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[Denied] Soultheif96 Croaks With Lies

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BYOND Key: Soultheif96

Character Names:

Flamel, Frederick, Jackie, Joshua Hamilton, Josiah Langley, Ka'Akiax'Nazgr C'thur, ORION, ORION-02, Quintin Copperfield, Ryder Philips, Sterben, Wayland Mayfly, Za'Akaix'Koliax C'thur, and Za'Akiax'Lazgr K'lax. (Those in big and color and the notable ones.)

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Red

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, otherwise I would not be here.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format: No.

One paragraph minimum per question: No.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I want to try to play from another perspective that has great dislike towards synthetics. I will try to do things that makes a cyborg or AI look useless and unnecessary to prove a point. If a machine offers to help, I would tell them no and go make themselves useful elsewhere. At best, if a machine asks for help, I would ignore them.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Being a Skrell means to speak on another level, through mind and body language. Emphasis on body language like if you are angry, your face may not show it, but you hands and tone of voice may show otherwise. As for humor, akin to laughing, we would chirrup but with a mild pain like fuzziness. To being telepathic means a way to speak through another person by mind, coversing in secret with others. This carries on to sleep as well. Akin to IPCs, it would be expected of a Skrell to have a higher level of understanding in their respect trade and make decisions with reasoning and experience, given the years and training they get.

Character Name: Rexu'li Ti'Mali

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Born in wartorn Kal'lo, Qerbalak, on November 16th, 2134, during the Age of Synthetic Oppression. Rexu'li Ti'Mali was told by his family to survive, even if it means to abandon them, for that the Synthetics looked to kill those who reject the rule of Glorsh-Omega. He fended for himself and learned how to scramble for anything to get by, even books and informational pieces, to help learn how to build things and run advanced things. One day, Rexu'li came back from his salvaging run, he found a group of synthetics come towards his family home, to his horror, he contacted his parents through mind to get out of there. That was his mistake, the mother came out and saw the synthetics, she looked to Rexu'li hiding spot and screamed to run. The synthetics descended on her and bashed her head in, then proceeded to enter the house and shot up his father and two sisters. Rexu'li ran to a nearby ruined library and hid till it was morning. Rexu'li then came out and went back to his home to see it burning, with the pile of corpses, what was left of his family. He wept over the loss of his family and swore on their blood that synthetics will pay for their actions.

Rexu'li salvaged for supplies to go on a trek to Zeshblook, to chase down a rumored resistance group and join them. On his way there, he found a nearly destroyed synthetic, Rexu'li burst into rage and used his weapon to destroy the infernal machine. In this destructive commotion, a synthetic patrol found Rexu'li tearing apart a downed unit and began to open fire on him. Rexu'li was caught by surprised and hid behind a destroyed building nearby. He screamed in fear for his life and cried for that he couldn't carry on the promise. Then there was silence. Rexu'li went still for a moment, still weeping, clutching a weapon in his hand. He heard footsteps and began to panick and cornered himself, only to raise his weapon high. Walking through the door was a soldier, for the Freedom Fighters, who then ask, "Put down the wrench, child, you are safe now." Rexu'li wept in joy and ran to the soldier to hug him for saving his life.

From that day, he joined into the Freedom Fighters in the engineering division as he shown natural talent and aptitude for it. Rexu'li ran infiltration missions to help get oppressed Skrell escape their captors and destroy key infrastructures to cripple the synthetic regime. Then came the day of the Supernova, when all synthetics mysterious shutdown and Glorsh-Omega disappeared. Rexu'li celebrated with the Freedom Fighters. 

Before Humanity was contacted, Rexu'li helped the Skrell rebuild their society and worked tirelessly to get back on their feet. Then he felt that Humanity was making a mistake by creating AI for themselves and decided to go to Tau Ceti on 2440, which he worked with NanoTrasen as a Chief Engineer till he was offered to become Captain.

What do you like about this character? 

What I like about Rexu'li Ti'Mali is that he was a survivor of Glorsh-Omega and worked tirelessly to help his people rebuild. He was traumatized from the events of his childhood and sworn vengeance against Synthetics. He still bears the tears of his loss and keeps it in memory of them and his promise.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

7.8/10, too much water.

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I feel your story is lacking. It can be summarized that a Skrell was born during bad times, decided to fight robots, got saved, time passed, robots left, became CE. Beyond Skrell disliking robots, I don't really see much. I'd suggest you rewrite it to actually show characteristics of this character beyond robots being bad. 

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I’ll ask a few questions to help prompt some more background, but before I do I want to clarify that the third incident was largely not some terminator-esque killbots running around reign of terror. 

Freedom fighters were few and far between, and dissent largely had to be done in hushed voices and extremely careful navigation. After the first year or so, pretty much all of skrell society was forced into compliance, especially after the table. Organized resistance was next to impossible, and any ‘synthetic’ was controlled by Glorsh itself- eyes and ears everywhere, so to speak.  So be sure to think carefully about how your froggo would have survived and exactly why he chose to dissent in the first place, given it was almost always a death sentence to do so, and try not to rely on the existence of a group of freedom fighters, ESPECIALLY if it was still in jargon space.


So, for questions: How has Rexu adapted to what I assume, given his history, was a lot of isolation followed by immersion in human space?

How would you have Rexu express fear in game?

Has Rexu attempted to do anything about his infertility?  Why or why not?

What does this particular froggo do for fun?

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Rexu'li  has faced isolation for a time when he went to what was Sol Alliance then given their near recent first contact. Once Humans became familiar with the Skrell, Rexu'li sought a way to help closely monitor the relationship between the Synthetics and Humans. He kept people at an arm's length as he has a major distrust in those he does not know, leading to an introverted lifestyle.

Rexu'li would in fear if his life is on the line. A mercenary with a gun pointed in his face would make Rexu'li be paralyzed in fear and compliant given his current situation. He would also have fear if many are in danger and there is little he can do, leading to stress.

Rexu'li accepted the fact he may not have children given how difficult it is to produce one, however, he did help at least two children with two other Skrell in a Quya. Ju'gyla Ou'xili'Juqiyl and Wuug'qyl Ou'xili'Juqiyl asked for his favor and help in raising the two, to which Rexu'li accepted the offer and helped the family.

This particular froggo enjoys reading up about works related to his job as a Chief Engineer, there are many ways to improve and incorporate to better himself. Additionally, he enjoys games that requires thinking. There are many things one would find enjoyment in, Rexu'li prefers to exercise his mind as he goes along.

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Denied for now, sorry.  We still haven't seen the rewrite Abo asked for, and the current backstory does feel a little lacking and shows, in my opinion, a weak understanding of life in the third incident, for reasons I've already touched on.  Feel free to apply again in the future.

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