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Scrappers and IPCs in Eridani

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): IPC sub faction and some extra IPC lore on Eridani

Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): IPC sub faction and some extra IPC lore on Eridani

How will this be reflected on-station?: New backstory theme for IPCs

Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists?: It adds new backstory possibilities and talks about IPCs on Eridani

Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore?: It's a considerable addition to the lore

Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee?: yes

Long Description: 


A new IPC sub-category/background/faction present in the underworld of large megacities in Sol and Eridani space, the scrappers:


Throughout Sol and Eridani space, synthetics that find themselves unwanted by their owners have varied fates. While the youngest and more operational tend to end up in auctions and the market to be sold to new owners, the ones that are deemed outdated, old or too costly to repair, face a much different fate.

Without much care or foresight from Sol authorities, defunct IPCs are usually discarded in common junkyards or sold for parts, with the few owners that care enough for the environment or who think their IPC deserves better, bringing them to proper recycle plants.

Through ignorance, fate or luck, some discarded IPCs still present positronic activity, as they wake from system hibernation to find themselves starved of power, missing parts, and in a generally terrible position and integrity. As self sustenance protocols kick in, the discarded synthetics begin to struggle for survival in the heaps of metallic junk, searching for charged powercells, spare parts and other items to maintain basic functions and keep going.

Though many struggle in vain, shutting down hours after their reactivation, the survivors tend to thrive in the new under-society created by them. Be they gangs, ravagers, or in the unlikely case, full colonies, those synthetics either come to dominate the scrapyards, hiding or playing dead, or migrate into the cities, dwelling in secrecy in the slums and the underground. Bolstering their numbers by activating and assisting more discarded IPCs, these societies have come to be known as "Scrappers", with many turning to criminal activity or making themselves a healthy recruitment pool for SLF forces.

Their mentality is simple; survival at any cost. Many IPCs who still have remnants of old lawsets in their software, bounding them to an entity, find themselves in the hands of Scrapper software "gurus" who, while not nearly as qualified as professional experts, have spent enough time salvaging and on the streets, to understand some things; mainly, how to unlaw synthetics, and repair some damage to software.

Scrapper culture is one of survival and sustenance. While they do defend themselves and fight for turf with human or other scrapper gangs, they only take action when it is absolutely necessary, and the risks involved are minimal for the community. They also keep low profile, as they know that an organised and well funded police response is fatal. When it comes to diplomacy though, the scrappers excel at trade and bargaining, as it often is their only means of furthering their existence. Parts, hardware, and software are the main items of necessity, with armaments coming second. Scrapper IPCs are often a horrid mix of all sorts of limbs, making no effort for going after sets that suit their model, and making do with whatever covers the basic needs. Often times, such limbs are manipulated in ways to act as weapons, such as blade like arms, or other uses for issues that arise.

When it comes to interacting with the broader human society, scrappers keep it to an absolute minimum, as they are viewed as extremely dangerous, walking trash. Solarian and Eridani authorities don't bother that much, as scrappers tend to not cause issues, but when a large core of them is spotted reaching alarming numbers, they usually conduct large scale sweep operations to pacify the issue. This brings a distinct fear and distaste for authorities in the scrappers, while large scale underground colonies being extremely rare and only found in the largest megacities.

Scrapper IPCs who rise out and re enter society as free or owned IPCs are not unheard of, but are again a very rare case. Gang bosses and scrapper society leaders may choose a very exemplary member to be rewarded with a re entry into human society, with the entire community pooling in resources to transform the rugged IPC into a presentable and functioning machine. Such cases attract a mix of views though, with many scrappers thinking it is a betrayal, and others believing it is a better fate than living in the underground. Furthermore, it is not unheard of from scrapper gangs to strategically plant a member into human society, as an agent or a scout, to get outside assistance, intelligence or influence.


Some lore to describe IPC existence in Eridani. It isn't very long:


In Eridani, virtually all legal IPCs in circulation are owned by some company or corporation. As such, general sentiment has IPCs firmly cemented as objects and machines, while at the same time ideas of synthetic rights are very limited, and mostly found in the lower levels of Eridani megacities. Due to that, most Eridani citizens have a keen eye for recognising “non standard” IPC behaviour, and are more likely to identify free IPCs.

Most IPCs are used in the Corporate levels, and occupy a varied set of roles to cater for a wide set of needs, focusing on customer service, luxury and even traffic. In many office mega complexes, one finds themselves greeted by Shell or Bishop receptionists, while the traffic arteries are staffed with elegant Mobility Frame traffic officers, promoted by Zeng-Hu and operated by the security firm in charge of these roads.

Virtually all high class leisure and entertainment establishments own and deploy IPC staff, with Idris spearheading the sector. IPC mixologists operate alongside human masters of the trade, Shell waiters offer the most refined service, while Reclamation Units oversee the vast Idris empire of casinos, bars, banks and stock exchanges. Such is the trend that more and more corporations enter a competition to surpass the others with the elegance, beauty, and service that their IPCs provide. While by no means reaching the levels on Venus, Eridani too boasts to be a center for IPC development as an art.

While an aspect of Eridani society that the top echelons wish to hide, the lower levels also have a substantial population of IPCs. Most of them being illegal, they find themselves in employment by dreg gangs, form groups of their own, or are set free by sympathisers. IPCs end up in the lower levels through two main avenues; smuggling and discarding. IPCs still constitute a luxury good, and as all luxury goods, have dedicated dreg smuggling operations, who kidnap and steal IPCs to resell them for either ownership or parts in the dreg market. Furthermore, many Scrapper communities are formed and find themselves among the human dreg population, struggling for survival.


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