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Character Feedback: Approaching the Rain

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I wanted to know what people think of my tree. I think it's a pretty tree.

Edit (To add some info in case people need more to go off of.):
Approaching the Rain is an Engeering Apprentice with hopes of becoming an Engine Technician.
It is often found wearing a gear harness and engineering poncho, these are the only articles of "clothing" it owns.
It can also be found wearing just about anything it finds in maintenance. It likes trying new things.

As of writing this update (09/04/2019) a few people have gathered information from it or it's records.
-It is from the Ophion Gestalt, a gestalt known for producing Dionae with cold and calculating minds and also known for "consuming" the crew of the spaceship after which it is named.
-It intends to attempt to purchase a SM core to take home to the Ophion, a purchase NT will likely never allow to happen.
-It is not the only gestalt sent from the Ophion with this or similar missions.
-It's citizenship, schooling, and employment are sponsored by NT and are considered debts to be repaid before it can purchase a SM core.

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Added some details to help people recognize my tree.
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Hey it's my favorite space ent! Greetings, Chief Yamani here.

Lemme just say: Rain is the goodest of good trees. He is very knowledgeable of his craft (that being the supermatter), he is polite (well for a tree it is remarkably so) and above all I enjoy interacting with him. I certainly enjoy the character and would love to see him grow haha tree pun

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You gave me nightmares. Tree man bad!

Like how Rain is always the good natured, well manered tree that is up for fun stuff. But never do 1v1 me in a maint tunnel again or I'll panic. ?

We  had a good REV round that described Rain really well. He went up against management while keeping his character in mind, he recruited me with the promise to keep it peacefull and invested into red dock repairs and bringing out people alive... while I went on to choke a captain to give Rain back his job :D

Also have fond memories of raiding the cantina with you and bashing rats against my IPCs face: "They all taste crunchy,  everything does." Loved it. The first diona who was ready for a race with my Xion Industrial. It was hillarious... I slum to the ground, Rain stops to  ask if I need a hand ^^ good tree ❤️

Also make him engine tech. You learned your stuff. Your engine test will commence soon.

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