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Un-Permaban request

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BYOND Key: EvergreenGardens

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: pumpkingslice

Reason of Ban: Showing no signs of improvement

Reason for Appeal:

I got permabanned in November after welding doors shut as a maintenance drone. I tried appealing before, and was denied. I followed the advice of Frances and waited a few months. If I promise to follow the rules and conduct myself maturely and responsibly, would it be possible to lift the ban. Also, I swear I will NOT try creating a puppet account to bypass the ban if you say no. Or if I ever get banned again.

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I remember your CKey and a lot of what you did before. What we look for in a ban appeal is understanding of WHY what you did was a dumb, and why it didn't contribute to the round, etc, whatever it may have been. Can you explain how you think you've changed, and what you'll do differently next time?

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It was a bad idea because I was not assigned to antag, and did not ask for proper permission to play a malfunctioning drone. And it didn't even add to the fun of the round, because the damage was easily reversed by an engineer in less than a minute. At best, I was a stupid, forgettable bit character. Next time, if I have an urge to commit random crimes, I'll ask the admins, or just go on a stupid server like GOONstation.

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