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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction
Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Rogue cyber-ninjas with penchant for organ-harvesting victims, streamlining their self-augmentations.
How will this be reflected on-station?: They're an alternative off-shoot faction from the more honorable Spider Clan. Rather than hardsuit modules doing most of the work for them, the Matsuta Nashi are augmented with implants and strong substitutes for their more fleshy original bits, and they have strong specialization in such modifications. Because of their affiliation with the Spider Clan, their augmentation is intended to be more severe and radical than that of the Aut'akh.
Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists?: I do not believe there are mainstream factions who outright commit murders and essentially defile bodies for their own augmentation and medical benefit, in rather literal ways.
Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore?: Story development from an antagonist standpoint is mostly outright impossible to develop given the rules regarding antagonist actions not carrying over into the next round as existing character knowledge.
Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee?: Yes, if the shoe fits.
Long Description: There are no concise historical accounts on the Matsuta Nashi in the general public, similar to the Spider Clan, any crime that could be attributed to the Matsuta Nashi couldn't be directly traced to them by any traditional law enforcement agency.

But even the highest echelons of the Spider Clan whisper about the disturbing nature of their crimes, and then demand silence/ignorance from the greener members of the Clan, when news of specific kinds of assassinations make its way back through the large informant network the Spider Clan has implemented throughout the galaxy.


When the Spider Clan's masters first began privately investigating the mysterious deaths in the late 2200s, the modus operandi was always the same. The cause of death of some individuals is by cyber-tech energy weaponry identical to that of a typical acolyte of the Spider Clan, but with many incisions found on the cadavers with terrifyingly surgical precision and patterns. Marrow, muscle, neurological tissue would be sampled and removed from the deceased, the body later disposed of or displayed in a public place with the tell-tale defiling of the body, almost like a calling card. The killings never happened in the core or middle-rim worlds, every occasion in which a body was found or displayed in public it was on a colony world with limited law enforcement or media attention. Much like lightning never striking twice in the same place, no two killings that could be attributed to anyone - were ever on the same world. It was becoming an impossible venture to be able to pin-point the culprit, and the Spider Clan's masters stopped investing effort in the matter, and demanded no discussion was to be had regarding the mysterious deaths, claiming they were separate instances of serial killings.

Things began to escalate. More and more deaths of similar nature made its way back to the masters of the Spider Clan, despite their attempts to discredit the reports, the situation became too problematic to ignore. The murders themselves showed an even more vicious and reckless intent, almost enraged. What was once surgical and controlled in the methodology of the killer, was immediately transformed into animalistic and almost purposeless killings. Instead of body parts being functionally harvested for what was presumed to be of use to the killer, the murderer began to maim and extend the life of their victims prior to ending them. It became all too clear that the killer had no moral frame of reference, and was attempting to acquire attention for their deeds, as if they were enraged at being nearly ignored by the heads of the Clan. The Clan's masters established the secret 'Sword Team', composed of the finest operatives of the Clan and fanatically dedicated to internally combing through the ranks of the Spider Clan and its direct associates for the killer.

Their successes were rare, only occasionally finding clues and following trails either ending in dissatisfaction or leads colder than the bodies they found. The worst happened when a Clan master himself was murdered under the noses of the Spider Clan's tightly controlled area of operations. The master's body was perhaps a vague resemblance of the important official he once was, and this time, on the remains of the Clan master's body, the killer identified themselves by one name that all in the Clan knew: "Yusha", and also wrote on the cadaver a challenge directly to the Clan's masters for them to pursue the killer himself, and to bring as many as were able.

