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Add 'Slimelings' - NT's newest pet!


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So, a long time ago in a galaxy rather close to home, this story was posted: 

I think it'd be super cool if we added slimelings! The idea would be that they're about palm-sized creatures, very similar to slimes - and coming in a variety of colours. They would blob up and down like normal slimes do, and occasionally make gelatinous sounds.

These would be available in the loadout for X amount of points, and also appear occasionally on station as an infestation event like mice and lizards.

Furthering the idea, we could also add a new vending machine that sells these pets in water-activated orbs (like monkey cubes, but 'Slimeling Spheres') and also sells various food type powders you can pour on your slimeling to give it nutrition.

So what would be needed?:

0. SPRITES. This is probably the hardest thing to achieve, but I'm hoping I can convince @kyres1 or @AmoryBlaine to do them - if I can't, but this suggestion is liked and accepted, I am more than happy to put out some money to commission sprites from a spriter somewhere on SS13.
1. Slimeling behaviour code. I'm of a mind to just say use mouse code for them with minor alterations for sounds and such.
2. Add slimelings to the random infestation events.
- Everything below is part of the extended idea, not necessarily part of the core suggestion -
3. Vending machines for slimelings and various slimeling foods or toys.
4. Slimelings food and toys. Maybe a food that makes them change colour? Alters personality?

I think this would be a really neat way to incorporate some once-mentioned lore into the game, and they'd be cute lore-appropriate creatures to have around.

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1 minute ago, Gollee said:

Somewhat relevant; the Slimelings were intended to ring the same bells as the Protopet from Ratchet and Clank 2; so, that could add an interesting dynamic when they go nuts and devour everyone.

Could possibly add a rarer random event 'hostile slimeling infestation', similar to Bay's maintenance drone revolution random event, where the slimelings spawn hostile and nibble on people and creatures in the area. But that's for another suggestion and another day!

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