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Perma ban - RomanZC

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BYOND Key: RomanZC

Total Ban Length: Perma

Banning staff member's Key: Scheveningen

Reason of Ban: 1sh6Z8y.png

Reason for Appeal: I was pretty immature back then. 2 years has passed since the ban, and I think im ready to abide to the server rules.


Sure, I won't play this server frequently, as this is not my type of server, but still, I sometimes feel like to play a server where the station isn't blowing up by unknown forces.

I'm sorry if my actions has caused any issues to anyone.

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Not the person that applied this ban nor a the one handling this appeal. I do however have a concern.


I've had to handle you in situation in the past. What you call immature was to me was aggressive and condescending attitude. This is not limited to Aurora and expands to other servers with names that escape me right now. 

So, you've been around for years, how did you specifically grow out of your habits in the past two years? 

It's easy to accept this appeal, it's easier to deny it. Why should this be accepted putting your history into consideration?


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Never had a interest to roleplay in the past, so I just went to troll and go around fucking everything up. I essentially though anyone who roleplayed on muh spessman was a loser of some sorts.

I then matured and realized that roleplaying is just a hobby to some people. Of course, there is a lot of people that think otherwise, like me in the past.

When I look back, I just see a immature asshole. Now im going around trying to get unbanned from most servers I got banned. Started with bay, but got denied. Then, went from CM, and they accepted me, with a vouch from /vg/.

Now, next stop is Aurora.

Now, I absolutly wouldn't mind being placed on a probation to prove that I wont break the rules yet again, but I dont think you have that system set in place.

And yeah, I cannot say nothing more, If I get unbanned, I will absolutly try to not break the rules, and try to set my history aside by getting a good rep. Preferably by playing as the "newbie" variants of engineer, medical, security, etc..

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Okay my dude, Im gonna give you a final chance here. If you've grown out of your bad ways, then thats great.

But this is your one and only warning. If you are caught being an lrp shitter, or if you are combative with staff regarding any matter, you're out of here and you lose your ability to appeal.

If you can accept these terms, I will lift the ban.

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