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New Lore Team Management

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As per the announcement on Discord yesterday, Jackboot has been dismissed from the position of Lore Master. He will remain as the Unathi Species Maintainer, as the matters pertaining to this decision do not immediately overlap with his abilities to write lore.

The way forward with the lore team is to establish a new leadership, with the intent of resolving certain matters internally. For this purpose, @Mofo1995 will be promoted to the position of Interim Lore Master. Further more, a new Interim Deputy Lore Master will be recruited from among the current writers. In order to free up time and energy, effective this promotion, Mofo will no longer be involved with the CCIAA team, with the leadership of that being taken over by Lancer, and he will take a step back from the Tajaran Species Maintainer position as well (though the current arcs he started will be concluded).

Some more information about recent events:

  • No policy or specific decision established by Jackboot will be reverted. It will be up to the new Lore Team leadership to manage as they see fit.
  • The Interim Lore Master and his Deputy will work together with the Lore Team and general server leadership to establish leadership within the Lore Team. If this is successful, then after a time, they will be promoted to Lore Master and Deputy proper.
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