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Karolis2011 staff complaint, 9/8/19

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BYOND Key: Sleepy Wolf

Staff BYOND Key: Karolis2011

Game ID: b29-czHR

Reason for complaint:

They were unable to justify their reasoning, and instead of admitting they're wrong, they just change subject and tell me they'll go through their decision anyways. If they believed it was a mistake, they should have said 'I made a mistake, you're free to go' instead of 'This time you get a pass.'



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This is another "me being tired and trying to handle things" issue.

This should not been touched or taken action as mod. Topic about cursed cult sword and how you should act with it is more like IC issue then OOC. Yes, this was mistake on my side. I still stand that isn't not a good thing to take cursed objects ICly. But it's not for me as mod to decide.

I did take no administrative action (no notes, no warnings, etc.). Yes, I did fuck up by not realizing boundary of what's IC issue, and I should have told original ahelper that brought this to my attention that this is IC issue. I hope to improve my understanding of situations and do not take action when it's not a real issue.

I am sorry SleepyWolf for doing things, that include me talking to you.

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