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Fire-Axe's Custom Firesuit

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Byond key: Oddbomber3768 

Discord Key: Bellumes#2051

Character Name: Lena Strauss, preferred name is Fire-Axe.

Item name: Custom Firesuit (or, Modified Firesuit)

Item Function(s): Worn as in the suit slot, has two pockets. Offers a slight degree of fire resistance, but does not protect the arms.

Item Description:

An old industrial firesuit belonging to a defunct and forgotten company. The wearer has sawn off both of the arms, added two buttons on the front and replaced the back name tag with one reading "FIREAXE". Doesn't look really fire resistant anymore...

Item appearance:

Appears to be a vanilla firesuit, but with silver visibility stripes, a darker grey color overall, and with some slight colors to convey the patches on the front. The arms have also been cut off. The files and sprites have been included in the attachment.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?

Functionally, it's an overgarment that protects her clothes underneath from the oil and grease often found in cargo, as well as offering slight protection from heat and extra pockets. Personally, it's a reminder of her journey from being a lowlife pirate to making something of her life and pursuing a legitimate career with both the TCFL and NT; and therefore is something she always wears for sentimental reasons.

How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please):

After a disasterous attempt at raiding a station with her heisting crew, Fire-Axe decided that raiding and crime wasn't a good way to spend her life, and that eventually, it would catch up to her. This was in part due to several near death experiences, and the callousness of her crew to her. She surrendered to the onboard ISD, much to their suprise, gave up her weapons and gear, and served fifteen minutes of brig time for trespassing, robbery, and vandalism. She later got transferred to a Tau Ceti-held station, where she was processed and agreed to join the TCFL in exchange for citizenship. On the way out, she nabbed an old firesuit headed for the trashheap and began wearing it; both as a reference to her name and also to get clothing other than her pirate-affiliated clothes. In the two years that have since passed, she has continued to wear to suit and has also made some minor modifications to the suit.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please):

Mainly sentimental value. It shows her progression from a life of crime to a life of honest work, which is something she is very proud of. Most of her life, she has mostly been dominated by others; but the firesuit represented a shift in her life where she attempted to become more independent for herself and actually succeeded.  Furthermore, it's somewhat of a reference to her raider name and her preferred psuedonym, Fireaxe.

The modifications and attachments to the suit speak of her life after raiding, both by working with NT and the TCFL. The arms being cut off what is typically a constricting suit and the addition of colorful buttons on a flat, industrial grey suit symbolically represent her newfound freedom in legitimate, hard work and her resolve to make things better for herself. It also simply is preferrable to her as it is both baggy and is made of a durable fabric, speaking to her very practical mindset.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

The suit effectively suggests her backstory and allows for a neat transition into conversations relating to her story. Furthermore, it adds some flavor and allows for her not to just steal one from cargo or robotics every round.

Additional Comments:

It's literally just a firesuit that can't stop fire and has it's arms sawn off.


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