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  1. Hey LOOK at me! I am still alive. Not like I should be dead or due to current global health situation be dying.

    1. Skull132


      Dw, you're young. And thus fine.

    2. Cnaym


      Pfff, being young has nothing to do with Karolis being a fine individual :3 

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      welcome back Kars

  2. Slow clap. I didn't even manage to get in to top 2/3 positions once in 7 categories.
  3. You were a good mentor while I was starting out. As a player you are also good (everyone makes mistakes, unless you are not human). So a +1 from me.
  4. I will be handling this ban request. From the information that has been presented, I can tell that this is serious deviation from rules and it should not occur once again. As a punishment for this ban request I am banning you for 86400 femto seconds.
  5. I personally seen you do a lot of things quickly, and you quickly made yourself well known, but I am questioning will you be able to sustain yourself? Won't you burn out? So many of people on dev team often burnout and lose movement / motivation. Your backgrounds looks solid, promise wise, but you are finishing degree in Computer Science, what's your other projects like? I am missing past work on other things that you stated you did, and probably did, but no evidence. I haven't gotten a moment to take a deeper look at your work but it's looks decent-ish. I am keen on supporting you, but I am somewhat hesitant because of reasons mentioned before. Feel free to hit me up in DM's on discord to get to know you personally.
  6. You were one to mess with engine, what is a big no no. but It might been your first time, so I am lifting this ban. I expect you to not do such things in future.
  7. I had discussion with you about the name. The thing is that multiple staff members still find it in violation of rule. And they are nicely asking you to change it, but you actively refuse and defend your argument that it's not a reference name because full name is not referencing anything. In my logic I still find it very reference name because first and last names are just too well known. If you take them both and look alone at then, then you clearly see a reference. Like if you take word "Caesar" what other words come in your mind? Julius? Salad? Cipher? What about "Schrondinger"? Edward? Cat? Equation? You see those two words are way to much embedded in out memories that no matter how you look at them, alone or together, you still find them referencing something. This your example is not seeing that firstname Jake is quite common, but last name is not. To avoid such pitfalls I recommend using https://www.behindthename.com/random/ to randomly help you pick a name, because human mind is prone to using references, and assuming they are unique ideas. P.S. That 'Von' in it doesn't help you a lot.
  8. This is another "me being tired and trying to handle things" issue. This should not been touched or taken action as mod. Topic about cursed cult sword and how you should act with it is more like IC issue then OOC. Yes, this was mistake on my side. I still stand that isn't not a good thing to take cursed objects ICly. But it's not for me as mod to decide. I did take no administrative action (no notes, no warnings, etc.). Yes, I did fuck up by not realizing boundary of what's IC issue, and I should have told original ahelper that brought this to my attention that this is IC issue. I hope to improve my understanding of situations and do not take action when it's not a real issue. I am sorry SleepyWolf for doing things, that include me talking to you.
  9. Garn has summarized it well. It was mistake on my end. I am sorry that this had to happen. I approve of warning removal.
  10. What I understood from situation / other's statements is that you as cargo tech came to checkpoint armed, and didn't disarm when was asked to do so. So it realisticly escalated to ERT trooper threatening to use lethals, Most hostiles were down, but from Trooper's perspective there still could be hidden hostiles along the crew. There were even announcements made by AI regarding that. Then you proceeded to find your way off station at any cost, involving you hacking your way to escape pods. Like you had enough time to hack in to command surface and get on escape pod. For me it looked like - must win mentality that often leads to bad experiences. My warning was mostly based around rule "Characters must be believable, and well-rounded". You character looked like engineer that is ex pirate currently playing cargo tech. That on it's own is okay... But your behaviour then felt a bit over the top. Warning seemed like appropriate action at the time. Also I see little bit of self-antag undertones: cause conflict with ERT, that justifies breaking in to escape pods. Yes, your character migth be just like that, but I am bad at judging character deeply and line on what is okay is blurry, and your character seems to fall in to that unclear zone. I am willing to remove this warning if other staff member judges your character. Also I might have worded warning badly.
  11. I and Cnaym have looked over logs and have confirmed, that VisVirific and LordPwner statements are valid. After long discussion with Cnaym we have decided that TheAbsoluteMadMan will be permanently banned for repeatedly breaking rules, poor role play, lack of improvement, self-antaging and powergaming. This thread will be locked and archived after 24 hours.
  12. Note for handling staff: This ban happened:
  13. Is this twitter?

    1. Alberyk



      Find out icly


  14. Well I was one that asked it to be built for bounties. But it's irrelevant. Yes, I can conform that happened. Also I think same round (I am most likely to be totally wrong), I was silent murdered by them, them being a vamp. (It was handled but it's worth mentioning) Other incident was when I was ling, I sat next to him and absorbed some DNA. And he was like instantly like going for a medkit scanner to scan himself. Instantly self-diagnosed genetic damage. And then was all like "They are dangerous, they hurt me, stay away from them". What miner knows how to diagnose genetic damage? From my mod side: there was a lot with them, to summarize it, they aren't best player and they seem to not improve a lot. In fact, they still are relatively new player.
  15. Lately BYOND been DDoSed every evening around this time. We are slightly affected by it, but most untouched because of forum authentication system.
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