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  1. I like the app overall. And by the looks of the reviews, people really think you can handle it, so I do too. The backstory was interesting and fit in. And the shortened name you proposed seems really good. +1 "We hope... to see you there...' - Kept as One.
  2. Supply is a part of service technically, and he already covered service with botany.
  3. "Stanley Marvelman has signed up as scientist" 15 minutes later Stanley is getting bullied by alien. He assumes this is the atmosphere and thinks "Why would they just beat me up for no reason?" Stanley then realizes that humans outnumber all aliens combined. Stanley proceeds to stage an uprising and kills all aliens. Everyone is happy and continues with a renewed sense of purpose. Killing those who dare oppose the race that dominates all others. 1 month later humans go and kill all racist aliens then laugh over their graves, knowing they never stood a chance. If we are getting taken over by a race I say no Skrell, I say the Diona take over. They are obviously superior and assist the humans destroy all, then live in peace and Diona consume all Skrell prisoners and give info to humans and they are friends. By the way, the uprising is on the station and humans kill all nonhuman and non diona.
  4. What exactly has Khaled Al-Bastaki done to you all that is this evil?
  5. You have to research a bigger beaker? Is it bluespace or something?
  6. Is this like, an actual complaint? The things you people are saying here seems to be sarcastic, however, I have never seen him so I don't really know. Just wondering if this is a joke or a real complaint.
  7. Keep the monkey and add the little beast like Cobaltblood said, their funeral if they use it the wrong way I suppose.
  8. I am talking about RP wise like that guy above me said (I think something like that) but I do agree with the points you raise in the functionality and gameplay with the staff. One time in fact, I turned someone into a cow then killed them with a sword. (on Sybil) Staff of change on /vg/ lets you actually CHOOSE what people become so very scary there.
  9. 1 minute is too short. The staff needs to be worth purchasing. By the time they figure out how to RP as their new form, they will have turned back.
  10. Just make sure that the staff is still worth purchasing.
  11. Maybe keep the normal drone, but let science do upgrade boards or something for new drone types. But why have a medical drone if they can't interact? But seriously, this is epic. Maybe ERT engineer gets an auto upgrade for a drone if he finds one instead if normally having one. And probably make security drone really hard or administrator spawn only because how you are saying it, it seems more powerful than a fully staffed security team. But yes, this is epic please do something like this. Maybe tone it down a bit though. Also /tg/ already has syndi drones, they are scary. +1
  12. Personally I love the staff of change. It can be used to just bully people but maybe the chaplain could do or something like that so it isn't limited and maybe start reprimanding wizards who LRP with the staff. But don't limit it, maybe slow it's recharge. Realistically it uses magic to manipulate genetics and the total form of a person, so it makes sense that the wizard federation would have them. Removing it would stop multiple gimmicks from occuring with it. I have never seen it used on Aurora but I was once a wizard on /tg/ who basically only used it. I am unsure if it let's the wizard choose what the target becomes, but if it does then that should be removed. (I know it lets you do that on /vg/ ) But the sraff can be super fun to be hit by. Maybe decrease the chance for some things like parrots, but don't let everyone become ash drakes either. (Ash drake is an opton on tg, don't know about here. When I get wizard, staff of change is built into my load out and removing it entirely seems a real pity. Just slow it's charging and make it possible to reverse. Also maybe adding a time before you actually change so it will tell you like, you are changing! Be spooked! With like a minute or something before you change so that you know you should get somewhere safe and wizard can't just immediately destroy you with it. But do not remove it.
  13. I just want to point out that destroying lights kills Diona. Not lethal to everyone, but Diona die without light.
  14. I only met him once but he was good. We chilled in front of the supermatter crystal with the shutters open and basked in radiation. (We were both Diona)
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