Finally possessing a strong lead, a few combat-capable masters and the Sword Team acolytes met Yusha on a colony world of little significance, long since abandoned and raided. Yusha himself was not wearing a traditional spider clan suit, and yet his body was almost entirely replaced by carbon-plated synthetic material. The internal Spider Clan records claim that Yusha was executed for his crimes, and that the few that died, did so honorably. Other accounts directly from the surviving masters state that Yusha slaughtered Sword Team with blinding speed, incredible strength and little effort, and would then struggle to kill all but two of the masters that came to fight him. Nonetheless, Yusha had died, and his headquarters on the nameless world with a dead history was uncovered. Yusha himself was stricken from the books and named as an honorless traitor without morals.

in the late 2300s, wayward historians of the Clan wandered into the restricted access section of the Spider Clan's archives during a celebratory holiday. They discovered the tomes and accounts of the serial killer and traitor, "Yusha", the tomes in particular housing deadly secrets of cyber-technology and how Yusha augmented himself into one of the greatest threats known to the Clan, and spilled much blood in the process. In many early passages, Yusha's insight was controlled, objective and self-assured that the killings he undertook achieved a purpose that could be arrived to through his own logic, albeit absent of moral consideration. Initially, Yusha only killed criminals, outcasts and the un-touchables of society. He began to undertake the modification of his own body night after night, week after week, while still attending to his own needs as a mortal being. As the years passed, so did the tone and convictions in the direct accounts of the Clan traitor. He started to become more and more unhinged, his motivations evolving into a compulsive, wrathful and passionate killer. Yusha's schematics began to evolve as his psyche began to deteriorate, the most inspired and horrific of his own self-modifications being scrawled over by insane ramblings, hateful words for the Spider Clan, and eventually indecipherable text.

While the majority of the historians who reviewed the tome were horrified, there were half a dozen who were more morally relativistic, which led them down the path to become consumed by the inspired prospect of what they referred to as the study of "apothanatology", to discover how they would challenge the concept of being biological and mortal as Yusha did.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but these knowledge-seekers found themselves consumed, some of them more mad than the others, and would convince others to follow their fanatical cause. The Clan masters found out too late what the two historians were set out to do, and suddenly the Clan found that a few dozen of its acolytes had disappeared from their numbers and had also left without a trace.

The extremists that fled the Clan named themselves the Matsuta Nashi, borrowing none of the hierarchy and rules that composed the Spider Clan's culture and values. Every agent of the Nashi was a free individual, with no superiority nor inferiority over their own numbers. Knowledge would not be restricted between their numbers by policy, but instead the exchange of their ideas would be open, so long as the teachers were willing to pass on their inspiration. This often led to the same issues of certain members being innately more powerful than others, but any implied power of any member was relative to the individual's skill and overall knowledge. Initiation into the Matsuta Nashi was also far less stringent, but some taskmasters of the Matsuta Nashi would commonly employ very barbaric tests of strength to unfairly challenge the resolve of any individual candidate.
Others were more merciful, but still cruel nonetheless. The only tradition that remains among the Matsuta Nashi is their desire to stay out of the public eye, to avoid being openly exterminated as an extremist terrorist cell.
If ever found, a single assassin of the Matsuta Nashi is incredibly dangerous threat to society, given their modus operandi and sinister motivations in the pursuance of transcending their biological limits and conjoining their cyber-technological augments with highly advanced nano-tech cybersuits.

This is a difficult endeavor, given their line of work and their motivations. The organization is composed of an incredibly diverse cast of skilled murderers, sneaks, thieves and cunning operatives. Almost every one of them is mildly self-interested, however, in their desire to modify their bodies endlessly. Some of them are walking weapons, others are living threats to cyber-security networks, and the goal of each of them is to transcend the image that Yusha himself was composed in his own testimonial, and in the classified testimonials of the inner circle of the Spider Clan. The last third of Yusha's memoirs were lost in translation, however, and no member of the Matsuta Nashi is presently augmented to the complex, refined and incredibly lethal degree that Yusha was.

Many of the Matsuta Nashi have quirks in regards to their mental states, ranging from minor schizophrenia to incredible hallucinations caused by synthetic tissue and organ rejection.

Though their numbers may never match that of its parent organization, the Matsuta Nashi and the Spider Clan are engaged in bitter rivalry - if not war - and often fight one another in the rare fateful encounter where they meet. 

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