just some things to add a little spice to the pot of contractor items. Maybe each contractor can have a few of its own jackets/hats/accessories etc just to break up the same-ness there tends to be.

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